American musicians born in 1904

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1904:

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford (March 23, 1904 San Antonio-May 10, 1977 New York City) also known as Lucille Fay LeSueur, Billie Cassin, Lucille Le Sueur, Billie or Cranberry was an American singer, pin-up girl, actor, dancer, film producer and screenwriter. She had four children, Christina Crawford, Cynthia Crawford, Cathy Crawford and Christopher Crawford.

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Fats Waller

Fats Waller (May 21, 1904 New York City-December 15, 1943 Kansas City) also known as Waller Fats, Thomas Wright Waller, Thomas 'Fats' Walter, Thomas "Fats" Waller, Waller, Fats, J. Lawrence Cook, Thomas Wright "Fats or Waller was an American composer, musician, comedian, singer, organist and jazz pianist.

Discography: Breakin' The Ice: The Early Years, Part 1 (1934-1935), I'm Gonna Sit Right Down: The Early Years (1935-1936), The Chronological Classics: Fats Waller 1940-1941, Best of the War Years (V-disc), Portrait, Volume 1, A Handfull of Fats, 20.3003-HI: Believe in Miracles, Ain't Misbehavin' [Past Perfect], This Is So Nice, It Must Be Illegal and Classic Jazz From Rare Piano Rolls. Genres he performed include Jazz, Stride, Swing music, Ragtime and Dixieland.

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Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller (March 1, 1904 Clarinda-December 15, 1944 English Channel) also known as Glen Miller, Miller Glenn, Capt. Glenn Miller or Alton Glenn Miller was an American bandleader, trombonist, musician, composer and film score composer. He had two children, Joannie Miller and Steven Miller.

Related albums: Greatest Hits, The Missing Chapters, Volume 2: Keep 'em Flying, The Missing Chapters: Volume 5: Complete Abbey Road Recordings, The Missing Chapters: Volume 9: King Porter Stomp, Sun Valley Serenade & Orchestra Wives, Jazz Moods - Hot, Glenn Miller, 20 Classic Tracks, 20 Golden Hits and 36 All-Time Greatest Hits. His related genres: Swing music, Big Band and Jazz.

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Count Basie

Count Basie (August 21, 1904 Red Bank-April 26, 1984 Hollywood) also known as Count Baise, Count Bassie, Count Basie Bunch, The Count Basie Bunch, William Basie, Willaim Basie, William Allen Basie, The Kid from Red Bank, Count Basie and His Orchestra, Count Basie and His Band, The Count, William James Basie or Count Basie (with Bennie Moten Orchestra) was an American bandleader, musician, composer, organist, jazz pianist, actor and songwriter.

His albums include Basie One More Time, Basie's Bag, Verve Jazz Masters 2, The Count Basie Gold Collection, Jazz 'Round Midnight, EMI Jazz Masters, America's #1 Band: The Columbia Years, Jazz Moods: Hot, The Jazz Biography and The Complete Clef/Verve Count Basie Fifties Studio Recordings. Genres he performed include Swing music, Piano blues, Big Band and Jazz.

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Nathan Milstein

Nathan Milstein (January 13, 1904 Odessa-December 21, 1992 London) a.k.a. Nathan Mironovic Milstein or Milstein, Nathan was an American author and violinist.

His albums include The Art of Nathan Milstein (disc 1), Violin Concertos, The 1946 Library of Congress Recital, Brahms: Violin Sonata No. 3 / Beethoven: “Moonlight” Sonata, Vignettes: 24 Favorite Miniatures, Tchaikovsky - Mendelssohn : Violinkonzerte and . His related genres: Classical music.

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Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger (January 10, 1904 Dorchester-January 15, 1987 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Raymond Wallace Bulcao, Bolger, Ray, Raymond Wallace Bolger or Raymond Wallace "Ray" Bolger was an American singer, actor and dancer.

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Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins (November 21, 1904 St. Joseph-May 19, 1969 New York City) also known as Coleman Randolph Hawkins, Coleman Hawkings, C . Hawkins, Hawkins, Coleman, Hawk or Bean was an American musician, actor and saxophonist.

His albums: The Hawk Relaxes, Verve Jazz Masters 34, Storyville Masters of Jazz, Volume 12: Coleman Hawkins, Body and Soul, Centennial Collection, A Retrospective: 1929-1963, Bean & The Boys, Bean and the Boys, Bean Stalkin' and Blues Groove (With Tiny Grimes). Genres he performed: Swing music and Bebop.

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Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson (March 25, 1904 Kansas City-March 23, 1967 Buffalo) also known as Johnson, Pete was an American jazz pianist.

His albums include The Chronological Classics: Pete Johnson 1939-1941, The Chronological Classics: Pete Johnson 1947-1949, The Chronological Classics: Pete Johnson 1938-1939, The Chronological Classics: Pete Johnson 1944-1946, King of Boogie, With Pete Johnson's Orchestra - Tell Me Pretty Baby, The Boogie Woogie Trio, Volumes 1 & 2, Cherry Red / Baby Look at You, Roll 'em Pete / Goin' Away Blues and 8 to the Bar. His related genres: Jazz, Boogie-woogie, Blues and Stride.

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Pinetop Smith

Pinetop Smith (June 11, 1904 Troy-March 15, 1929 Chicago) otherwise known as Pine Top Smith, Clarence Smith, Smith, Pinetop, Clarence 'Pine Top' Smith or Smith, Clarence was an American comedian, singer and pianist.

His albums: Pine Top's Boogie Woogie / Pine Top Blues. His related genres: Blues and Boogie-woogie.

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Mack Gordon

Mack Gordon (June 21, 1904 Warsaw-March 1, 1959 New York City) a.k.a. Morris Gittler was an American songwriter, composer, lyricist, film score composer and actor.

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Horace Henderson

Horace Henderson (November 22, 1904 Cuthbert-August 29, 1988 Denver) also known as Henderson, Horace was an American bandleader and jazz pianist.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Raymond Burke

Raymond Burke (June 6, 1904 New Orleans-May 21, 1986) also known as Raymond Barrois was an American , .

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Willie Mae Ford Smith

Willie Mae Ford Smith (June 23, 1904 Rolling Fork-February 2, 1994) also known as Smith, Willie Mae Ford was an American singer.

Her related genres: Gospel music.

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Eddie DeLange

Eddie DeLange (January 15, 1904 Long Island-July 15, 1949 Los Angeles) also known as DeLange, Eddie or E. DeLange was an American songwriter.

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Jack Owens

Jack Owens (November 17, 1904 Bentonia-February 9, 1997 Yazoo City) was an American singer, musician, farmer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Delta blues, Rhythm and blues, Gospel music and Folk music.

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Igor Gorin

Igor Gorin (October 26, 1904 Horodok-March 24, 1982) was an American singer.

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Frieda Belinfante

Frieda Belinfante (May 10, 1904 Amsterdam-April 26, 1995 Santa Fe) was an American conductor.

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Jan August

Jan August (September 24, 1904-January 9, 1976) otherwise known as Jan Auggustoff was an American , .

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Ikey Robinson

Ikey Robinson (July 28, 1904 Dublin-October 25, 1990) was an American , .

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Alice Swanson Esty

Alice Swanson Esty (November 8, 1904-July 21, 2000) was an American singer.

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Jess Stacy

Jess Stacy (August 11, 1904 Bird's Point-January 1, 1995 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Jesse Alexandria Stacy, Stacy, Jess or Jess Stacey was an American jazz pianist.

Discography: The Chronological Classics: Jess Stacy 1944-1950, The Chronological Classics: Jess Stacy 1935-1939 and The Chronological Classics: Jess Stacy 1951-1956. Genres: Jazz.

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Art Hodes

Art Hodes (November 14, 1904 Mykolaiv-March 4, 1993 Harvey) also known as Hodes, Art was an American musician and jazz pianist.

Related albums: Bucket's Got a Hole in It, Bucket's Got a Hole in It, Just the Two of Us and I Remember Bessie. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman (August 4, 1904 Paris-August 24, 1981 Toulouse) a.k.a. Coleman, Bill or William Johnson Coleman was an American musician, trumpeter and film score composer.

His albums: Jazz in Paris Collector's Edition: From Boogie to Funk, Bill Coleman in Paris 1936-1938, 20.3017-HI: Cuttin' Out (disc 1), Three Generation Jam, Jazz in Paris: The Complete Philips Recordings, The Chronological Classics: Bill Coleman 1951-1952, The Chronological Classics: Bill Coleman 1936-1938, The Chronological Classics: Bill Coleman 1940-1949 and The Chronological Classics: Bill Coleman 1952-1953. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham

Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham (April 18, 1904 Durham-December 13, 1981 The Bronx) a.k.a. Dewey Markham, Markham, Dewey 'Pigmeat' or Pigmeat Markham was an American comedian, singer and actor.

His most well known albums: Here Come the Judge, The Crap-Shootin' Rev., Here Comes the Judge / The Trial, Sock It to ’em Judge / The Hip Judge and Let's Have Some Heat / Your Wires Have Been Tapped.

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Tampa Red

Tampa Red (January 8, 1904 Smithville-March 19, 1981 Chicago) a.k.a. Hudson Whittaker was an American singer.

His most recognized albums: The Essential Tampa Red, The Story of the Guitar Wizard (1928-1940), Bottleneck Guitar 1928-1937, The Blues Collection 51: The Guitar Wizard, I'll Kill Your Soul / If I Let You Get Away With It, Boogie Woogie Woman / I Won't Let Her Do It, I Got a Right to Be Blue / Don't Deal With the Devil, Nutty and Buggy Blues / Stormy Sea Blues, Chicago Moan Blues / Moanin' Heart Blues and Sugar Mama Blues No. 2 / Black Angel Blues. Genres: Chicago blues.

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Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey (February 29, 1904 Shenandoah-June 12, 1957 New York City) also known as James Francis Dorsey or Dorsey, Jimmy was an American bandleader, composer, musician, clarinetist, saxophonist and trumpeter.

His most well known albums: The Jazz Masters, The Classic Tracks, Presenting, Live in New York 1955-1956, Swingin' In Hollywood, New York Jazz in the Roaring Twenties, Volume 2, Casino Gardens Ballroom 1946, Jimmy Dorsey, The Fabulous Dorseys (Legends of American Music) and Giants of the Big Band Era. Genres related to him: Swing music, Dixieland and Big Band.

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Mississippi Fred McDowell

Mississippi Fred McDowell (January 12, 1904 Rossville-July 3, 1972 Memphis) also known as Fred McDowell, Mississippi Fred McDow, McDowell, Mississippi Fred, Missisippi Fred McDowell or McDowell, Missisippi Fred was an American singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums: Mississippi Delta Blues, I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll, The Best of Mississippi Fred McDowell, I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll, Live at the Mayfair Hotel, My Home Is in the Delta, Standing at the Burying Ground, Steakbone Slide Guitar, The First Recordings and You Gotta Move. Genres he performed: Delta blues.

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Phil Harris

Phil Harris (June 24, 1904 Linton-August 11, 1995 Rancho Mirage) also known as Wonga Philip Harris, Harris, Phil, Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Wonga Harris, Wonga Phillip "Phil" Harris or Wonga Phillip Harris was an American singer, actor, comedian, songwriter, musician, voice actor and soldier. He had three children, Alice Harris, Phyllis Harris and Phil Harris, Jr.

His albums include That's What I Like About Phil Harris and The Thing About Phil Harris.

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Lucia Pamela

Lucia Pamela (May 1, 1904 St. Louis-July 25, 2002) otherwise known as Pamela, Lucia was an American , . She had one child, Georgia Frontiere.

Her albums include Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela.

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Jazz Gillum

Jazz Gillum (September 11, 1904 Indianola-March 29, 1966 Chicago) a.k.a. Bill McKinley, Bill Jazz Gillum (Bill McKinley), Bill "Jazz" Gillum, Bill Jazz Gillum or Gillum, Jazz was an American musician.

His albums include Complete Recorded Works, Volume 4, The Bluebird Recordings 1934 - 1938 and Reckless Rider Blues / Look on Yonder Wall. Genres he performed: Chicago blues.

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Helen Kane

Helen Kane (August 4, 1904 The Bronx-September 26, 1966 Jackson Heights) a.k.a. Helen Schroeder or Helen Clare Schroeder was an American singer and actor.

Her albums: 1928 -1930 and I Wanna Be Loved by You / Is There Anything Wrong in That?.

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Jan Peerce

Jan Peerce (June 3, 1904 Lower East Side-December 15, 1984 New Rochelle) also known as Jacob Pincus Perlemuth or Pinkie was an American hazzan, actor and opera singer. His child is Larry Peerce.

Related albums: Jan Peerce Sings Yiddish Folk Songs, , Jan Peerce Sings Hebrew Melodies, Jan Peerce Sings Songs From "Fiddler on the Roof" and Ten Classics of Jewish Folk Son, Carmen: RCA Victor and Symphony no. 9 "Choral" / Choral Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra.

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Russ Morgan

Russ Morgan (April 29, 1904 Scranton-August 7, 1969) was an American organist and music arranger.

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Sam Theard

Sam Theard (October 10, 1904 New Orleans-December 7, 1982 Los Angeles) also known as Lovin' Sam Theard, Spo-De-Odee, Samuel Allen Theard, Sam Theard 'Spo-Dee-Odee', Spo-De-O-de, Spo Dee O Dee, Lovin' Sam from Down in 'Bam, Sam Tarpley or Spo-Dee-O-Dee was an American actor, comedian, singer-songwriter and film score composer.

His albums include Boogie - Woogie Barbershop.

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Seger Ellis

Seger Ellis (July 4, 1904 Houston-September 29, 1995 Houston) a.k.a. Ellis, Seger was an American singer.

His albums include Shine on Harvest Moon / St James Infirmary. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna (September 17, 1904 Boston-November 21, 1986 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Gerardo Luigi Colonna or Gerardo Luigi "Jerry" Colonna was an American comedian, voice actor, actor, songwriter, singer, trombonist, musician and author. He had one child, Robert Colonna.

His albums: Music? For Screaming!!!.

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Hal Kemp

Hal Kemp (March 27, 1904 Marion-December 21, 1940 Madera) also known as James Harold "Hal" Kemp, James Hal Kemp or Hal Kemp and His Orchestra was an American musician, composer and bandleader.

Genres related to him: Swing music, Jazz and Big Band.

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Tricky Sam Nanton

Tricky Sam Nanton (February 1, 1904 New York City-July 20, 1946 San Francisco) a.k.a. Joe Tricky Sam Nanton , Nanton, Tricky Sam, J. Nanton, Josef Nanton, Joseph Nanton or Nanton, Joe was an American trombonist.

Genres he performed include Jazz and Swing music.

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Anthony Galla-Rini

Anthony Galla-Rini (January 18, 1904 Manchester-July 30, 2006) also known as Galla-Rini, Anthony was an American , .

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Valaida Snow

Valaida Snow (June 2, 1904 Chattanooga-May 30, 1956 New York City) otherwise known as Snow, Valaida or Valaida was an American musician.

Her discography includes: The Chronological Classics: Valaida Snow 1933-1936, The Chronological Classics: Valaida Snow 1937-1940, The Chronological Classics: Valaida Snow 1940-1953 and .

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Donald Lambert

Donald Lambert (February 12, 1904 Princeton-May 8, 1962 Newark) also known as Lambert, Donald was an American , .

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Syd Nathan

Syd Nathan (April 27, 1904 Cincinnati-March 5, 1968 Miami Beach) was an American record producer.

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Walter Bricht

Walter Bricht (September 9, 1904-March 1, 1970) was an American , .

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Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell (March 26, 1904 White Plains-October 30, 1987 Honolulu) also known as Campbell, Joseph or Joseph John Campbell was an American writer, author, professor and scholar.

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Cary Grant

Cary Grant (January 18, 1904 Horfield-November 29, 1986 Davenport) also known as Archibald Alexander Leach, Mr. Cary Grant, Archibald Leach or Archie Leach was an American actor. He had one child, Jennifer Grant.

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Huey Long

Huey Long (April 25, 1904 Sealy-June 10, 2009 Houston) a.k.a. Long, Huey was an American singer.

Genres he performed: Jazz and Dixieland.

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Nat Story

Nat Story (August 4, 1904 Kentucky-November 21, 1968) was an American trombonist.

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Libby Holman

Libby Holman (May 23, 1904 Cincinnati-June 18, 1971 Stamford) a.k.a. Holman, Libby was an American actor.

Her most well known albums: Moanin' Low.

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Buddy Rogers

Buddy Rogers (August 13, 1904 Olathe-April 21, 1999 Rancho Mirage) otherwise known as Charles Rogers, Chas. Buddy Rogers, Buddy Rogers, Charles Buddy Rogers, Charles ['Buddy'] Rogers and his California Cavaliers, America's Boyfriend, Buddy, Charles Edward Rogers, Charles Edward “Buddy” Rogers or Charles "Buddy" Rogers was an American actor and film producer. He had two children, Roxanne Rogers and Ronald Charles Rogers.

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Dick Powell

Dick Powell (November 14, 1904 Mountain View-January 2, 1963 West Los Angeles) a.k.a. Richard Ewing Powell or Richard Ewing "Dick" Powell was an American film director, actor, singer, television producer and film producer. His children are called Ellen Powell, Pamela Allyson Powell, Norman Powell and Richard Keith Powell Jr..

His most well known albums: Lullaby of Broadway, Close To My Heart and Lullaby of Broadway / I Believe In Miracles.

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