American musicians born in 1933

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1933:

James Brown

James Brown (May 3, 1933 Barnwell-December 25, 2006 Atlanta) also known as Brown, James, James Browm, James Joseph Brown, Mr. Dynamite, The Godfather of Soul, James Brown at the Organ, Soul Brother Number One, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, The Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk, The Godfather of Funk, Mr Please Please Please, James Joseph Brown, Jr., Junior, Little Junior, 'The Godfather of Soul' James Brown, Mr. James Brown, James Brown and The Famous Flames, James Brown and The Flames, The James Brown Revue or James Brown (I) was an American bandleader, record producer, singer, songwriter, organist, musician, rapper, artist, dancer, actor, composer and film score composer. He had ten children, James Joseph Brown II, Larry Brown, Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar, Terry Brown, Venisha Brown, Deanna Brown Thomas, Lisa Brown, Teddy Brown, Daryl Brown and LaRhonda Pettit.

His albums include The Complete Apollo Concert, Prisoner of Love, Out of Sight! The Very Best of James Brown, Live at the Apollo, Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud, Sex Machine: Live in Concert, Call Me Super Bad, Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved, Talkin' Loud and Saying Nothin' and Slaughter's Big Rip-Off. Genres he performed include Funk, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Rock music, Pop music, Hip hop music, Rock and roll, Doo-wop, Blues and Jazz.

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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson (April 29, 1933 Abbott-) a.k.a. Willy Nelson, Willie Hugh Nelson, Red Headed Stranger, Dr. Booger, Nelson, Shotgun Willie or The Ambassador to Weedville is an American guitarist, record producer, actor, session musician, musician, singer-songwriter, film producer, film score composer, author, poet, activist, entrepreneur and television producer. He has seven children, Lukas Nelson, Paula Carlene Nelson, Amy Lee Nelson, Lana Nelson, Susie Nelson, Billy Nelson and Jacob Micah Nelson.

Related albums: Shotgun Willie, Phases and Stages, 16 Top Tracks, Gospel Favorites, Six Hours at Pedernales (feat. Curtis Potter), Always: 20 Superb Songs, Christmas With Willie Nelson, Hill Country Christmas, Essential Willie Nelson and Whiskey River and Other Hits. Genres he performed: Alternative country, Reggae, Blues, Outlaw country, Country, Country rock, Traditional pop music, Progressive country, Americana, Rock music and Pop music.

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Leo Wright

Leo Wright (December 14, 1933 Wichita Falls-January 4, 1991 Vienna) a.k.a. Wright, Leo or Leo Nash Wright was an American jazz musician and actor.

His albums: Suddenly the Blues.

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Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett (April 26, 1933 San Antonio-) a.k.a. Carol Creighton Burnett is an American comedian, singer, actor, dancer, writer, voice actor and television producer. She has three children, Carrie Hamilton, Jody Hamilton and Erin Hamilton.

Her most well known albums: Let Me Entertain You and Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.

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Charlotte Moorman

Charlotte Moorman (November 18, 1933 Little Rock-November 8, 1991 New York City) was an American composer, artist, musician and music artist.

She was best known for her work as a performance artist, particularly in the field of avant-garde and experimental music. Moorman was a classically trained cellist but became known for performing on a variety of electronic and unconventional instruments, including the TV Cello, which she created by attaching television sets to a traditional cello.

Moorman was a well-known figure in the New York City art scene during the 1960s and 70s and collaborated with many notable artists and musicians, including Nam June Paik, John Cage, and Yoko Ono. She was also the founder and director of the Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York, which ran from 1963 until 1980 and featured performances by both established and emerging artists.

Throughout her career, Moorman pushed the boundaries of traditional performance art and incorporated her own body into her performances, often performing in provocative ways that challenged societal norms and expectations. Despite facing censorship and legal challenges for her work, Moorman continued to create and perform until her death from cancer in 1991. Today, she is considered a pioneer of performance art and an important figure in the development of avant-garde music and art.

Moorman was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She attended the University of Texas and later the University of Illinois, where she received her master's degree in music. After moving to New York City in 1961, Moorman quickly became involved in the avant-garde art scene and began collaborating with other artists on experimental projects. She first gained recognition for her work with the Fluxus movement, a group of artists who sought to blur the boundaries between art and everyday life.

In addition to her work as a performer and artist, Moorman was also a passionate advocate for experimental art and music. She worked tirelessly to promote emerging artists and musicians, often organizing and producing their shows herself. Moorman's commitment to the avant-garde earned her the nickname "the Jeanne d'Arc of new music."

Moorman's influence on the art world can still be felt today. Her pioneering work in performance art has inspired countless artists, and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in art and music continues to inspire new generations of creatives. In 2014, the Queens Museum in New York City held a retrospective exhibit of Moorman's work, cementing her place in art history as a pioneering figure in the avant-garde.

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Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter (August 25, 1933 Newark-) also known as Weather Report or Mr. Gone is an American composer, bandleader, musician, songwriter, saxophonist and actor. His children are called Miyako Shorter and Iska Shorter.

His albums include Juju, Speak No Evil, ADAM'S APPLE, Alegria, High Life, The Best of Wayne Shorter: The Blue Note Years, Odyssey of Iska, Introducing Wayne Shorter, Second Genesis and Native Dancer. Genres: Hard bop, Jazz fusion, Modal jazz, Post-bop, Crossover jazz and Third stream.

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Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet (November 26, 1933 Lawrence-October 30, 2007 Los Angeles) also known as Robert Gerard Goulet was an American singer, actor and voice actor. He had three children, Nicolette Goulet, Christopher Goulet and Michael Goulet.

His most well known albums: Greatest Hits, 36 All-Time Favorites, A Personal Christmas Collection, 16 Most Requested Songs, Wonderful World of Christmas, My Love, Forgive Me / Sincerely Yours, Camelot (1960 original Broadway cast) and Robert Goulet Sings. Genres he performed: Vocal music and Show tune.

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Bertram Turetzky

Bertram Turetzky (February 14, 1933 Norwich-) is an American , .

Bertram Turetzky (February 14, 1933 Norwich-) is an American double bassist and music educator. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music and later continued his studies with Fred Zimmerman in Los Angeles. He is known for expanding the repertoire for bass by commissioning and performing new works by contemporary composers. Turetzky has performed as a soloist with many major orchestras and has played with various jazz ensembles. He has also recorded numerous albums, including several on the Nonesuch label. In addition to his performance career, Turetzky has been a professor of music at the University of California, San Diego since 1968 where he has taught numerous students and has received several awards for excellence in teaching.

Turetzky is also a respected author and has written several books on music and the double bass. He co-authored The Contemporary Contrabass, a comprehensive guide to modern techniques and repertoire for the instrument, with Fredrick Zimmerman. Turetzky is also the author of many articles and essays on music, bass performance, and education, and has served as a contributing editor for several music publications. In addition to his work in the United States, Turetzky has performed and taught in many countries around the world and has been involved in numerous international music festivals and competitions. He is regarded as a leading figure in the development of contemporary music for the double bass and has been recognized for his contributions to the field with many awards and honors.

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Lou Rawls

Lou Rawls (December 1, 1933 Chicago-January 6, 2006 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Lou Allen Rawls, Louis Allen Rawls, Rawls, Lou, Lou Rawles, Lou Rawis or Lou Ramls was an American singer, musician, voice actor, actor and film score composer. His children are called Aiden Allen Rawls, Lou Rawls Jr., Louanna Rawls and Kendra Rawls.

His albums include Soulin', Live!, The Way It Was: The Way It Is, Classics, At Last, It's Supposed to Be Fun, Christmas is the Time, Portrait of the Blues, A Merry Little Christmas and Love Songs. Genres he performed include Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Soul music and Gospel music.

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Bill Hardman

Bill Hardman (April 6, 1933 Cleveland-December 5, 1990 Paris) was an American , .

His discography includes: Politely, Focus and Home.

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Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers (September 18, 1933 Camas-) also known as James Frederick Rodgers, Jimmie F. Rodgers, Jimmy Rogers, Rodgers, Jimmie, Jimmie Rodger, Rodger, Jimmie or James Frederick "Jimmie" Rodgers is an American singer and actor. He has five children, Katrine Rodgers, Casey Rodgers, Michael Rodgers, Michelle Rodgers and Logan Rodgers.

Related albums: Best of Jimmie Rodgers, The Best of Jimmie Rodgers, The Original, Child of Clay, It's Over, Windmills of Your Mind, It's Christmas Once Again, Jimmie Rodgers Sings Folk Songs / The Folk Song World of Jimmie Rodgers, All Time Greatest Hits - Hits and Jimmie Rodgers. Genres: Folk music, Rock music, Traditional pop music and Rock and roll.

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Phill Niblock

Phill Niblock (October 2, 1933 Anderson-) also known as Niblock, Phill or Phil Niblock is an American film producer, film director, cinematographer, film editor, film score composer and songwriter.

His albums include Touch Food, Touch Three, Touch Works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voice, Music by Phill Niblock, G2,44+/x2, Touch Food CD2, Touch Food CD1, Four Full Flutes, A Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock and Touch Strings.

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Mako Iwamatsu

Mako Iwamatsu (December 10, 1933 Kobe-July 21, 2006 Somis) otherwise known as Makoto Iwamatsu, Mako Wakamatsu, Iwamatsu Mako, 岩松 マコ or Mako was an American actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sala Iwamatsu and Mimosa Iwamatsu.

Mako started his acting career in Japan before moving to the United States in the late 1950s. He made his Broadway debut in the original production of "Teahouse of the August Moon" and later starred in the production of "Pacific Overtures," for which he earned a Tony nomination.

In addition to his theater work, Mako appeared in over 60 films and TV shows. Some of his notable film roles include Akiro the Wizard in the "Conan" movies, Mr. Osato in "You Only Live Twice," and Sergeant Hara in "The Thin Red Line."

Mako also had a successful career as a voice actor, lending his voice to characters in numerous animated TV shows and movies. He voiced Aku in "Samurai Jack," Uncle Iroh in "Avatar: The Last Airbender," and Splinter in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movies.

In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, Mako was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

Outside of his acting career, Mako was also a prominent activist for Asian American representation in media. In 1965, he co-founded the East West Players theater company in Los Angeles, which aimed to promote Asian American actors and playwrights. Mako also served as the National Chair of the Media Coalition for Asian Americans and was a member of the Executive Committee of the Screen Actors Guild. He worked tirelessly to improve the representation of Asian Americans in Hollywood, and often spoke out against stereotypical and racist portrayals of Asian characters. Mako passed away in 2006 due to esophageal cancer, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a talented actor and passionate advocate for the Asian American community.

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Albert Collins

Albert Collins (October 1, 1933 Leona-November 24, 1993 Las Vegas) also known as Collins, Albert was an American singer, musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Discography: Alive and Cool, Frostbite, Frozen Alive!, Cold Snap, Live, Deluxe Edition, Live at the Fillmore West, Collins Mix: The Best Of, Iceman and Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In A Guitar) / Trash Talkin'. Genres related to him: Blues, Blues rock and Jump blues.

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Bobby Lewis

Bobby Lewis (February 17, 1933 Indianapolis-) a.k.a. Robert Lewis or Lewis, Bobby is an American singer.

His albums include Collectors Gold Series and Tossin' and Turnin' / Oh Yes, I Love You.

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Mark Dinning

Mark Dinning (August 17, 1933 Oklahoma-March 22, 1986 Jefferson City) also known as Max E. Dinning, Dinning, Mark or Mark Dining was an American singer.

He was best known for his hit single "Teen Angel," which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1960. The song sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold disc by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Dinning continued to record and perform music throughout the 1960s, but never achieved the same level of success as he did with "Teen Angel." In addition to his music career, Dinning also worked as a disc jockey and hosted a local television show in Oklahoma City. He passed away at the age of 52 due to a heart attack.

Despite not achieving the same level of success as "Teen Angel," Mark Dinning continued to release music throughout the 1960s. Some of his other singles include "The Pickup," "Top Forty, News, Weather and Sports," and "Another Lonely Night." Dinning was born into a musical family, with his parents and siblings all being involved in the music industry. He and his brothers formed a country trio called The Dinning Brothers, which had some success in the 1940s and 1950s. Dinning's career was briefly interrupted when he was drafted into the US Army and served in Korea. After his military service, he returned to music and signed with MGM Records. Dinning's legacy as a one-hit wonder has been cemented with "Teen Angel" being covered numerous times by other artists and being featured in various films and television shows.

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Floyd Cramer

Floyd Cramer (October 27, 1933 Shreveport-December 31, 1997 Nashville) a.k.a. Floyd Crammer or Cramer, Floyd was an American singer, pianist and musician.

Discography: Hello Blues, Last Date, Piano Magic, Volume 2, Blue Skies, Collector's Series, Country Favorites, Easy Listening Favorites, Super Hits, Gospel Classics and Melodies of Love, Volume 3.

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Erik Darling

Erik Darling (September 25, 1933 Baltimore-August 3, 2008 Chapel Hill) otherwise known as Eric Darling was an American songwriter and musician.

His albums: Instrumental Music And Songs Of The Southern Appalachians and Bowling Green.

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Gene Harris

Gene Harris (September 1, 1933 Benton Harbor-January 16, 2000 Boise) a.k.a. Eugene Haire was an American jazz pianist, musician and pianist. His child is called Niki Haris.

His albums: Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Volume Twenty-Three, The Concord Jazz Heritage Series, In His Hands, Quartet and Marian McPartland Trio d 25th Jazz Festival (disc 2), Scott Hamilton - At Last, The Best Of The Concord Years (disc 1), Astral Signal, Live in London, Live at Otter Crest and The Song Is Ended. Genres: Blues, Jazz and Soul jazz.

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Mike Seeger

Mike Seeger (August 15, 1933 New York City-August 7, 2009 Lexington city) also known as Michael Seeger was an American musician, singer and film score composer.

His most recognized albums: Southern Banjo Sounds, Retrograss, Third Annual Farewell Reunion, American Folk Songs for Children (Disc 2), American Folk Songs For Christmas, Early Southern Guitar Sounds, Fresh Oldtime String Band Music, Solo: Oldtime Country Music, Bowling Green and Animal Folk Songs for Children. His related genres: Folk music and Old-time music.

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Bill Dowdy

Bill Dowdy (August 15, 1933 Arkansas-) a.k.a. Dowdy, Bill is an American musician.

He started his music career in the late 1950s and gained popularity during the 1960s and 1970s, touring extensively throughout the United States. Dowdy is a versatile musician who has played multiple instruments throughout his career, including the guitar, piano, and drums. He is best known for his contributions to the rockabilly genre, blending country and rock music. Dowdy has also lent his musical talents to other genres, such as blues and jazz. In addition to his music career, Dowdy has made appearances in a handful of films and television shows, including the 1970 film "Norwood" and the TV series "The Rockford Files." Despite his success, Dowdy remains a humble and down-to-earth musician, beloved by his fans for his genuine personality and dedication to his craft.

Dowdy was born and raised in Arkansas before moving to California to pursue his music career. He got his start playing in local clubs and eventually landed a recording contract with a small label. His music gained traction with audiences across the country, leading to tours and performances with notable musicians of the time, including Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. In the 1980s, Dowdy shifted his focus to performing and recording gospel music, drawing inspiration from his Christian faith. He continues to perform and record music to this day, with a catalog of over 30 albums. Dowdy's influence on the rockabilly genre and beyond has earned him a place in music history and a devoted fanbase.

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Hal Davis

Hal Davis (February 8, 1933-March 1, 1998) a.k.a. Davis, Hal was an American songwriter, musician and record producer.

He began his career in the music industry working as a producer and arranger at Motown Records in the 1960s. He is credited with co-writing and producing several hit songs, including "I'll Be There" and "ABC" for The Jackson 5, "Got to Be There" for Michael Jackson, and "Let's Get Serious" for Jermaine Jackson. Davis also worked with other notable artists such as Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1995. Davis passed away on March 1, 1998, in Los Angeles, California.

After Hal Davis left Motown Records in 1975, he started his own production company with partners Barbara and Fred Gertz. The label was called HDH (the initials of their three last names) and signed many talented artists, such as Thelma Houston, who scored a hit with the song "Don't Leave Me This Way" in 1977. Davis also worked as a consultant for various record labels including Columbia, where he helped launch the career of Whitney Houston. In addition, he served as a music supervisor for films such as "The Wiz" and "Lady Sings the Blues." Davis is considered a significant figure in the Motown era and his songs continue to be beloved classics, regularly played on radio stations and in movies and TV shows.

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Torrie Zito

Torrie Zito (October 12, 1933 Utica-December 3, 2009 New York City) also known as Salvatore "Torrie" Zito or Salvatore Zito was an American conductor and orchestrator.

Zito started his career in music as a trumpeter in the United States Army Band, where he served for two years. He then went on to work with famous jazz musicians such as Count Basie and Benny Goodman.

In the 1960s, Zito transitioned into orchestration and arranging for popular music, working with artists such as Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee, and Barbra Streisand. He also contributed to the scores of several movies, including "The Godfather" and "The Deer Hunter".

Later in his career, Zito became the musical director for the American television show "The Nanny", which earned him several Emmy nominations. He continued to work on music for film and television until his death in 2009.

Throughout his career, Zito was known for his versatility and ability to work in a variety of musical genres. He was considered a true master of his craft and left a significant impact on the music industry.

Zito was born into an Italian-American family in Utica, New York in 1933. He was drawn to music from a young age and started playing the trumpet in his early teens. He later studied music at the Juilliard School in New York City.

After his time in the army band, Zito worked as a session musician in New York. He quickly gained a reputation as a skilled trumpeter and caught the attention of jazz legends such as Count Basie and Benny Goodman. Zito worked with Basie's orchestra for a time and later served as Goodman's musical director.

Zito's transition into orchestration and arranging came in the 1960s when he began working with popular music artists. His arrangements were widely praised for their creativity and musicality, and he became a sought-after collaborator for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Zito's work on "The Godfather" and "The Deer Hunter" soundtracks brought him widespread recognition and critical acclaim. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work on "The Godfather Part II". In addition, Zito contributed to the music for several other films, including "The Cotton Club" and "Goodfellas".

Zito's work on "The Nanny" brought him a new level of fame and success. He served as the show's musical director and wrote the theme song, which became a hit in its own right. Zito received three Emmy nominations for his work on the show.

Zito remained active in the music industry until his death in 2009. He had a long and varied career, and his contributions to American popular music are still celebrated to this day.

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Sonny Simmons

Sonny Simmons (August 4, 1933 Sicily Island-) also known as Simmons, Sonny is an American oboist.

His albums: American Jungle, Firebirds, The Cry!, Burning Spirits, Global Jungle, The Cosmosamatics, Last Man Standing, Staying On The Watch, I'll See You When I Get There and Near The Oasis. Genres he performed: Jazz and Free jazz.

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Easley Blackwood Jr.

Easley Blackwood Jr. (April 21, 1933 Indianapolis-) also known as Easley Blackwood, Jr. or Blackwood, Easley, Jr. is an American , .

composer, pianist, and professor. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music from the Juilliard School and later earned a PhD in music theory and composition from the University of Chicago. Blackwood has composed more than 140 works in various genres including chamber music, solo piano works, and orchestral pieces. He is particularly known for his use of unconventional tuning systems, such as just intonation, and his innovative approaches to tonality and harmony. In addition to his career as a composer, Blackwood has served as a professor of music at the University of Chicago and the School of Music at Northwestern University.

Blackwood has won numerous awards for his contributions to music including the Rome Prize, the Guggenheim Fellowship, and the National Endowment for the Arts Composer Fellowship. He has performed as a pianist and conductor with various musical groups and orchestras in the United States and Europe. Blackwood's music has been praised by many critics and has been described as "exquisite", "intellectual", and "playfully imaginative". In addition to his compositions, Blackwood has published several books on music theory, composition, and aesthetics including "The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings", "Music, Experiment, and Mathematics", and "The Harmony of the Spheres: A Sourcebook of the Pythagorean Tradition in Music".

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Lewie Steinberg

Lewie Steinberg (September 13, 1933 Memphis-) also known as Lewis Steinberg or Steinberg, Lewie is an American , .

Lewie Steinberg is an American musician and songwriter widely renowned for being a founding member of the iconic American rock band, Booker T. & the M.G.'s. Born on September 13, 1933, in Memphis, Tennessee, Steinberg began his music career as a bassist, playing in local bands around Memphis. In 1960, he along with members of the Stax Records session band formed the band, Booker T. & the M.G.'s, which went on to record several hit albums and singles, including the classic 1962 instrumental song, "Green Onions." Steinberg performed on the band's first album, "Green Onions," before leaving the band in 1965 to pursue other musical endeavors. Despite his relatively short tenure with Booker T. & the M.G.'s, Steinberg's contributions to the band's legacy are significant, and his influence on the rock and pop music scenes of the 1960s and beyond cannot be overstated.

Aside from his work with Booker T. & the M.G.'s, Lewie Steinberg's musical career also included work with other notable musicians such as Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, and Sam & Dave, among others. He also briefly worked with the band, The Mar-Keys. After leaving Booker T. & the M.G.'s, Steinberg continued to play music and was involved in various projects, including forming another band in the 1970s, Steinberg & the Originals. He eventually moved away from the music scene and focused on other pursuits. Despite his quiet life away from the limelight, Steinberg remained a revered figure in the music world and continued to influence generations of musicians. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Booker T. & the M.G.'s in 1992.

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John Handy

John Handy (February 3, 1933 Dallas-) also known as Handy, John is an American musician.

His albums include Where Go the Boats, Hard Work, Carnival, John Handy's Musical Dreamland, New View!, Recorded Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival, The 2nd John Handy Album, Two Originals: Karuna Supreme & Rainbow, Projections and In the Vernacular. Genres: Jazz.

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Anita Carter

Anita Carter (March 31, 1933 Maces Spring-July 29, 1999 Hendersonville) also known as Carter, Anita was an American singer, singer-songwriter and musician. Her children are Lorrie Frances Davis and John Christopher Davis.

Her albums: Folk Songs Old and New and Ring Of Fire. Genres related to her: Country and Folk music.

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Bennie Smith

Bennie Smith (October 5, 1933 United States of America-September 10, 2006) was an American guitarist and musician.

He was born in Helena, Arkansas and began playing guitar at a young age. Smith was part of the thriving St. Louis blues scene in the 1950s and 60s, playing alongside renowned musicians like Chuck Berry and Ike Turner. He was known for his soulful guitar playing and powerful vocals, which earned him acclaim from both fans and fellow musicians. In the latter part of his career, he toured the United States and Europe, sharing his unique brand of blues with audiences around the world. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 72, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most talented blues guitarists of his generation.

In addition to his musical talents, Bennie Smith had a reputation for his warm and generous personality. He was known for being kind and approachable to fans and fellow musicians alike. Throughout his career, he worked with a wide range of musicians and bands, both as a featured performer and as a sideman. He recorded a number of albums, including "I'm a Mojo Man" and "Shook Up," and his music has been featured on numerous compilations of blues and soul music. Bennie Smith's legacy as a musician and performer continues to live on, and he remains a beloved figure in the world of blues music.

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Spiro Malas

Spiro Malas (January 28, 1933 Baltimore-) is an American singer and actor. His children are called Nicol Malas and Alexis Malas.

Malas trained as an opera singer at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and at the Manhattan School of Music. He made his operatic debut in 1960 as Monterone in Rigoletto. Malas has sung at many of the world's leading opera houses including the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Paris Opera, and La Scala. He has performed over 80 roles throughout his career. In addition to his opera work, Malas has appeared on Broadway, in films and on television. He is known for his performances in the films "Moonstruck" and "The King of Comedy." Malas has also been a professor of voice at both the Manhattan School of Music and the Juilliard School.

Malas has recorded extensively throughout his career, including operatic works and art songs. He has also released a number of solo albums, including "American Songs," which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1988. Malas has been recognized for his contributions to the arts with numerous awards, including the Peabody Conservatory's Distinguished Alumni Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Opera Association. In addition to his solo career, Malas has performed in a number of notable collaborations, including with composer John Cage on his work "Europeras 3 & 4" and with filmmaker Woody Allen on his film "Everyone Says I Love You." Despite retiring from the stage in 2003, Spiro Malas remains a respected figure in the world of opera and continues to inspire young musicians through his work as a teacher and mentor.

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Rappin' Granny

Rappin' Granny (June 18, 1933-) also known as Vivian Smallwood or Vivian 'Rappin' Granny' Smallwood is an American musician, actor and rapper.

Genres she performed: Hip hop music.

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Goldie Hill

Goldie Hill (January 11, 1933 Karnes City-February 24, 2005) otherwise known as Angolda Voncile Hill or Hill, Goldie was an American singer and songwriter.

Genres: Country.

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Danny Koker

Danny Koker (December 17, 1933 Detroit-February 17, 2008 Las Vegas) was an American musician. He had one child, Danny Koker.

Genres he performed include Christian music.

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John Browning

John Browning (May 23, 1933 Denver-January 26, 2003) was an American pianist.

His albums: Piano Concertos No. 23 (K. 448) and No. 9 (K. 271) (Orchestra of St. Lukes feat. piano: John Browning), Concertos, Violin Concerto / Cello Concerto / Piano Concerto, John Browning Performs Scarlatti: 30 Keyboard Sonatas and The Complete Songs.

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Nick Reynolds

Nick Reynolds (July 27, 1933 San Diego-October 1, 2008 San Diego) also known as Nicholas Wells Reynolds or The Kingston Trio was an American singer.

His discography includes: Revenge of the Budgie. Genres related to him: Folk music.

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Ronald Townson

Ronald Townson (January 20, 1933 St. Louis-August 2, 2001) was an American singer and actor.

He was best known for being a part of the popular Motown group, The 5th Dimension. Townson was an integral part of the group and was known for his powerful vocals and energetic stage presence. He performed on many of the group's hit songs, including "Up, Up and Away," "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In," and "Wedding Bell Blues." In addition to his music career, Townson also appeared in several films and television shows, including The Mambo Kings and The Nanny. He was also an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and participated in many charity events supporting the cause before his passing in 2001.

Throughout his life, Ronald Townson was recognized for his immense contribution to the music industry. He received numerous accolades, including a Grammy Award for "Up, Up and Away" and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He remained an active member of The 5th Dimension until 1990 and subsequently launched his solo career, performing in nightclubs and on cruise ships. Townson's success on stage and screen paved the way for many African-American performers, and his legacy continues to inspire younger generations of artists today. Ronald Townson's talent, passion, and dedication to his craft will always be remembered and cherished by his fans, friends, and family.

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Dave Frishberg

Dave Frishberg (March 23, 1933 Saint Paul-) a.k.a. David Frishberg, Frishberg, Dave, Dave Frisberg or Frisberg, Dave is an American singer, jazz pianist, songwriter and pianist.

His albums include Can't Take You Nowhere, Classics, Getting Some Fun Out of Life, Let's Eat Home, Quality Time, Do You Miss New York?, By Himself, Who's on First?, Dave Frishberg at the Jazz Bakery: Retromania and At the Algonquin. Genres he performed include Swing music, Bebop and Vocal jazz.

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Lonnie Brooks

Lonnie Brooks (December 18, 1933 Dubuisson-) also known as Brooks, Lonnie or Lee Baker Jr. is an American musician and singer. He has two children, Wayne Baker Brooks and Ronnie Baker Brooks.

His discography includes: Live at Pepper's, 1968, Live From Chicago: Bayou Lightning Strikes, Roadhouse Rules, Wound Up Tight, Deluxe Edition, Hot Shot, The Blues Collection 40: Reconsider Baby, Sweet Home Chicago, Turn on the Night and Lone Star Shootout. Genres: Louisiana blues, Chicago blues and Electric blues.

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Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price (March 9, 1933 Kenner-) also known as Price, Lloyd, Lloyd Prince or Prince, Lloyd is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader and entrepreneur.

His albums include Lloyd Price Sings His Big Ten, Mr. Personality, Stagger Lee, Lawdy!, Volume 2: Heavy Dreams, Stagger Lee / You Need Love, Lloyd Price, Greatest Hits, the Original ABC-Paramount Recordings, Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Mailman Blues and Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)? / Is It Really Love?. Genres he performed include Rock music, Rhythm and blues and Rock and roll.

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Buddy Knox

Buddy Knox (July 20, 1933 Happy-February 14, 1999 Bremerton) also known as Knox, Buddy, Buddy Wayne Knox, Bobby Knox or Knox, Bobby was an American songwriter and singer. His child is Michael Knox.

His albums: Party Doll, The Best of Buddy Knox, I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself / To Be With You and 1977-04: Four Rock and Roll Legends Recorded Live in London: Harvest Heritage, London, UK. Genres he performed include Rockabilly, Rock music, Rock and roll and Pop music.

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Bobby Helms

Bobby Helms (August 15, 1933 Bloomington-June 19, 1997) also known as Helms Bobby, Robert Lee Helms or Helms, Bobby was an American singer.

His albums include Fraulein The Classic Years (disc 2), Christmas Classics, Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bell Rock / Captain Santa Claus (And His Reindeer Space Patrol) and My Special Angel / Standing at the End of My World. Genres he performed: Country.

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Baby Face Willette

Baby Face Willette (September 11, 1933 United States of America-April 1, 1971) was an American organist.

Discography: Face to Face, Stop and Listen, Behind the 8 Ball and Mo' Rock.

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Tommy Hunt

Tommy Hunt (June 18, 1933 Pittsburgh-) a.k.a. Charles James Hunt is an American singer.

His discography includes: I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself.

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Roy Clark

Roy Clark (April 15, 1933 Meherrin-) a.k.a. Roy Linwood Clark or Clark, Roy is an American singer, guitarist, actor, musician, performer and television show host.

Discography: Greatest Greatest Hits, Volume 2, Greatest Hits, Live at Billy Bob's Texas, Live From Branson MO. USA, The Very Best of Roy Clark, The Roy Clark Show Live from Austin City Limits, Superpicker, Plays All Time Favorites & Greatest Hits, Banjo Bandits and Roy Clark. His related genres: Country.

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Freddie Scott

Freddie Scott (April 24, 1933 Providence-June 4, 2007 Jamaica) was an American singer and songwriter.

His albums include Cry to Me: The Best of Freddie Scott, Forever My Darling (Pledging My Love) / (You) Got What I Need, Are You Lonely for Me? and Sings and Sings and Sings. Genres: Soul music and Rhythm and blues.

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Jean Shepard

Jean Shepard (November 21, 1933 Pauls Valley-) also known as Shepard, Jean or Jean Sheppard is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include The Melody Ranch Girl, A Satisfied Mind, Dear John, Songs of a Love Affair, This Is Jean Shepard, Lonesome Love, Got You on My Mind, Heartaches and Tears and The Best of Jean Shepard. Genres: Honky-tonk, Country and Bakersfield sound.

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David "Fathead" Newman

David "Fathead" Newman (February 24, 1933 Corsicana-January 20, 2009 Kingston) was an American musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: I Remember Brother Ray, House of David: The David "Fathead" Newman Anthology, It's "Mister" Fathead, Mr. Gentle Mr. Cool, Lone Star Legend: Still Hard Times / Resurgence!, Chillin', Fire!, The Sound of the Wide Open Spaces, Captain Buckles and Double Barrelled Soul. Genres related to him: Hard bop, Soul jazz, Jazz blues, Jazz and Mainstream jazz.

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Garnet Mimms

Garnet Mimms (November 16, 1933 Ashland-) also known as Garnett Mimms, Garrett Mimms or Mimms, Garnet is an American singer.

His albums include Cry Baby: The Best of Garnet Mimms, As Long as I Have You and The Best of Garnet Mimms: Warm & Soulful. His related genres: Soul music and Rhythm and blues.

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Lazy Lester

Lazy Lester (June 20, 1933 Torras, Louisiana-) also known as Leslie Johnson is an American songwriter and musician.

His albums: Harp & Soul, Blues Stop Knockin', I Hear You Knockin'! The Excello Singles, Shuffle With Lester, All Over You, I'm a Lover Not a Fighter, Poor Boy Blues: The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions, Volume 16 and They Call Me Lazy: The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions, Volume 7. Genres he performed: Swamp blues, Rhythm and blues, Louisiana blues and Harmonica blues.

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Johnny "Hammond" Smith

Johnny "Hammond" Smith (December 16, 1933 Louisville-June 4, 1997 Chicago) also known as Johnny Hammond Smith, Johnny 'Hammond' Smith, Johny Hammond, Johnny Hammond or Smith, Johnny "Hammond" was an American musician.

His discography includes: Breakout, Gambler's Life, Johnny 'Hammond' Smith, The Stinger, Wild Horses/Rock Steady, Black Feeling!, The Prophet, That Good Feelin', Soul Flowers and Gambler's Life. Genres he performed include Hard bop and Soul jazz.

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