American musicians born in 1916

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1916:

Yehudi Menuhin

Yehudi Menuhin (April 22, 1916 New York City-March 12, 1999 Berlin) also known as Menuhin, Yehudi, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin of Stoke d'Abernon or Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, OM, KBE was an American conductor, writer, teacher, violist and violinist. His children are Krov Menuhin, Zamira Menuhin, Gerard Menuhin and Jeremy Menuhin.

Discography: Yehudi Menuhin: In Memoriam, Sir Yehudi Menuhin: The Maestro (disc 2) (feat. violin: Yehudi Menuhin), Les Introuvables de Yehudi Menuhin, Violin Concertos, Concertos pour violon, Concerto pour violon no. 2 / Sonate pour violon seul, Yehudi Menuhin plays Paganini, Yehudi Menuhin spielt Brahms, Beethoven, Bruch, Enescu: Violin Sonata No. 3 in A minor / Szymanowski: Notturno e tarantella / Prokofiev: Violin Sonata No. 1 in F minor / Ravel (violin: Yehudi Menuhin) and Bach: Double Concerto In D Minor Piano Concerto In A Minor And C Major (Remastered). Genres he performed include Classical music and Jazz.

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Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian (July 29, 1916 Bonham-March 2, 1942 Staten Island) otherwise known as Christian, Charlie was an American guitarist and musician.

His albums include Cabu Collection: Charlie Christian, Complete Studio Recordings, The Immortal Charlie Christian, Complete Edition, Volume 4: 1940, Complete Edition, Volume 9: 1939-1941, Swing to Bop, Guitar Wizard, First Master of the Electric Guitar: Selected Broadcasts & Jam Sessions, Remastered, The Original Guitar Hero and Solo Flight: The Genius of Charlie Christian. Genres related to him: Swing music, Bebop, Big Band and Jazz.

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Hadda Brooks

Hadda Brooks (October 29, 1916 Los Angeles-November 21, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Hattie L. Hapgood, Queen of the Boogie or Hadda Hapgood was an American pianist, composer, singer and actor.

Her albums include Time Was When, That's My Desire, Jump Back Honey, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Swingin' The Boogie: Volume 2, I've Got News for You, Romance in the Dark and Blues in B Flat / Deep Meditation. Genres: Torch song, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Blues and Boogie-woogie.

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John Mehegan

John Mehegan (June 6, 1916 Wethersfield-April 3, 1984 New Canaan) was an American jazz pianist.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Harry James

Harry James (March 15, 1916 Albany-July 5, 1983 Las Vegas-Paradise, NV Metropolitan Statistical Area) a.k.a. James Harry, Harry Haag James, harry_james, James, Harry, Llewellyn, Mind Body & Soul (Llewellyn), Henry Haag “Harry” James or Henry Haag James was an American musician, trumpeter, bandleader and actor. He had four children, Harry James, Timothyray James, Jessica James and Victoria Elizabeth James.

His albums: Verve Jazz Masters 55, Bandstand Memories 1938 to 1948 (disc 3), Best of Harry James, Big Band, Embraceable You, Harry James & His Big Band, Have Trumpet, Will Travel, Original Recordings - Harry James: Ciribiribin, Presenting Harry James and Still Harry After All These Years. Genres he performed: Jazz, Big Band and Swing music.

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Ben Weber

Ben Weber (July 23, 1916 St. Louis-June 16, 1979 New York City) a.k.a. William Jennings Bryan Weber, Weber, William Jennings Bryan Weber or Ben Brian Weber was an American , .

actor and playwright. He began his career in theater, starring in several Broadway productions such as "The Seven Year Itch" and "A Streetcar Named Desire." Weber also appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including "The Twilight Zone," "Gunsmoke," and "Perry Mason." In addition to his work in entertainment, Weber was an activist and advocate for civil rights, marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s. He also wrote plays that addressed social and political issues, such as "Opportunity for a New World" and "The Cradle Will Rock." Weber died in 1979 at the age of 62 due to a heart attack in New York City.

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Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore (February 29, 1916 Winchester-February 24, 1994 Beverly Hills) also known as Frances Rose Shore, Fanny or Fanny Rose Shore was an American singer, actor, presenter and tv personality. Her children are Melissa Montgomery-Hime and John David Montgomery.

Her albums include Yes Indeed! / The Fabulous Hits of Dinah Shore, The Dinah Shore Collection: Columbia and RCA Recordings 1942-1948, Written in the Stars, 'S Wonderful, 16 Most Requested Songs, A Portrait of Dinah Shore, All Time Greatest Hits, Volume 1, Best 20, Best of Dinah Shore and I Get Along Without You Very Well / I'll Be Seeing You. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Ray Conniff

Ray Conniff (November 6, 1916 Attleboro-October 12, 2002 Escondido) also known as The Ray Conniff Singers, Ray Conniff & His Orchestra, Ray Coniff & The Singers, Conniff, Ray and the Singers, Ray Connif & His Orchestra & Chorus, Ray Connif, His Orchestra and Singers, Joseph Raymond Conniff or Conniff, Ray was an American composer and musician.

His albums include 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous, 'S Awful Nice, Concert in Rhythm, 'S Continental, Versiones Originales, Essential Ray Conniff, 'S Always Conniff, 16 Most Requested Hits and 20 de Colección. Genres he performed include Big Band.

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Buddy Cole

Buddy Cole (December 15, 1916 Irving-November 5, 1964 Hollywood) a.k.a. Edwin LeMar Cole was an American film score composer and musician. He had two children, Cathy Green and Tina Cole.

Buddy Cole was a highly regarded musician, known for his work as a piano and organ player. He got his start in the music industry playing with a number of popular bands, including the bands of Benny Goodman, Bob Crosby, and Les Brown. Over the course of his career, Cole contributed his talents to a number of film scores, television shows, and recordings.

Cole also made frequent appearances on television, performing on variety shows and in commercials. He was a regular performer on "The Lawrence Welk Show," where he became well-known for his improvisational skills. In addition to his work as a musician and composer, Cole was also a talented arranger, and his arrangements were used by a number of notable artists over the years.

Sadly, Cole's life was cut short when he died of a heart attack in 1964 at the age of 47. However, his contributions to the music industry continue to be celebrated to this day, and his legacy lives on through his numerous recordings and compositions.

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (April 30, 1916 Red Bluff-January 25, 1999 New Haven) also known as Shaw, Robert was an American conductor.

His most important albums: The Power & The Majesty: Essential Choral Classics, The Many Moods of Christmas, Stravinsky: Symphony Of Psalms/Poulenc: Gloria, Christmas With Robert Shaw, Amazing Grace: American Hymns and Spirituals, Evocation of the Spirit, Barber / Bartók / Vaughan Williams, Stabat Mater, Carl Orff: Carmina Burana / Paul Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis and . Genres he performed: Classical music.

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Bill Harris

Bill Harris (October 28, 1916 Philadelphia-August 21, 1973) a.k.a. Harris, Bill was an American trombonist.

His discography includes: The Ex-Hermanites and Live at the Three Deuces.

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Lalo Guerrero

Lalo Guerrero (December 24, 1916 Tucson-March 17, 2005 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Guerrero, Lalo, Eduardo Guerrero Jr. or The Father of Chicano Music was an American guitarist and actor.

His discography includes: Papa's Dream.

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David "Stringbean" Akeman

David "Stringbean" Akeman (June 17, 1916 Annville-November 10, 1973 Ridgetop) a.k.a. Stringbean was an American artist and musician.

Discography: Front Porch Funnies. Genres he performed include Country.

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Willmer "Little Ax" Broadnax

Willmer "Little Ax" Broadnax (December 28, 1916 Houston-March 1, 1994) was an American singer.

He was known for his powerful and soulful gospel singing style, which earned him the nickname "Little Ax". Broadnax began his career as a member of the Southern Sons, a gospel group that performed in churches and radio stations across Texas. In the 1950s, he joined the Soul Stirrers, a renowned gospel quartet that also included Sam Cooke.

Broadnax's rich baritone voice and emotive delivery made him a standout performer within the Soul Stirrers. He contributed to several of the group's most beloved recordings, including "Wonderful" and "Touch the Hem of His Garment". After leaving the Soul Stirrers in the 1960s, Broadnax continued to perform and record as a solo artist.

Despite his talent and influence, Broadnax struggled with alcoholism for much of his life. He ultimately died of complications related to the disease in 1994, at the age of 77. Nevertheless, his legacy as one of the great gospel singers of the 20th century lives on.

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Dennis Day

Dennis Day (May 21, 1916 The Bronx-June 22, 1988 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Eugene Dennis McNulty, Day, Dennis or Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty was an American singer, actor, radio personality and comedian.

His discography includes: Burl Ives, All My Best!, Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland / Phil, the Fluter's Ball, Christmas Is for the Family, Irish Favorites and Serenade.

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Oscar Moore

Oscar Moore (December 25, 1916 Austin-October 8, 1981 Las Vegas) was an American musician and guitarist.

His albums: Swing Guitars.

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James Griffith

James Griffith (February 13, 1916 Los Angeles-September 17, 1993 Avila Beach) a.k.a. Jimmy Griffith, Jim Griffith, James J. Griffith, J.J. Griffith, James F. Griffith, James W. Griffith, Griffith James, Jimmy, Jim, Griffith, James or James Hosmer Griffith was an American screenwriter, actor and musician.

He appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows in his career, including "The Asphalt Jungle," "The Searchers," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," and "Bonanza." As a screenwriter, he wrote for popular TV shows like "Gunsmoke," "Have Gun – Will Travel," and "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." In addition to his work in entertainment, he was a veteran of World War II, having served on a submarine in the Pacific theater. He was also an accomplished musician, playing the guitar and other instruments, and often performed in local clubs and coffeehouses. Despite his success in the industry, he remained humble and was known for his kindness and generosity towards others.

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Al Killian

Al Killian (October 15, 1916 Birmingham-September 5, 1950 Los Angeles) also known as Al Killan or Killian, Al was an American , .

Genres he performed include Jump blues, Big Band and East Coast blues.

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David Mann

David Mann (October 3, 1916 Philadelphia-March 1, 2002 New York City) a.k.a. Mann, David, David Freedman or David W. Mann was an American film score composer.

He was primarily known for his work as a composer for the movies produced by Hammer Film Productions. Some of his notable works include the soundtracks for films such as The Gorgon, Dracula: Prince of Darkness, and The Devil Rides Out. Mann also wrote the scores for several episodes of the TV show The Saint. Aside from his work in film and television, Mann was also a prolific composer of classical music. His works include symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. Mann received several awards for his contributions to the music industry, including an Oscar nomination for his work on the soundtrack of the film "Cleopatra".

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Miles Copeland, Jr.

Miles Copeland, Jr. (July 16, 1916 Birmingham-January 14, 1991) otherwise known as Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. or Miles Copeland was an American musician, businessperson, special agent and writer. His children are called Stewart Copeland, Miles Copeland III, Lennie Copeland and Ian Copeland.

Miles Copeland, Jr. was a graduate of the University of Alabama, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. He then went on to serve in counterintelligence during World War II, and later worked as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In the 1950s, Miles Copeland, Jr. became involved in the music industry, founding the independent label, Copeland International Arts. The label would later become home to several influential bands, including The Police, R.E.M., and The Bangles.

Miles Copeland, Jr. was also an accomplished author, writing several books on the music industry, including his memoir, "The Game of Nations: A Theory of International Relations in an Age of Terrorism," which was published in 1989.

Throughout his career, Miles Copeland, Jr. was known for his innovative ideas and willingness to take risks. He was an influential figure in both the music industry and within the world of espionage, and his legacy continues to inspire both musicians and special agents to this day.

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Bob Eberly

Bob Eberly (July 24, 1916 Mechanicville-November 17, 1981 Glen Burnie) also known as Eberly, Bob was an American singer.

Bob Eberly was one of the most popular singers of his time, known for his rich baritone voice and smooth crooning style. He began his career as a member of The Glenn Miller Orchestra, where he sang duets with his sister, Ray Eberle. Together, they recorded some of the biggest hits of the 1940s, including "At Last" and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree."

After leaving The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Eberly continued to have a successful career as a solo artist, recording hits such as "It's Love, Love, Love" and "I'm Sorry." He also appeared in several films, including "Rhythm Serenade" and "Two Girls and a Sailor."

Throughout his career, Eberly remained a beloved performer, known for his charm, charisma, and musical talent. He passed away in 1981, leaving behind a legacy as one of the greatest singers of the swing era.

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Lionel Newman

Lionel Newman (January 4, 1916 New Haven-February 3, 1989 Los Angeles) was an American conductor, pianist, composer and film score composer. His children are called Carroll Newman, Deborah Newman Sharpe and Jenifer Newman.

Discography: Kiss Them for Me, The True Story Of Jesse James / The Last Wagon, Two Flags West / North to Alaska, These Thousand Hills / The Proud Ones, River of No Return / Niagara and John Wayne at Fox - The Westerns. Genres: Film score.

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Hugo Peretti

Hugo Peretti (December 6, 1916 New York City-May 1, 1986 Englewood) was an American record producer and songwriter.

His albums: Maggie Flynn (Original Broadway Cast Recording).

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Freddie Webster

Freddie Webster (June 8, 1916 Cleveland-April 1, 1947 Chicago) was an American musician and trumpeter.

Webster started playing trumpet at a young age and was known for his technical ability and distinctive style. He played with various bands throughout his career, including those led by Lionel Hampton, Earl Hines, and Benny Goodman. Webster's contributions to jazz were significant and influential, particularly in the development of bebop. However, his life was marred by personal struggles and he died tragically at the age of 30 from pneumonia and alcoholism. Despite his brief career, Webster's legacy as a jazz trumpeter continues to be celebrated and studied by musicians and enthusiasts alike.

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Jay McShann

Jay McShann (January 12, 1916 Muskogee-December 7, 2006 Kansas City) also known as McShann, Jay, Hootie, James Columbus McShann or Jay Mc Shann was an American jazz pianist, soldier, musician, composer, bandleader and pianist. He had three children, Linda McShann Gerber, Jayne McShann Lewis and Pam McShann.

Discography: Blues From Kansas City, Still Jumpin' the Blues: With Duke Robillard and Maria Muldaur, The Chronological Classics: Jay McShann 1944-1946, Jay McShann At Cafe Des Copains, Kansas City Blues 1944-1949, Goin' to Kansas City, The Big Apple Bash, Hootie's Jumpin' Blues, Hootie Blues and The Last of the Blue Devils. Genres he performed: Blues, Jazz, Bebop, Swing music and Jump blues.

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Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett (February 16, 1916 Philadelphia-November 13, 1996 New York City) otherwise known as William Ballard Doggett, Doggett, Bill, Bill Dogett or Bill Dogget was an American organist and pianist.

His albums include All His Hits, Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk, Wow!, The Doggett Beat for Dancing Feet, Dame Dreaming With Bill Doggett, Trading Licks, As You Desire Me, Honky Tonk, (Parts 1 & 2), Leaps and Bounds and Hot Doggett. His related genres: Jazz and Rhythm and blues.

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Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason (February 26, 1916 Bushwick-June 24, 1987 Lauderhill) a.k.a. J. Gleason, Herbert John Gleason, Jackie C. Gleason, John Herbert Gleason, The Great One, Mr. Miami Beach, The Abdominal Showman or Herbert Walton Gleason Jr. was an American actor, musician, television producer, comedian, film score composer, film director, screenwriter and stunt performer. He had two children, Linda Miller and Geraldine Gleason.

His discography includes: A Taste of Brass for Lovers Only / Doublin' in Brass, Best of Jackie Gleason & His Orchestra, Body and Soul, Lush Moods, Music, Martinis and Memories, Riff Jazz, Shangri-La, The Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason, Velvet Brass and Music for Lovers Only.

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Moondog (May 26, 1916 Marysville-September 8, 1999 Münster) also known as Moondog, Moondog With Orchestra, Moondog (Louis Hardin), Louis Hardin or Louis Thomas Hardin was an American composer and singer.

His albums include More Moondog, The Story of Moondog, Moondog, Moondog 2, In Europe, H'art Songs, The Viking of Sixth Avenue, Moondog / Moondog 2, More Moondog / The Story of Moondog and A New Sound of an Old Instrument. His related genres: Jazz, Avant-garde, Ambient music, Avant-garde jazz and Outsider music.

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Slim Gaillard

Slim Gaillard (January 4, 1916 Detroit-February 26, 1991 London) also known as Gaillard, Slim, Bulee Gaillard, The Slim Gaillard Trio, Slim and Slam, Bulee "Slim" Gaillard or McVouty was an American singer, musician, guitarist, pianist and actor. His child is Jan Gaye.

Related albums: An Introduction to Slim Gaillard: His Best Recordings 1938-1946, Slim Gaillard Rides Again, Laughing in Rhythm, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1937-1938, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1945, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1947-1951, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1951-1953, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1945, Volume 2, The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1946 and The Chronological Classics: Slim Gaillard 1939-1940. Genres he performed: Jazz and Bebop.

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Martha Raye

Martha Raye (August 27, 1916 Butte-October 19, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as Margaret Teresa Yvonne Reed, The Big Mouth, Margy Reed or The Female Bob Hope was an American actor, singer and comedian. She had one child, Melodye Raye Condos.

Discography: Sweetheart of Song: It's Swingtime With Martha Raye and Martha Raye Swings.

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Joe Bushkin

Joe Bushkin (November 7, 1916 New York City-November 3, 2004 Santa Barbara) a.k.a. Bushkin, Joe was an American jazz pianist. He had one child, Tippy Bushkin.

Discography: The Road To Oslo & Play It Again, Joe, The Chronological Classics: Joe Bushkin 1940-1946 and In Concert, Town Hall.

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Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes

Lloyd "Tiny" Grimes (July 7, 1916 Newport News-March 4, 1989 New York City) a.k.a. Grimes, Tiny was an American musician.

His discography includes: Tiny in Swingville, Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Tiny Grimes 1944-1949 and Blues Groove (With Tiny Grimes).

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Milton Babbitt

Milton Babbitt (May 10, 1916 Philadelphia-January 29, 2011 Princeton) also known as Babbitt, Milton or Milton Byron Babbitt was an American composer, teacher and music theorist.

His albums include Occasional Variations, Philomel, Piano Works and My Ends Are My Beginnings. His related genres: Serialism and Classical music.

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Ola Belle Reed

Ola Belle Reed (August 18, 1916 Lansing-August 16, 2002) also known as Olabelle Reed was an American singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Rising Sun Melodies, , All in One Evening and My Epitaph.

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Betty Grable

Betty Grable (December 18, 1916 St. Louis-July 2, 1973 Santa Monica) also known as Elizabeth Ruth Grable, Frances Dean, The Pin-Up Girl, The Girl With the Million Dollar Legs, The Darling of the Forties, The Quick-Silver Blonde, The Queen of the Hollywood Musical, America's Ideal Girl or Elizabeth Ruth "Betty" Grable was an American singer, pin-up girl, actor and dancer. Her children are called Victoria Elizabeth James and Jessica James.

Betty Grable got her start in Hollywood in the 1930s, primarily appearing in musicals and comedies. Her breakthrough role came in 1940's "Down Argentine Way," which led to a long-term contract with 20th Century Fox. During World War II, she became one of the most popular pin-up girls among American soldiers and even had her legs insured for $1 million. Grable's most famous role came in 1953's "How to Marry a Millionaire," co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. She retired from acting in the mid-1950s and passed away in 1973 from cancer.

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Calvin Boze

Calvin Boze (October 15, 1916 Trinity County-June 1, 1970 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Boze, Calvin was an American musician.

He was known for his skills as a singer, songwriter, and saxophonist. Boze started his music career as a band vocalist for Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra. He later formed his own band, the Calvin Boze Orchestra, in the 1940s. They had moderate success with songs such as "Safronia B" and "Waiting and Drinking." Boze was also a pioneer in the early days of rock and roll music, using his saxophone to add a bluesy sound to his songs. Despite his talent and significant contributions to music, Boze's career was cut short due to struggles with alcoholism. He passed away at the age of 53 in Los Angeles.

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Terry Gilkyson

Terry Gilkyson (June 17, 1916 Phoenixville-October 15, 1999 Austin) also known as The Jungle Book (3), Hamilton Henry Gilkyson III or Gilkyson, T. was an American singer and songwriter. His children are called Eliza Gilkyson and Tony Gilkyson.

Related albums: The Cry of the Wild Goose / Lady from Laramie and El libro de la selva. Genres he performed include Folk music.

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Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder (November 7, 1916-May 11, 2011 Fond du Lac) was an American pianist, songwriter and music artist.

His albums include Drifting Sands / Bewitched and Bewitched.

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William "Cat" Anderson

William "Cat" Anderson (September 12, 1916 Greenville-April 29, 1981 Norwalk) also known as WC. Anderson, W. Anderson, William "Cat" Johnson, Cat Anderson, William Anderson, W.C. Anderson, "Cat" Anderson or Anderson, William "Cat" was an American musician.

His albums: Jazz in Paris: Lionel Hampton and His French New Sound, Volume 2, Cat Anderson & The Ellington All-Stars, Cat on a Hot Tin Horn and Ellingtonia. Genres related to him: Jazz.

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T. Texas Tyler

T. Texas Tyler (June 20, 1916 United States of America-January 28, 1972) also known as Texas Tyler or David Luke Myrick was an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: T. Texas Tyler and Deck of Cards / Ida Red. His related genres: Country.

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Lance Hayward

Lance Hayward (June 17, 1916 Bermuda-November 9, 1991) was an American musician.

He was a classically trained pianist who specialized in performing the works of George Gershwin, among other composers. Hayward began his career in Bermuda, playing in local clubs and hotels, before moving to New York City to pursue his musical ambitions. He quickly made a name for himself in the city's jazz and cabaret scenes, and became known for his virtuosic piano playing, elegant dress, and charming stage presence. Over the course of his career, Hayward recorded numerous albums, appeared on television and radio programs, and performed at some of the world's most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. He continued to perform well into his 70s, and was widely regarded as one of the great pianists of the 20th century.

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Red Callender

Red Callender (March 6, 1916 Haynesville, Virginia-March 8, 1992 Saugus) also known as George Sylvester Callender, George 'Red' Callender or Red Callendar was an American musician.

His albums: The Tatum Group Masterpieces. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Don Ewell

Don Ewell (November 14, 1916 Baltimore-August 9, 1983 Fort Lauderdale) was an American jazz pianist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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René Touzet

René Touzet (September 8, 1916 Havana-June 23, 2003) also known as Rene Touzet was an American , . His child is called Olga Maria Touzet-Guillot.

His albums include The Best of René Touzet. Genres he performed include Classical music and Cha-cha-cha.

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Albert Glasser

Albert Glasser (January 25, 1916 Chicago-May 4, 1998 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Al Glasser was an American film score composer, conductor, orchestrator and music director.

Discography: , The Boy and the Pirates, Earth vs. the Spider and Invasion USA / Tormented.

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Howard Brubeck

Howard Brubeck (July 11, 1916 Concord-April 16, 1993 Escondido) was an American film score composer.

Brubeck was the younger brother of the famous jazz pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck. Despite lacking formal training in music, he began his career in Hollywood as a studio pianist for Paramount Pictures in the 1940s before eventually transitioning to film score composition. Some of his notable film credits include "The Atomic Kid" (1954), "The Wild One" (1953), and "Times Square Lady" (1935). Brubeck also composed the music for several popular TV shows, such as "The Lone Ranger" and "The Adventures of Jim Bowie." In addition to his work in film and television, he was a prolific composer of jazz and classical music. He co-founded the San Diego County Fair's Dixieland Jazz Festival, which still runs annually to this day.

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Adriana Caselotti

Adriana Caselotti (May 6, 1916 Bridgeport-January 19, 1997 Los Angeles) also known as Caselotti, Adriana or Adriana Mitchell Caselotti was an American actor, singer and voice actor.

She is best known for providing the voice of Snow White in Disney's 1937 animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Caselotti was the first person to be signed to a personal contract by Walt Disney himself. In addition to her work as the voice of Snow White, Caselotti also had a brief acting career in which she appeared in a handful of films and television series throughout the 1940s and 1950s. She was also an accomplished singer, recording several albums throughout her career. After her retirement from acting, Caselotti focused on teaching voice lessons and occasionally appeared at conventions and events to speak about her work as the voice of Snow White.

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Russell Garcia

Russell Garcia (April 12, 1916 Oakland-November 19, 2011 Kerikeri) also known as Russel Garcia or Garcia, Russell was an American composer, music arranger and film score composer.

Discography: Radar Secret Service, Wigville, Four Horns and a Lush Life, On Four Horns and a Lush Wife, The Johnny Evergreens, Listen to the Music of Russell Garcia, Jazz Music for Birds and Hep Cats, Fantastica, Three Guns for Texas and Variations for Flugelhorn, String Quartet, Bass & Drums.

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Sid Feller

Sid Feller (December 24, 1916-February 16, 2006) also known as Feller, Sid was an American record producer, music arranger and film score composer.

Feller began his career in the music industry playing trumpet in big bands during the 1930s and 1940s, including with Jimmy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. He later transitioned to arranging and producing, and worked with a wide range of artists in the 1950s and 1960s, including Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Johnny Mathis. Feller was particularly known for his work as a producer and arranger for Ray Charles, with whom he collaborated on many of Charles' most famous hits. Feller was also an accomplished film score composer, and contributed music to several films in the 1960s and 1970s. Throughout his career, Feller received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the music industry, including several Grammy Awards.

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Julian Dash

Julian Dash (April 9, 1916 Charleston-February 25, 1974) also known as Dash, Julian was an American , .

saxophonist and bandleader associated with the swing, bebop, and R&B genres. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Dash grew up in New York City and began playing saxophone in his teens. He gained attention in the 1940s as a member of Tiny Bradshaw's big band and later became a sought-after session player, working with artists such as Dinah Washington and Louis Jordan. In the 1950s, Dash collaborated with Buddy Johnson and led his own bands, which included notable musicians such as Cannonball Adderley and Thelonious Monk. Despite his talent and popularity, Dash struggled with alcoholism and financial difficulties throughout his career. He died at the age of 57 from heart disease.

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