American movie stars in Toronto

Here are 22 famous actresses from United States of America who live or lived in Toronto:

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (November 23, 1992 Nashville-) also known as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley Ray Cyrus, Smiley Miley, Destiny Cyrus, Smiley, Miley or Hannah Montana is an American actor, singer-songwriter, dancer, musician and voice actor. She has been known to be living in Franklin, Nashville, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Cyrus rose to fame as the star of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, which premiered in 2006. She also released music under the Hannah Montana name, with four successful albums. Cyrus then transitioned to a more mature image and sound, releasing her own music and starring in films such as The Last Song (2010) and LOL (2012). She has sold over 75 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards, including an MTV Video Music Award and a Billboard Music Award. In addition to her entertainment career, Cyrus is also known for her activism, particularly in the areas of gender and sexuality, mental health, and animal welfare.

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Nicolette Goulet

Nicolette Goulet (June 5, 1956 Toronto-April 17, 2008 Las Vegas) also known as Nikki was an American actor. She had two children, Jordan-Gerard Fowlar and Solange-Louise Fowlar. She was residing in Toronto.

Nicolette Goulet was the daughter of the famous singer and actor Robert Goulet and his first wife, Louise Longmore. She made her acting debut in the 1989 film "Berkeley", alongside her father. She also appeared in other films such as "American Nitro" and "The Return of Swamp Thing".

Aside from her work in film, Nicolette also appeared on stage, including productions of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and "South Pacific". She also worked as a production assistant on various film projects.

Nicolette was known for her passion for animal rights and worked as an advocate for animal welfare organizations. She passed away in 2008 at the age of 51 after suffering from ovarian cancer.

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Amelia Summerville

Amelia Summerville (October 15, 1862 County Kildare-January 21, 1934 New York City) also known as Amelia Shaw or Amelia M. Shaw was an American actor. She was residing in County Kildare and Toronto.

After moving to the United States, Summerville began her acting career on Broadway in the early 1900s. She appeared in several plays, including "A Happy Pair," "Peaceful Valley," and "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."

In addition to acting, Summerville also wrote plays and screenplays. She wrote the screenplay for the 1924 silent film, "The Green Goddess," which starred George Arliss.

Summerville was also known for her philanthropic efforts. She established the Amelia Summerville Memorial Hospital in her hometown of County Kildare, which provided care to impoverished women and children until its closure in the 1980s.

Despite her success in the entertainment industry and her charitable endeavors, Summerville's personal life was marred by tragedy. Her husband, actor William Summerville, died in 1918, and her son, who served in World War I, was killed in action.

Amelia Summerville continued to act and write throughout her career, and she passed away in New York City in 1934.

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Vanessa Lee Evigan

Vanessa Lee Evigan (March 18, 1981 Burbank-) also known as Vanessa Evigan or Vanessa EviganI is an American actor. She has been publicly known to be living in Burbank and Toronto.

Vanessa Lee Evigan was born into a family of actors, with her father being actor Greg Evigan and her mother being dancer, actress, and model Pamela C. Serpe. She followed in their footsteps and pursued a career in acting, starting off with small roles in TV shows like "Grounded for Life" and "Still Standing."

She later appeared in films like "Flicka 2," "A Christmas Proposal," and "Holiday Road Trip." In addition to acting, Evigan is also a director, writer, and producer. She has directed several short films and has written and produced some of her own projects.

Evigan is also involved in charities and philanthropy, such as the charity organization, "Eden Gives," which she co-founded. The organization focuses on providing aid to those affected by natural disasters and crises, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

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Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter (October 30, 1980 Toronto-) otherwise known as Sarah Sanguin Carter is an American film producer, actor, film director, singer and songwriter. She has been residing in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Carter's acting career began in 2000 with a guest appearance on the television series "Undeclared". She went on to appear in several popular television shows such as "Smallville", "Shark" and "CSI: NY". In 2007, she landed a lead role in the popular science-fiction series "Fallen", which was later followed by a recurring role on the cult classic "The Mindy Project".

In addition to her acting work, Carter has also pursued her passion for music. She has written and performed her own music, releasing her debut album "Before Three" in 2011.

Carter has also made her directorial debut with the short film "Eva", which was screened at various film festivals in 2020. In 2021, Carter produced and directed the short film "Dreamcatcher", which was praised for its portrayal of mental health struggles.

Carter is also actively involved in several philanthropic activities, supporting organizations such as Oxfam Canada and the World Wildlife Fund.

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Anna Olson

Anna Olson (November 27, 1968 Atlanta-) is an American chef, presenter, baker and actor. She has been publicly known to be living in Atlanta and Toronto.

Anna Olson is best known for hosting the Food Network Canada cooking shows "Bake with Anna Olson," "Sugar," and "Fresh with Anna Olson." She has authored several successful cookbooks, including "Back to Baking" and "Another Cup of Sugar." Olson attended Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and later worked as a pastry chef in various restaurants before becoming a full-time television personality and pastry instructor. Additionally, Olson has appeared as a judge and guest chef on several other popular cooking shows. She has won several awards for her contributions to the culinary world and is considered an expert in dessert and pastry making. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, collecting cookbooks, and spending time with her family.

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Cherilee Taylor

Cherilee Taylor a.k.a. Cherilee Lynn Garofano, Cher Bear, Cappucino or Cherilee Garofano is an American actor. She has been widely known to be residing in Vermont and Toronto.

Cherilee Taylor was born on April 20, 1959, in New York City. Her passion for acting started in her late teens, and she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Throughout her career, she has played various roles in television shows and movies. Some of her popular works include "Forever Knight," "Street Legal," and "Killer Instinct."

Apart from her acting career, Cherilee is also a talented artist and writer. She has written and illustrated several children's books and has also worked on various art projects. Cherilee is a dedicated environmentalist and has been involved in several environmentalism programs and projects.

In addition to her work, Cherilee is a mother of two children and has also been involved in several philanthropic endeavors. Her generosity and dedication to making the world a better place have earned her a place as a role model for many.

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Anne Helm

Anne Helm (September 12, 1938 Toronto-) also known as Ann Helm, Anne Isabel Helm or Annie Helm is an American actor, writer and illustrator. She has two children, Serena Viharo and Peter Sherlock. She has been publicly known to be residing in Toronto.

Helm began her career in the entertainment industry in the late 1950s, appearing in a number of television series and films. She is best known for her roles in several popular movies of the 1960s, including "The Young Doctors" and "Follow That Dream" (both released in 1962), as well as "The Magic Sword" (1962) and "The Balcony" (1963). Helm also made appearances on popular TV shows of the time, such as "Bonanza" and "The Twilight Zone."

After retiring from acting in the 1970s, Helm pursued other creative endeavors, including writing and illustrating children's books. She has authored several books, including "The Cat with a Mind of His Own" and "The Complete Cat Organizer." Helm remains active in her local Toronto community, and has been involved in a number of cultural and philanthropic projects over the years.

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Lisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub (December 27, 1978 Toronto-) is an American actor, writer and child actor. She has been living in Toronto.

Despite being born in Toronto, Lisa Jakub grew up in the United States. She began her acting career as a child, appearing in several films and TV shows throughout the 1990s. Some of her most notable roles include playing Robin Williams' daughter in the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" and playing Alicia Silverstone's best friend in "The Crush."

After taking a break from acting, Jakub shifted her focus to writing. She has written several essays and a memoir called "You Look Like That Girl: A Child Actor Stops Pretending and Finally Grows Up," which explores her experiences in Hollywood as a child actor and the challenges she faced as she transitioned into adulthood.

Today, Jakub is an advocate for mental health awareness and works to destigmatize mental illness. She has spoken openly about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks and uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues.

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Megan Follows

Megan Follows (March 14, 1968 Toronto-) also known as Megan Elizabeth Laura Diana Follows, Megan Porter Follows, Megan Follows Porter or Megan Elizabeth Follows is an American actor. She has two children, Russel Porter and Lyla Ann Porter. She has been known to be residing in Toronto.

Megan Follows is best known for her role as Anne Shirley in the hit television series "Anne of Green Gables" which was based on a popular novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Follows was just 15 years old when she was cast in the role of the spirited orphan, and her performance captivated audiences around the world. She went on to star in many other films and television shows including "Heartland", "Reign", and "Wynonna Earp". In addition to her successful acting career, Follows is also a stage director, having directed productions at theatres across Canada and the United States. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work, and is considered one of the most talented actors of her generation.

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Gloria Reuben

Gloria Reuben (June 9, 1964 Toronto-) also known as Gloria Rueben is an American actor, film producer, singer, television producer and social activist. She has been known to be residing in Toronto.

Reuben is best known for her role as Jeanie Boulet on the medical drama ER, for which she received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. She has also appeared in numerous other television shows including Raising the Bar, Mr. Robot, and Marvel's Cloak & Dagger.

Aside from acting, Reuben is also a noted singer, having released two jazz albums, "Just for You" and "Perchance to Dream". In addition to her entertainment career, she is a strong advocate for various social causes, including the fight against HIV/AIDS and the protection of the environment.

Reuben has also been involved in several film production projects, serving as executive producer on the films "Saints and Sinners" and "Stringbean and Marcus". She continues to be an active member of both the entertainment industry and the philanthropic community.

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Beatrice Lillie

Beatrice Lillie (May 29, 1894 Toronto-January 20, 1989 Henley-on-Thames) a.k.a. Constance Sylvia Gladys Munston, beatrice_lillie, Lillie, Beatrice, Bea Lillie, Beatrice Lilly, Bea, Beatrice Gladys Lillie or Beatrice Gladys "Bea" Lillie was an American actor and comedian. Her child is called Sir Robert Peel, 6th Baronet. She owned a home in Henley-on-Thames and Toronto.

Beatrice Lillie was born in Canada and began her career as a performer in London's West End. She quickly gained popularity for her distinctive sense of humor and impeccable timing, which made her a beloved figure in the world of comedy. Over the course of her career, Lillie appeared in numerous films, stage productions, and radio programs, and was respected both for her wit and her talent as a singer and actress.

She was married to Sir Robert Peel, 6th Baronet, and the couple had one child together. Despite being a British citizen, Lillie was known for her close ties to Canada and maintained homes in Toronto and Henley-on-Thames throughout her life. She remained active in the entertainment industry up until her death in 1989, and is remembered as one of the most iconic comedians of her generation.

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Maggie Cassella

Maggie Cassella is an American comedian, actor and screenwriter. She has been widely known to be residing in Hartford and Toronto.

Born and raised in New York City, Maggie Cassella began her career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian in the 1990s. She quickly gained popularity for her witty and irreverent style, performing at comedy clubs across the United States.

Cassella's talents extend beyond comedy, however. She has also acted in numerous film and television productions, including the Canadian drama series "Traders" and the comedy film "The Hanging Garden." In addition, she has written for a variety of television shows and worked as a producer on several projects.

Cassella is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has been involved in numerous organizations devoted to promoting equality and tolerance. She has been recognized for her contributions to the community with awards such as the Toronto Pride Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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Catherine O'Hara

Catherine O'Hara (March 4, 1954 Toronto-) a.k.a. Cath, Cathy O'Hara, Mitch & Mickey or Mickey Crabbe is an American actor, screenwriter, comedian, voice actor, writer and singer-songwriter. She has two children, Matthew Welch and Luke Welch. She has been generally known to be living in Toronto.

O'Hara is best known for her work alongside director and writer Christopher Guest, appearing in many of his mockumentary films such as "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show," and "A Mighty Wind." She also starred as Delia Deetz in Tim Burton's film "Beetlejuice" and as Kate McCallister in the "Home Alone" franchise. In addition to her acting career, O'Hara has lent her voice to many animated films and television shows, including "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Bob's Burgers." She has won numerous awards for her work in acting, including a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in "Schitt's Creek."

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Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford (April 8, 1892 Toronto-May 29, 1979 Santa Monica) also known as Gladys Louise Smith, Gladys Marie Smith, Little Mary, "The Girl with the Golden Hair", America's Sweetheart, Baby Gladys, "The Glad Girl", Gladys Smith, Baby Gladys Smith, Dorothy Nicholson, Gladys Nicholson, The girl with the curls, The World's Sweetheart, Pickford or Gladys Moore was an American actor, film producer, writer and screenwriter. She had two children, Ronald Charles Rogers and Roxanne Rogers. She was residing in Toronto.

Mary Pickford was a pioneer of the film industry and one of its earliest and most iconic stars. She was best known for her innocent and vulnerable on-screen persona, which earned her the nickname "America's Sweetheart." Pickford was also one of the founders of United Artists, a film studio that allowed artists to have greater control over their work. Throughout her career, she appeared in over 200 films and was awarded an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1929. Pickford's legacy continues to this day, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a lasting impact on film history. She was also a philanthropist, known for her charitable work and advocacy for children's rights.

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Rivka Galchen

Rivka Galchen (April 19, 1976 Toronto-) is an American author and actor. She has been known to be living in Toronto.

Galchen's parents were Jewish emigrants from Romania and she grew up in Oklahoma. She studied English and philosophy at Princeton University before earning her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Galchen's 2008 debut novel, Atmospheric Disturbances, was a finalist for the New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award and the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. Her other works include the short story collection American Innovations and the novel Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch. As an actor, Galchen has appeared in the films A Kid Like Jake and Lucky Them. She has also contributed nonfiction pieces to various publications, including The New Yorker and Harper's Magazine.

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Lili Haydn

Lili Haydn (December 25, 1975 Toronto-) a.k.a. Lily Cherub Haydn, Lili Hayden or Helicopter is an American songwriter, actor, violinist, composer, guitarist, film score composer, social activist, musician, humanitarian and child actor. She has been widely known to be residing in Toronto.

Lili Haydn was born to a family of accomplished musicians and began playing the violin at a young age. She went on to attend the prestigious Brown University, where she studied political science and music. After graduation, Haydn started her career in music and quickly made a name for herself with her unique blend of rock, funk, and classical music.

Haydn has released several albums, including Lili, Light Blue Sun, and Place Between Places. She has collaborated with a number of notable musicians, including George Clinton, Tom Morello, and Dave Stewart. Haydn has also composed music for films and television shows, such as The House Bunny and Sons of Anarchy.

In addition to her music career, Haydn is a passionate advocate for social justice and humanitarian causes. She has worked with organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Artists for Amnesty to raise awareness and funds for various global issues.

Haydn is also a sought-after speaker and has given talks at a number of prestigious institutions, including Harvard University and the United Nations. Her work in both music and activism has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the Humanitarian Award from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

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Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden (December 17, 1969 Los Angeles-) also known as Heather Laurie Holden or Holden is an American actor and film producer. She has been living in Los Angeles, Toronto and Ontario.

Holden is best known for her role as Marita Covarrubias on the television series The X-Files and Andrea Harrison on The Walking Dead. She has also appeared in several films, including The Majestic, Silent Hill, and Dumb and Dumber To.

Aside from her acting career, Holden is also an outspoken human rights activist. She has worked with several nonprofit organizations, including Operation Underground Railroad, which aims to rescue children from human trafficking, and The Art of Elysium, which brings artists together to share their time and talent with children who are battling serious medical conditions.

Holden is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, where she earned a degree in Economics and Political Science. She also studied acting at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

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Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams (November 17, 1978 London-) a.k.a. Rachel Anne McAdams, Rachel MacAdams or Rach is an American actor. She has been publicly known to be living in London, St. Thomas, Elgin County and Toronto.

McAdams started her acting career in Canadian television and film productions, including the drama Perfect Pie (2002) and the comedy My Name Is Tanino (2002). She is known for her roles in romantic comedies such as The Notebook (2004), Wedding Crashers (2005), and The Time Traveler's Wife (2009). However, she has also showcased her dramatic acting chops in films such as Red Eye (2005), Spotlight (2015), and Disobedience (2017).

In addition to her successful acting career, McAdams is an environmentalist and an activist. She has been involved in various organizations such as Greenpeace and the Waterkeeper Alliance, and has been vocal about issues such as climate change and protecting the environment.

McAdams has received several accolades throughout her career, including nominations for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

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Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter (June 6, 1986 Tampa-January 31, 2012 Westfield) also known as Leslie Barbara Carter, Brat, Lessie or Leanne was an American singer, songwriter and actor. She had one child, Alyssa Jane Ashton. She was residing in Toronto.

Leslie Carter was born to Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth Carter. She was the youngest sibling of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter and singer Aaron Carter. She began her music career in 1999 with the release of her debut single "Like Wow!" which was featured on the soundtrack for the animated film "Shrek."

She released her debut album "Like Wow!" in 2001, which received positive reviews. Leslie also appeared in several reality TV shows, including "House of Carters" and "The Biggest Loser." She struggled with substance abuse and depression throughout her life and tragically passed away in 2012 at the age of 25 due to a prescription drug overdose.

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Laurene Landon

Laurene Landon (March 17, 1957 Toronto-) also known as Laurene Landon Coughlin or Laureen Landon is an American actor and lyricist. She has been known to be living in Toronto.

Laurene Landon began her career as a model before transitioning to acting in the late 1970s. She is best known for her roles in action and horror films, including "Maniac Cop", "Hundra", and "Airplane II: The Sequel". In addition to her film work, Landon has appeared in numerous television shows, including "Knight Rider", "Dynasty", and "The A-Team". Landon has also worked as a lyricist and released an album, "The Queen of Hearts", in 2013. In recent years, she has made appearances at fan conventions and continued to act in independent films.

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Jennifer Candy

Jennifer Candy (February 3, 1980 Toronto-) also known as Jennifer Anne Candy or Jen Candy is an American actor and television producer. She has been known to be living in Toronto.

Jennifer Candy was born in Toronto, Canada to famous comedian John Candy and his wife Rosemary Margaret Hobor. She grew up in the United States and Canada, and started her career working behind the scenes as a production assistant on her father's films. Later, she made her way onto the screen in a number of film and television appearances.

In addition to her acting career, Candy has also worked as a television producer, working on shows such as "The Great Canadian Baking Show" and "The Substitute." She is known for her outgoing personality and her sense of humor, and has earned a reputation for being one of the nicest people in show business.

Candy is also a philanthropist, and has worked with a number of charities over the years. She is particularly passionate about organizations that help children, and has worked with the Canadian charity "Camp Oochigeas" to help children with cancer.

Today, Jennifer Candy continues to work in both acting and producing, and is known for her talent, kindness, and dedication to her craft.

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