American musicians born in 1929

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1929:

Buck Owens

Buck Owens (August 12, 1929 Sherman-March 25, 2006 Bakersfield) also known as Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr., buck_owens, Alvis Edgar Owens Jr., Owens, Buck, Corky Jones or Jones, Corky was an American bandleader, singer, presenter, musician and songwriter. He had one child, Buddy Alan.

His albums include The Very Best of Buck Owens, Volume 1, Blue Love, 21 #1 Hits: The Ultimate Collection, Act Naturally, All-Time Greatest Hits, Volume 3, All-Time Greatest Hits, Volume 1, Before You Go / No One but You, Buck Owens Sings Harlan Howard, Good Old Country and Half a Buck Greatest Duets. His related genres: Bakersfield sound and Country.

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Joe Pass

Joe Pass (January 13, 1929 New Brunswick-May 23, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as Pass, Joe, Joseph Anthony Passalaqua or Joseph Anthony Jacobi Passalaqua was an American guitarist and composer.

Discography: Intercontinental, Joe Pass at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975, Better Days, Checkmate, In Hamburg, My Song, Northsea Nights, One for My Baby, Resonance and Simplicity / A Sign of the Times. His related genres: Jazz, Bebop and Hard bop.

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Bill Evans

Bill Evans (August 16, 1929 Plainfield-September 15, 1980 Fort Lee) also known as Evans, Bill or William John Evans was an American composer, jazz pianist, music arranger and musician. He had two children, Evan Evans and Maxine Evans.

His albums include You're Gonna Hear From Me, Alone, Alone (Again), Verve Jazz Masters 5, Ultimate Bill Evans, The Very Best of Bill Evans, Portraiture, Bill Evans for Lovers, A Jazz Hour With Bill Evans: Autumn Leaves and Bill Evans With Symphony Orchestra. Genres he performed include Jazz, Modal jazz, Hard bop, Cool jazz, Third stream and Post-bop.

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Link Wray

Link Wray (May 2, 1929 Dunn-November 5, 2005 Copenhagen) also known as Fred Lincoln "Link" Wray Jr or Fred Lincoln Wray Jr. was an American musician, songwriter and guitarist.

His most recognized albums: The Original Rumble Plus 22 Other Storming Guitar Instrumentals, Live in '85 / Growling Guitar, Rumble! The Best of Link Wray, Guitar Preacher: The Polydor Years, Barbed Wire, Wray's Three Track Shack, Apache, Missing Links, Volume 2: Big City After Dark, Bullshot and Guitar Legends. Genres related to him: Rock music, Hard rock, Surf music, Rockabilly, Country, Instrumental rock, Roots rock, Rock and roll and Protopunk.

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Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor (March 25, 1929 Long Island-) also known as Taylor, Cecil, Cecil Percival Taylor, Cecil Taylor Trio or Cecil P. Taylor is an American jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, pianist and poet.

His albums: Leaf Palm Hand, Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come, Conquistador!, It Is in the Brewing Luminous, Legba Crossing, Spots, Circles, and Fantasy, 3 Phasis, Garden 1, Garden 2 and Hard Drivin' Jazz. Genres he performed: Avant-garde jazz, Free jazz and Jazz.

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André Previn

André Previn (April 6, 1929 Berlin-) also known as Andre Previn, Andreas Ludwig Prewin, André George Previn, Andreas Ludwig Priwin, Sir André Previn or André George Previn, KBE is an American conductor, music arranger, pianist, composer, musician, film score composer and music director. He has ten children, Soon-Yi Previn, Sascha Previn, Matthew Previn, Fletcher Previn, Lark Song, Summer Song, Claudia Previn, Alicia Previn, Li-An Mary and Lukas Alexander.

His albums: Jazz at the Musikverein, A Touch of Elegance, Live at the Jazz Standard, The Subterraneans, André Previn Plays Fats Waller, The Good Companions: Original London Cast, Ballads: Solo Jazz Standards, Coco (1970 original Broadway cast), Duet and Double Play!.

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June Carter Cash

June Carter Cash (June 23, 1929 Maces Spring-May 15, 2003 Nashville) also known as Cash, June Carter, June Carter, Valerie June Carter, june_carter_cash or Valerie June Carter Cash was an American singer, singer-songwriter, comedian, actor, musician, author and dancer. She had four children, Carlene Carter, John Carter Cash, Rosie Nix Adams and Rosanne Cash.

Her albums: Appalachian Pride, Press On, Wildwood Flower, Louisiana Hayride, 16 Biggest Hits, Keep on the Sunny Side: June Carter Cash, Her Life in Music, Johnny Cash and His Woman, Collections, It's All in the Family and Johnny and June. Genres she performed: Country, Gospel music and Folk music.

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Benny Golson

Benny Golson (January 25, 1929 Philadelphia-) is an American composer, saxophonist, music arranger and conductor.

Discography: Tenor Legacy, Terminal 1, Tune In Turn On: To the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties, Benny Golson's New York Scene, Gettin' With It, Gone With Golson, Groovin' With Golson, I Remember Miles, I'm Always Dancin' to the Music and New Time, New 'Tet. His related genres: Bebop and Hard bop.

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Bob Brookmeyer

Bob Brookmeyer (December 19, 1929 Kansas City-December 15, 2011 New London) also known as Brookmeyer, Bob or Robert Edward Brookmeyer was an American jazz pianist, trombonist, composer and music arranger.

His most well known albums: Traditionalism Revisited, Mosaic Select 9: Bob Brookmeyer, Bob Brookmeyer and Friends, Jazz Is a Kick, Just Jazz: The Bob Brookmeyer Quartet, Bob Brookmeyer Featuring Al Cohn, The Ivory Hunters, Recorded Fall 1961, Island and The Trombones, Inc.. Genres he performed include West Coast jazz, Cool jazz, Post-bop, Big Band and Mainstream jazz.

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Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy (November 28, 1929 Detroit-) a.k.a. Berry Gordy, Jr., Berry Gordy III, Gordy, Berry or Berry Gordy Jr. is an American entrepreneur, record producer, songwriter, businessperson, film producer, television producer, musician and music executive. He has eight children, Hazel Gordy, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Redfoo, Berry Gordy IV, Kerry Gordy, Rockwell, Terry James and Sherry.

His related genres: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Rock music.

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Beverly Sills

Beverly Sills (May 25, 1929 Brooklyn-July 2, 2007 New York City) also known as Belle Miriam Silverman or Sills, Beverly was an American singer and actor.

Her most well known albums: The Great Recordings, Roberto Devereux, , Welcome to Vienna, Beverly Sills Sings Mozart & Strauss, Music of Victor Herbert, The Art of Beverly Sills, Thais, Beverly Sills and Friends and La Traviata (highlights).

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Chet Baker

Chet Baker (December 23, 1929 Yale-May 13, 1988 Amsterdam) otherwise known as Baker Chet, Chey Baker, Chet Baker & Art Pepper, Chesney Henry Baker Jr., Baker, Chet, Chesney Henry Baker, Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker or The Chet Baker Quartette was an American singer, trumpeter, film score composer and actor. He had four children, Chesney Aftab Baker, Missy Baker, Dean Baker and Paul Baker.

His albums include Peace, Supreme Jazz: Chet Baker, My Funny Valentine, Verve Jazz Masters 32, The Art of Ballad, The Gold Collection: Classic Performances, Jazz in Paris: Broken Wing, Oh You Crazy Moon, The Most Important Jazz Album of 1964/65 and Chet Baker Sextet. Genres: West Coast jazz.

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Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith (February 10, 1929 Pasadena-July 21, 2004 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. J. Goldsmith, Jerrald King Goldsmith, Jerrald K. Goldsmith, Jerrald Goldsmith, Jerrald King "Jerry" Goldsmith, Michael Hennagin or Smith, Jerry Gold was an American composer, conductor, film score composer and actor. His children are called Joel Goldsmith, Aaron Goldsmith, Ellen Edson Goldsmith, Carrie Goldsmith and Jennifer Grossman.

His albums: Warning Shot, Planet of the Apes, The Wind and the Lion, Logan's Run, Alien, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Secret of NIMH, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Masada and The Final Conflict. Genres: Symphonic, Film score and Contemporary classical music.

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Ed Blackwell

Ed Blackwell (October 10, 1929 New Orleans-October 7, 1992 Hartford) a.k.a. Blackwell, Ed was an American drummer and musician.

His albums include Walls-Bridges, Red and Black in Willisau, Transit, El Corazón, The Montreal Tapes and The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine (February 5, 1929 Holyoke-) otherwise known as Hal Baine, Blaine, Hal or Harold Simon Belsky is an American drummer, session musician and actor. He has one child, Michelle Blaine.

His albums include Psychedelic Percussion. Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock and roll.

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Toshiko Akiyoshi

Toshiko Akiyoshi (December 12, 1929 Liaoyang-) a.k.a. Akiyoshi Toshiko, あきよし としこ, 龝吉 敏子 or Toshiko Mariano is an American composer, bandleader, jazz pianist and pianist. Her child is called Monday Michiru.

Her albums include Remembering Bud: Cleopatra's Dream, Interlude, Desert Lady-Fantasy, Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Volume Thirty-Six, New York Sketch Book, Four Seasons, Miwaku No Jazz, Lullabies for You, Toshiko at Top of the Gate and Toshiko Akiyoshi in Japan. Genres she performed include Hard bop, Bebop and Jazz.

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Denise Lor

Denise Lor (May 3, 1929-) is an American singer.

She is best known for her appearances on The Jack Benny Program in the 1950s, where she showcased her vocal talents. Denise Lor was born as Denise Lorrain Varet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began performing at a young age and eventually moved to New York City to pursue a career in show business. In addition to her work with Jack Benny, she appeared on other popular television programs such as The Steve Allen Show and The Garry Moore Show. Denise Lor also released several albums throughout her career, including "Denise Lor Sings" and "In a Mellow Mood." Despite retiring from show business in the 1960s, she remains a beloved and influential figure in the world of entertainment.

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Art Taylor

Art Taylor (April 6, 1929 New York City-February 6, 1995 New York City) also known as Taylor, Art, Arthur Taylor or Taylor, Arthur was an American composer.

His albums: Taylor's Wailers, A.T.'s Delight, Taylor's Tenors, Wailing With Lou, Mr. A.T., Dakar, Soultrane and John Coltrane with the Red Garland Trio. Genres: Jazz.

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Laurdine Patrick

Laurdine Patrick (November 23, 1929 Moline-December 31, 1991) also known as Laurdine Kenneth Patrick, Patrick, Pat or Pat Patrick was an American musician and composer.

Genres he performed include Experimental music, Hard bop, Avant-garde jazz, Free jazz and Swing music.

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Ray Barretto

Ray Barretto (April 29, 1929 Brooklyn-February 17, 2006 Hackensack) a.k.a. Ray Barreto, ray baretto, Ray Berretto, Barretto, Ray, Raymond Barretto, El Rey de las manos duras or The Giant of Salsa was an American singer and drummer.

His albums include Viva Watusi!, Que Viva La Musica, Live 50th Anniversary In Puerto Rico (disc 2), Acid / Hard Hands, Carnaval, Pachanga, Rican/Struction, Salsa Caliente De NuYork!, Señor 007 and The Best of Ray Barretto. His related genres: Jazz, Latin American music and Salsa music.

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Mel Lewis

Mel Lewis (May 10, 1929 Buffalo-February 2, 1990 New York City) otherwise known as Melvin Sokoloff was an American drummer, musician and bandleader.

His albums: Sextet, Greetings and Salutations, Keep Hot, , Jazz Delivery, The Third Stone, Jive for Five, Live in Munich, Suite for Pops and The Big Band Sound of Thad Jones & Mel Lewis feat. Miss Ruth Brown. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Betty Carter

Betty Carter (May 16, 1929 Flint-September 26, 1998 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Lillie Mae Jones or Carter, Betty was an American songwriter and singer.

Related albums: Droppin' Things, 'Round Midnight (The Roulette Years) (disc 1), Finally, I Can't Help It, Inside Betty Carter, It's Not About the Melody, Look What I Got!, Priceless Jazz Collection, Compact Jazz: Betty Carter and I'm Yours, You're Mine. Genres she performed include Vocal jazz, Jazz and Post-bop.

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Jimmy Cobb

Jimmy Cobb (January 20, 1929 Washington, D.C.-) also known as James Cobb or Cobb, Jimmy is an American drummer.

His discography includes: Marsalis Music Honors Series: Jimmy Cobb, Wonderful! Wonderful!, Copenhagen Groove, All Members, 4 Generations of Miles and The Original Mob. Genres: Jazz.

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Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood (July 9, 1929 Mannford-August 4, 2007 Henderson) also known as Lee Hazelwood or Hazlewood, Lee was an American record producer, singer, songwriter and music arranger.

His albums include Ode to Billie Joe, 13, Farmisht, Flatulence, Origami, ARF!!! and more, Friday's Child, Lee Hazelwoodism, Its Cause and Cure, Lee Hazlewood Presents the 98%: American Mom and Apple Pie 1929 CRASH Band, Lounge Legends, Love and Other Crimes, These Boots Are Made for Walkin': The Complete MGM Recordings and Poet Fool or Bum - Back on the Street Again. Genres he performed include Country.

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Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua (July 27, 1929 Louisville-July 6, 2010 Detroit) also known as Fuqua, Harvey, Harvey or The Moonglows was an American songwriter, record producer and singer.

Genres he performed include Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Doo-wop.

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Jan Howard

Jan Howard (March 13, 1929 West Plains-) also known as Howard, Jan or Lula Grace Johnson is an American singer, songwriter and actor.

Discography: For God and Country, Bad Seed, If It's All the Same to You, The One You Slip Around With, Dis-Satisfied, We Had All the Good Things Going and I Still Believe in Love. Her related genres: Nashville sound and Country.

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Neal Matthews, Jr.

Neal Matthews, Jr. (October 26, 1929 Nashville-April 21, 2000) also known as Neal Matthews was an American singer.

Neal Matthews, Jr. was best known as a member of the vocal group The Jordanaires. The Jordanaires were a gospel and country music vocal quartet, with Matthews singing baritone. They were highly sought after as backup singers for numerous artists, including Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash. Matthews' strong and smooth vocals can be heard on many hit songs from the 1950s and 1960s. Matthews continued performing with The Jordanaires until his retirement in the 1990s.

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Prince Lasha

Prince Lasha (September 10, 1929 Fort Worth-December 12, 2008 Oakland) was an American flutist.

His albums include Firebirds and The Cry!. Genres: Free jazz, Avant-garde jazz and Jazz.

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Curtis Amy

Curtis Amy (October 11, 1929 Houston-June 5, 2002 Los Angeles) was an American jazz musician.

His albums include Mosiac Select, and Peace For Love.

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Tommy Rall

Tommy Rall (December 27, 1929 Kansas City-) a.k.a. Thomas Rall or Thomas Edward "Tommy" Rall is an American singer, actor and dancer.

He began his career as a child performer in the late 1930s and went on to become one of the most talented dancers in Hollywood musicals of the 1940s and 1950s. Rall's lithe, acrobatic style was showcased in some of the most popular films of the era, including "Singin' in the Rain," "Royal Wedding," and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." He also appeared on Broadway in productions like "Miss Liberty" and "On Your Toes" and made frequent television appearances throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Rall continued to perform and teach dance throughout his career and remains a revered figure in the world of musical theater.

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Inez Andrews

Inez Andrews (April 14, 1929 Birmingham-December 19, 2012) also known as Andrews, Inez was an American singer and songwriter.

Discography: Two Sides of Inez Andrews and Lord Don't Move That Mountain. Genres she performed include Gospel music.

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Alan Dawson

Alan Dawson (July 14, 1929 Marietta-February 23, 1996 Boston) also known as Dawson, Alan was an American musician, teacher and drummer.

His albums: Waltzin' with Flo. Genres: Jazz.

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Susie Garrett

Susie Garrett (December 29, 1929 Detroit-May 24, 2002 Southfield) was an American actor and singer.

She began her career as a dancer, appearing in various Broadway shows such as "Call Me Madam" and "Flower Drum Song". In 1972, she landed a regular role on the children's television show "ZOOM" as "Nancy" and later worked as a voice actor on "Sesame Street". Garrett also appeared in several television shows and films, including "The Facts of Life" and "E/R". She was known for her warm and maternal on-screen persona and was regarded as a pioneering figure in children's television. Outside of her acting career, Garrett was also an accomplished jazz singer, performing in clubs and theaters throughout the United States. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 72, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances and contributions to the entertainment industry.

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Lennie Niehaus

Lennie Niehaus (June 11, 1929 St. Louis-) also known as Niehaus, Lennie or Leonard Niehaus is an American music arranger, musician, composer, conductor and film score composer.

Discography: Absolute Power, Unforgiven, Lennie Niehaus, Volume 1: The Quintets', Lennie Niehaus, Volume 5: The Sextet, Lennie Niehaus, Volume 2: Zounds!, Lennie Niehaus, Volume 3: The Octet # 2 and I Swing for You. Genres: Jazz and West Coast jazz.

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Barry Harris

Barry Harris (December 15, 1929 Detroit-) also known as Harris, Barry is an American jazz pianist and teacher.

His albums: Barry Harris Plays Tadd Dameron, Tokyo: 1976, at the Jazz Worskhop with Sam Jones & Louis Hayes, At the Jazz Workshop, For the Moment, Magnificent!, Newer Than New, Preminado, The Bird of Red and Gold and Interpretations of Monk: Live From Soundscape Series (disc 2). Genres: Hard bop, Bebop and Mainstream jazz.

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Paul Burlison

Paul Burlison (February 4, 1929 Brownsville-September 27, 2003) also known as Burlison, Paul was an American songwriter.

His albums include Train Kept A-Rollin'.

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Howard Roberts

Howard Roberts (October 2, 1929 Phoenix-June 28, 1992) also known as Roberts, Howard was an American session musician and teacher.

His discography includes: The Real Howard Roberts, H.R. Is a Dirty Guitar Player, Goodies, Guilty!!, Something's Cookin', Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar and Sounds. Genres he performed include Jazz, Country and Rock and roll.

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Vestal Goodman

Vestal Goodman (December 13, 1929 Fyffe-December 27, 2003) a.k.a. Goodman, Vestal was an American singer.

Discography: Vestal and Friends and A Lifetime of Favorites. Genres she performed include Southern gospel.

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Yehudi Wyner

Yehudi Wyner (June 1, 1929 Calgary-) is an American conductor, composer and pianist.

Wyner was born into a musical family; his father, Lazar Weiner, was a composer and his mother a Yiddish singer. He began his musical training at an early age, studying piano and composition. After completing his education at the Juilliard School in New York, Wyner started his career as a pianist, making his professional debut at Carnegie Hall in 1950.

In addition to his work as a performer, Wyner has also made a name for himself as a composer. He has written music for a wide range of ensembles, from solo piano pieces to large orchestral works. He has received numerous awards and honors for his compositions, including a Pulitzer Prize for his opera "The Second Mrs. Kong" in 2006. Wyner has also served as a professor at several universities, including the Yale School of Music.

Throughout his long and illustrious career, Wyner has continued to push the boundaries of music and performance, earning acclaim for his innovative and daring compositions. He remains an active figure in the musical world, conducting, composing, and performing to this day.

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Tabby Thomas

Tabby Thomas (January 5, 1929 Baton Rouge-January 1, 2014 Baton Rouge) also known as Thomas, Tabby, Ernest Joseph Thomas or Rockin' Tabby Thomas was an American singer and musician. He had one child, Chris Thomas King.

Genres: Blues and Swamp blues.

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Charles Anthony

Charles Anthony (July 15, 1929 New Orleans-February 15, 2012) was an American , .

Genres he performed include Opera.

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Ed Shaughnessy

Ed Shaughnessy (January 29, 1929 Jersey City-May 24, 2013 Calabasas) a.k.a. Edwin Thomas "Ed" Shaughnessy, Edwin Thomas Shaughnessey, The Tonight Show Band or Shaughnessy, Ed was an American drummer. He had two children, Daniel Shaughnessy and James Shaughnessy.

Ed Shaughnessy had a prolific career as a session drummer and performed with various big bands, orchestras, and jazz ensembles. He was best known for his work as the drummer in The Tonight Show Band, where he played for 29 years (1963-1992) on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Shaughnessy had a distinctive style of playing the drums that was both precise and dynamic, which earned him a reputation as one of the greatest drummers of all time. He also released a number of solo albums and was a frequent collaborator with other musicians. In addition to his music career, Shaughnessy was also an avid pilot and owned his own plane. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 84.

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Rosalind Elias

Rosalind Elias (March 13, 1929 Lowell-) also known as Elias, Rosalind is an American singer.

Her albums include Madama Butterfly - Disc 2, Rome Opera House 1957, Madama Butterfly, Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky / Khachaturian: Violin Concerto and Requiem.

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Billy Todd

Billy Todd (September 26, 1929 Sylacauga-November 30, 2008) also known as Carl Milton Todd was an American singer.

Genres he performed include Southern gospel and Christian music.

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Daniel Flores

Daniel Flores (July 11, 1929 Santa Paula-September 19, 2006 Huntington Beach) a.k.a. Danny Flores, Chuck Rio or Rio, Chuck was an American singer, songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed: Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Leonard Kastle

Leonard Kastle (February 11, 1929 New York City-May 18, 2011) was an American screenwriter and film director.

Kastle began his career as a musician, studying composition at the Mannes School of Music and later attending Juilliard. He worked as a conductor and pianist, and even wrote an opera that was performed at Carnegie Hall. After a brief stint as a math teacher, Kastle transitioned to filmmaking in the 1960s. He wrote and directed his only feature film, "The Honeymoon Killers" (1970), which is based on the true story of a couple who killed several women in the 1940s. The film received critical acclaim for its raw and unsentimental portrayal of the killers, and has since been recognized as a cult classic. Kastle never directed another film, but continued to work on various musical projects throughout his life.

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Earl Hooker

Earl Hooker (January 15, 1929 Clarksdale-April 21, 1970 Chicago) also known as Hooker, Earl was an American guitarist and musician.

His most important albums: Hooker 'n Steve (with Steve Miller), Play Your Guitar, Mr. Hooker!, The Moon Is Rising, There's a Fungus Among Us, Two Bugs and a Roach, Blue Guitar, Smooth Slidin', Simply the Best, Boogie Don't Blot / Funky Blues and Rockin' With the Kid / Rockin' Wild. Genres: Chicago blues, Delta blues and Blues.

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J.B. Lenoir

J.B. Lenoir (March 5, 1929 Monticello-April 29, 1967 Urbana) also known as J. B. Lenoir, JB Lenoir or Lenoir, J.B. was an American singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

His albums include J.B. Lenoir, Mama Talk to Your Daughter, Vietnam Blues, One of These Mornings, Alabama Blues, Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 47: Mama Watch Your Daughter, Eisenhower Blues, Passionate Blues, J.B. Lenoir - Blues Classics and Mojo Boogie: An Essential Colection. Genres related to him: Blues and Chicago blues.

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Cy Coleman

Cy Coleman (June 14, 1929 New York City-November 18, 2004 New York City) a.k.a. Seymour Kaufman was an American songwriter, composer, jazz pianist, theatrical producer, lyricist, music arranger, film score composer and music director. His child is Lily Cye Coleman.

His most recognized albums: Barnum (1980 original Broadway cast), City of Angels (1990 original Broadway cast), I Love My Wife (Original Broadway Cast), Sweet Charity, Sweet Charity (1966 original Broadway cast), The Will Rogers Follies: A Life in Revue (1991 original Broadway cast), Sweet Charity (2005 Broadway revival cast), City of Angels: Original London Cast Recording, Little Me (1964 original London cast) and On the Twentieth Century (1978 original Broadway cast). Genres he performed: Pop music and Jazz.

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LaVern Baker

LaVern Baker (November 11, 1929 Chicago-March 10, 1997 Queens) a.k.a. Laverne Baker, LaVern Baler, Delores Williams or Baker, LaVern was an American singer and actor.

Discography: Precious Memories + Lavern Sings Bessie Smith, See See Rider / Blues Ballads, Lavern / Lavern Baker, Blues Side of Rock 'n'Roll, Precious Memories / Sings Bessie Smith, Soul on Fire: The Best of LaVern Baker, Woke Up This Mornin', Sings Bessie Smith, Let Me Belong to You and Lavern Baker. Genres: Blues and Rhythm and blues.

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