American musicians born in 1967

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1967:

Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick, Jr. (September 11, 1967 New Orleans-) a.k.a. Harry Connick, Junior, Harry Connick Jr., Harry Connick, Jr, Harry Connick Jr, Harry Connick Junior, Connick Jr, Harry, Harry Connick Jnr, Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr., Connick, Harry, Jr. or The Vice-Chairman of the Board is an American songwriter, singer, composer, actor, musician, music arranger, conductor, lyricist, film producer, pianist, voice actor and television producer. His children are called Georgia Tatum Connick, Charlotte Connick and Sarah Kate Connick.

His albums include When Harry Met Sally..., We Are in Love, Blue Light, Red Light, When My Heart Finds Christmas, Forever For Now, She, Only You, Connick on Piano, Volume 2: Occasion, Harry on Broadway, Act I and 'Voodoo Mama'. Genres he performed include Jazz-funk, Big Band, Traditional pop music and Swing music.

Harry Connick, Jr. was raised in a family of musicians in New Orleans, Louisiana. He began learning the piano at the age of three and was playing professionally by the age of 10. He gained national attention in the late 1980s with his albums "20" and "We Are in Love." Connick has sold over 28 million albums worldwide, won three Grammy Awards, and been nominated for two Tony Awards.

In addition to his music career, Connick has also acted in numerous television and film roles. He appeared in the films "Independence Day" and "Hope Floats" and had recurring roles on the television shows "Will & Grace" and "American Idol." Connick has also taken on producing roles, including on the Broadway revue "After Midnight."

Connick is a dedicated philanthropist and has been involved in numerous charitable organizations. He founded the Musicians' Village in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a community of homes for musicians and other arts professionals. Connick has also worked with Habitat for Humanity and was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme in 2012.

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Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield (July 27, 1967 Wiscasset-) a.k.a. Julianna Hatfield, Julian Hatfield, Juliana Hatfield III, Juliana Hatfield 3 or Hatfield, Juliana is an American singer and songwriter.

Her discography includes: Hey Babe, I See You, Only Everything, Universal Heart-Beat, Please Do Not Disturb, Bed, Beautiful Creature, Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure, Gold Stars 1992-2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection and In Exile Deo. Genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock and Indie pop.

Hatfield grew up in Massachusetts and began playing guitar at a young age. She first gained attention as a member of the band Blake Babies in the late 1980s. After the band disbanded, Hatfield pursued a successful solo career, releasing her debut album Hey Babe in 1992. She gained popularity in the alternative rock scene in the 1990s and continued to release critically acclaimed albums throughout the 2000s and 2010s. In addition to her solo work, Hatfield has collaborated with several other musicians, including Evan Dando of the Lemonheads and Paul Westerberg of the Replacements. Hatfield is also an author, having published a memoir titled "When I Grow Up" in 2008.

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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967 Aberdeen-April 5, 1994 Seattle) also known as Kurdt Cobain, Kurdt Kobain, Nirvana or Kurt Donald Cobain was an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, artist and visual artist. His child is Frances Bean Cobain.

Discography: The "Priest" They Called Him, 1969-11-xx: Aunt Mari's House, Seattle, WA and 1993-09-08: Rock Against Rape Benefit, Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Grunge and Punk rock.

Kurt Cobain is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the world-renowned rock band Nirvana. Along with fellow band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, Nirvana rose to fame with their breakthrough album "Nevermind" in 1991, which featured the iconic single "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Cobain's songwriting and unique vocal style played a crucial role in Nirvana's success, and the band is widely credited with popularizing the grunge movement in the early 1990s. Despite his immense popularity and influence, Cobain struggled with a variety of personal demons, including drug addiction and depression. He tragically took his own life on April 5, 1994, at the age of 27. Cobain's legacy as a rock icon continues to inspire generations of musicians and music lovers around the world.

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman (June 20, 1967 Honolulu-) a.k.a. Nichole Kidman, Nicole Mary Kidman, Nic, Nicole Mary Kidman, AC or "Stalky" is an American singer, actor and film producer. Her children are called Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Isabella Jane Cruise, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban and Connor Cruise.

Discography: One Day I'll Fly Away, Moulin Rouge, Somethin' Stupid, Come What May and Something Stupid.

Nicole Kidman was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but she was raised in Sydney, Australia. She began her acting career in Australia before transitioning to Hollywood films. Kidman has won numerous awards for her acting work, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film "The Hours." She has also been recognized for her humanitarian efforts and was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 1994. In addition to her work in film, Kidman has also produced a number of successful television shows, including the HBO series "Big Little Lies."

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Sophie B. Hawkins

Sophie B. Hawkins (November 1, 1967 Manhattan-) a.k.a. Sophie B Hawkings, Hawkins, Sophie B., Sophie B Hawkins, S. B. Hawkins, Sophie Ballantine Hawkins or Sophie Hawkins is an American singer, singer-songwriter, musician and painter. Her child is called Dashiell Gaston Hawkins.

Her discography includes: Tongues and Tails, Whaler, Timbre, If I Was Your Girl: The Best of, The Best of Sophie B. Hawkins, Wilderness, As I Lay Me Down, Don't Don't Tell Me No, I Want You and Live: Bad Kitty Board Mix. Her related genres: Pop music, Rock music and Adult contemporary music.

Sophie B. Hawkins began her music career in the early 1990s with the release of her debut album "Tongues and Tails" which spawned the hit song "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" that peaked at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her second album, "Whaler," also received critical acclaim and included hits such as "As I Lay Me Down" and "Right Beside You."

Hawkins went on to release several more albums, including "Timbre," "Wilderness," and "The Crossing." In addition to her music career, she is also a painter and has exhibited her work in galleries across the United States.

Hawkins has also been an advocate for LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights. In 2008, she gave birth to her son, Dashiell Gaston Hawkins, who was conceived through IVF with her former partner, Gigi Gaston.

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R. Kelly

R. Kelly (January 8, 1967 Chicago-) also known as R Kelly, R. Kellly, R.Kelly, R Kelly, R-Kelly, Kelly, R., Robert Sylvester Kelly, Robert Kelly, The Pied Piper or Kells is an American singer, record producer, songwriter, singer-songwriter, musician, music video director, actor, music executive, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, artist, screenwriter, composer, film director, film score composer, film producer and music artist. He has three children, Joann Kelly, Jaya Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr..

His most well known albums: 12 Play, Bump N' Grind, Gotham City, If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time, Ignition, TP.3 Reloaded, Chocolate Factory, Down Low (Nobody Has to Know), Fiesta and Gotham City Clubbin Part 2. Genres related to him: Pop music, New jack swing, Dance-pop, Pop-rap, Gospel music, Rhythm and blues, Hip hop soul, Soul music, Contemporary R&B, Rap opera, Hip hop music, Urban contemporary gospel and Neo soul.

R. Kelly began his music career as a street performer and later became a member of the group MGM. He gained success as a songwriter and producer for artists such as Aaliyah, with whom he collaborated on her debut album Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. He released his debut solo album, Born into the 90's, with MGM in 1991. However, it was his second album, 12 Play, released in 1993, that marked his breakthrough as a solo artist.

In addition to music, R. Kelly has also ventured into acting, appearing in films such as Happy People: A Year in the Taiga and the crime drama film, Double Up. He has also directed music videos for a number of high profile artists like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Lady Gaga.

Controversy has followed R. Kelly throughout his career due to allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. He was indicted on child pornography charges in 2002, but was acquitted in 2008. In 2019, he was arrested on charges of racketeering and sex trafficking, and is currently awaiting trial.

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Poe (March 23, 1967 New York City-) a.k.a. P+E, Jane, Ann Danielewski, Anne Danielewski or Anne Decatur Danielewski is an American singer and songwriter.

Discography: Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go), Hello, Hello, Angry Johnny, Rise and Shine, Haunted, Exploration #4, The 5&½ Minute Hallway and Don't Be Scared. Her related genres: Alternative rock, Pop rock, Rhythm and blues, Electronica, Hard rock, Trip hop and Contemporary R&B.

Poe, whose full name is Anne Decatur Danielewski, was born on March 23, 1967 in New York City. She is an American singer and songwriter who has gained recognition for her unique blend of alternative rock, pop rock, rhythm and blues, electronica, hard rock, trip hop and contemporary R&B. Poe has released several successful albums throughout her musical career, including Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go), Hello, Hello, Angry Johnny, Rise and Shine, Haunted, Exploration #4, The 5½ Minute Hallway and Don't Be Scared. In addition to her work in music, Poe has also published a book in collaboration with her brother, author Mark Z. Danielewski, entitled "The House of Leaves".

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Liz Phair

Liz Phair (April 17, 1967 New Haven-) a.k.a. Lis Phair, Phair, Liz, Elizabeth Clark Phair or Elizabeth Clark "Liz" Phair is an American songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter, actor, guitarist and composer. She has one child, James Nicholas Staskouskas.

Her albums include Exile in Guyville, Whip-Smart, whitechocolatespaceegg, Liz Phair, Somebody's Miracle, Supernova, Comeandgetit, Juvenilia, Girly Sound and Funstyle. Genres she performed: Indie rock, Rock music, Pop rock, Alternative rock, Lo-fi music and Hip hop music.

Liz Phair was born in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in art history. In 1993, she released her critically acclaimed debut album "Exile in Guyville" which is considered a feminist landmark in indie rock. She followed it up with four more albums throughout the 90s and early 2000s. In addition to her music career, Phair has also acted in films such as "Cherish" and has composed music for movies and TV shows. She has collaborated with artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, and Jason Mraz. Phair has been praised for her confessional songwriting style and her influence on the indie rock movement of the 90s.

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Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian (August 21, 1967 Beirut-) is an American songwriter, singer, poet, musician, guitarist, keyboard player, record producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include Empty Walls, Lie Lie Live, Elect the Dead Symphony, Elect the Dead Orchestra, Elect the Dead, Imperfect Harmonies, Imperfect Remixes, Serart, Harakiri and Sky Is Over. Genres he performed include Folk rock, Alternative metal, Art rock, Avant-garde metal, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Nu metal, Experimental rock, Funk rock, Progressive metal, Psychedelic rock, Rock music, Experimental music, Heavy metal, Classical music and Progressive rock.

Tankian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but his family moved to Los Angeles when he was just seven years old. He attended California State University, Northridge, where he met his future bandmates in System of a Down. In addition to his successful music career, Tankian is also known for his activism and philanthropy, particularly in regards to human rights and environmental issues. He is a co-founder of the non-profit organization Axis of Justice, which strives to bring together musicians, fans, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice. Tankian is also a frequent collaborator with other musicians and artists, including composing music for films and video games. His work has garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including five Grammy nominations and one win.

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Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews (January 9, 1967 Johannesburg-) also known as David J. Matthews, David John Matthews, Matthews, Dave, Dave J. Matthews, David Matthews, Dave Mathews, The Dave Matthews Band, David John "Dave" Matthews or Dave Matthews Band is an American singer, songwriter, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor. He has three children, August Oliver Matthews, Grace Anne Matthews and Stella Busina Matthews.

His albums: Some Devil, Eh Hee, DMBLive Series: China Club, NYC 01/09/2004, Live at Luther College, 2004-09-18: Farmaid Webcast, Big Man on Campus, 2006-09-30: Farm Aid XXI, The Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA, Double Down, 1993-04-22: Prism Coffee House, Charlottesville, VA, USA and 2005-10-28: Aladdin Theatre of the Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV, USA. Genres: Jam band, Jazz fusion, Rock music, Pop music, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Roots rock and Adult contemporary music.

Dave Matthews relocated to the United States in 1986, where he worked as a bartender in Charlottesville, Virginia. He formed the Dave Matthews Band, which became one of the most popular touring acts in the 1990s and 2000s, known for their unique blend of jazz, rock, and world music. The band has released several multi-platinum albums, including Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, and Before These Crowded Streets. Matthews has also released a solo album, Some Devil, which earned him a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Apart from his music career, Matthews has also appeared in several films, including Because of Winn-Dixie and Just Go with It. He is also a supporter of various charitable causes, including environmental conservation and music education programs.

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Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan (March 17, 1967 Elk Grove Village-) a.k.a. billy_corgan, William Patrick Corgan, Jr., Corgan, Billy, William Patrick Corgan, William Patrick "Billy" Corgan, Jr., The Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, William Patrick "Billy" Corgan Jr., William Patrick Corgan Jr. or DJ Ivory Tower is an American singer, author, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, singer-songwriter, writer, poet, composer, actor and lyricist.

Discography: TheFutureEmbrace and AEGEA. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Hard rock, Groove metal, Gothic rock, Grunge and Alternative metal.

Corgan is best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and main songwriter of the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. He formed the band in Chicago in 1988 and released their debut album Gish in 1991. The band went on to achieve mainstream success with multi-platinum albums such as Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and Adore. Corgan has been noted for his distinctive singing style and complex, layered guitar work.

In addition to his work with The Smashing Pumpkins, Corgan has been involved with various other musical projects. He formed the short-lived supergroup Zwan in 2001 and released the album Mary Star of the Sea with them. He has also released several solo albums, including TheFutureEmbrace in 2005 and AEGEA in 2014.

Corgan is also a published author and has contributed columns to various publications. He has written poetry and essays and published a collection titled Blinking with Fists in 2004. In recent years, Corgan has also ventured into professional wrestling, starting his own wrestling organization called Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011 and working as creative director for Impact Wrestling in 2015.

Overall, Corgan has had a significant impact on the alternative rock and grunge music scenes of the 1990s and continues to be a respected and influential figure in the music industry.

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Layne Staley

Layne Staley (August 22, 1967 Kirkland-April 5, 2002 Seattle) also known as Staley, Layne, Layne T. Staley, Layne Elmer, Layne Thomas Staley or Alice was an American musician, singer-songwriter and lyricist.

Genres: Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Grunge, Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Sludge metal, Hard rock, Speed metal, Doom metal, Blues rock, Glam rock, Glam metal and Industrial rock.

He was best known as the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based rock band Alice in Chains, which rose to fame in the early 1990s with hits such as "Man in the Box," "Rooster," and "Would?". Staley was renowned for his distinctive and haunting vocal style, as well as his introspective and often dark songwriting. He struggled with addiction throughout his career and personal life, which ultimately led to his untimely death in 2002 at the age of 34. Despite his tragic end, Staley's legacy as one of the most influential musicians of the grunge era continues to inspire new generations of rock fans.

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Bud Gaugh

Bud Gaugh (October 2, 1967 California-) also known as Floyd Bud Gaugh IV, Gaugh, Bud, Floyd I. Gaugh IV, Floyd Gaugh or Bud is an American drummer, percussionist and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Ska punk, Dub, Alternative rock, Reggae and Punk rock.

Bud Gaugh is best known as a founding member and drummer for the bands Sublime and Long Beach Dub Allstars. He formed Sublime in 1988 with vocalist/guitarist Bradley Nowell and bassist Eric Wilson, and played on all of the band's albums, including their iconic self-titled album that included hits such as "What I Got" and "Santeria". After Nowell's death in 1996, Gaugh and Wilson formed the Long Beach Dub Allstars, releasing their debut album "Right Back" in 1999. In addition to his work in these bands, Gaugh has also collaborated with other artists and bands, including Pennywise and the Tijuana Dogs, and has played on several albums as a session musician.

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Tim 'Ripper' Owens

Tim 'Ripper' Owens (September 13, 1967 Akron-) otherwise known as Tim "Ripper" Owens, Ripper Owens, Owens, Tim "Ripper" or Owens, Tim Ripper is an American singer.

His albums include Play My Game. Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Power metal, Speed metal, Progressive metal, Thrash metal and Neoclassical metal.

Owens is best known for his work as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, which he fronted from 1996 to 2003. He also sang for Iced Earth, Beyond Fear, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and Charred Walls of the Damned, among others. Owens' powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence have earned him a dedicated fanbase worldwide. He continues to tour and record new music, collaborating with various musicians and bands in the metal scene. In addition to his music career, Owens has also made appearances in films such as "Rock Star" and "The Devil's Domain."

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Chuck Schuldiner

Chuck Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 Glen Cove-December 13, 2001) also known as C. Schuldiner, Schuldiner, Chuck, The Father of Death Metal, Evil Chuck or Charles Michael Schuldiner was an American singer, guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter and songwriter.

His albums: Zero Tolerance. Genres: Progressive metal, Thrash metal, Death metal, Technical death metal and Heavy metal.

Schuldiner was the founder and frontman of the influential metal band Death, which he formed in 1983. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of death metal and is credited with popularizing the genre through his innovative guitar playing and songwriting. During his career, Schuldiner released seven studio albums with Death and also worked on side projects such as Control Denied and Voodoocult.

Beyond his musical legacy, Schuldiner is also known for his dedication to his craft and his impact on the metal community. He was highly respected by his peers and fans alike for his technical proficiency, his passion for metal music, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre. Tragically, Schuldiner passed away in 2001 at the age of 34 due to complications from brain cancer, but his legacy continues to inspire generations of metal musicians and fans around the world.

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Steve DiGiorgio

Steve DiGiorgio (November 7, 1967 Waukegan-) also known as DiGiorgio, Steve is an American musician, bassist and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Thrash metal, Hard rock, Technical death metal, Symphonic black metal, Power metal, Instrumental rock, Jazz fusion, Jazz, Black metal, Death metal, Folk metal, Speed metal and Symphonic metal.

DiGiorgio is best known for his work as a session musician for various heavy metal bands like Death, Testament, Sadus, Iced Earth, Control Denied, Sebastian Bach, and many others. He began playing bass at the age of 13 and joined a local band in his teenage years.

In the mid-80s, he co-formed the progressive thrash metal band Sadus which gained popularity in the underground metal scene. The band released several critically acclaimed albums before disbanding in the late 90s.

Apart from his work as a session musician, DiGiorgio has also played in various bands including Artension, Charred Walls of the Damned, Synesis Absorption, and Mythodea. In addition, he has released solo albums showcasing his exceptional bass playing skills.

DiGiorgio is highly regarded in the metal community for his technical playing style and unique bass tone. He is often credited for introducing fretless bass playing to the metal genre.

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Chad Channing

Chad Channing (January 31, 1967 Santa Rosa-) also known as Channing, Chad is an American musician and drummer.

Genres he performed: Rock music, Grunge, Indie rock, Alternative rock and Hard rock.

Channing is best known for being the drummer for the iconic rock band Nirvana from 1988 to 1990, during which he played on their debut album "Bleach". Before joining Nirvana, Channing was a member of the band Tic Dolly Row and later played in other bands such as Fire Ants and Before Cars.

After leaving Nirvana, Channing continued to pursue his passion for music and played with a number of different bands, including The Methodists and East of the Equator. In addition to drumming, Channing is also a talented guitarist and has released his own music in various projects, including The New Romans and The Methodists.

Chad Channing remains an important figure in the grunge and alternative rock scenes of the 1990s, and his contributions to Nirvana's early work have secured his place in music history.

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Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland (October 27, 1967 Santa Cruz-) also known as Scott Richard Kline or Weiland, Scott is an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He has two children, Noah Mercer Weiland and Lucy Olivia Weiland.

His albums: 12 Bar Blues, Barbarella, Happy in Galoshes, A Compilation of Scott Weiland Cover Songs, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Live in Los Angeles. Genres he performed include Rock music, Grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Heavy metal, Neo-psychedelia, Psychedelic rock and Alternative metal.

Scott Weiland was the lead vocalist of two notable rock bands, namely Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. He joined Stone Temple Pilots in 1989 and remained its lead singer until its 2002 breakup. During this time, the band recorded several hit albums including "Core" (1992), "Purple" (1994) and "No.4" (1999). Later, he became the lead vocalist of Velvet Revolver which consisted of former Guns N' Roses members. In 2004, Velvet Revolver released "Contraband" followed by "Libertad" in 2007 before parting ways in 2008.

Weiland struggled with drug addiction throughout his life and had several stints in rehab. He passed away on December 3, 2015, due to an overdose of alcohol and drugs.

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Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell (December 9, 1967 Bloomington-) also known as Joshua David Bell or Bell, Joshua is an American violinist and musician.

His discography includes: Presenting Joshua Bell, The Essential Joshua Bell, The Essential Joshua Bell, Barber: Violin Concerto / Walton: Violin Concerto / Bloch: Baal Shem, At Home With Friends, West Side Story Suite, The Kreisler Album, , Short Trip Home and The Romantic Violin. His related genres: Classical music.

Joshua Bell began studying the violin at the age of four and later enrolled at Indiana University to continue his studies. He made his professional debut at the age of 14 with the Philadelphia Orchestra and has since performed with major orchestras and conductors around the world. In addition to classical music, Bell has also collaborated with artists from other genres such as Chris Botti and Sting. He has been awarded numerous honors for his contributions to music including a Grammy Award and the Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award. Bell is also a dedicated educator and supports music education programs for young people.

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Jason Everman

Jason Everman (October 16, 1967 Kodiak-) a.k.a. Everman, Jason or Jason Mark Everman is an American musician and guitarist.

Genres: Alternative rock, Rock music, Grunge, Alternative metal, Heavy metal and Grindcore.

Born in Kodiak, Alaska, Jason Everman moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington at a young age. He first gained attention as a musician playing guitar for the iconic grunge bands Nirvana and Soundgarden in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, he left both bands before they achieved mainstream success.

After leaving the music industry, Everman joined the US Army in 1994 and served in the Special Forces as a Green Beret. He served combat tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq before retiring from the military in 2006.

Following his time in the military, Everman earned a degree in philosophy from Columbia University and now lives a quiet life out of the public eye. Despite his relatively short-lived music career, he remains a significant figure in the history of alternative rock and grunge music.

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Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere (January 2, 1967 Honolulu-) also known as Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo or Althea Rae Janairo is an American singer, actor, model, voice actor and film producer. Her child is called Bianca Wakelin.

Her most well known albums: Dream, State of Grace / I Wanna Come Home With You Tonight, 'Ikena, Ballroom Blitz, hawaiiana, Huana Ke Aloha and He Nani.

Tia Carrere first gained fame for her role as Cassandra Wong in the Wayne's World films in the early 1990s. She later appeared in several other movies, including True Lies, Lilo & Stitch, and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and TV shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Relic Hunter. In addition to acting, Carrere is also a talented singer and has released several albums showcasing her vocal abilities. She has won two Grammy Awards for her music, and has performed with artists such as Prince and Neil Young. Carrere also serves as a celebrity ambassador for the Philippine Development Foundation, which works to improve the lives of people in the Philippines through education and economic empowerment.

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Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy (April 20, 1967 Long Beach-) also known as Michael Stephen Portnoy or Portnoy, Mike is an American record producer and drummer.

His albums: Prime Cuts, Cover to Cover, Cover 2 Cover and Live in Tokyo. Genres: Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Metalcore, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Thrash metal and Jazz fusion.

Mike Portnoy is best known as the former drummer for the progressive rock band Dream Theater, which he co-founded in 1985. He remained with the band for over 25 years before leaving in 2010 to pursue other musical ventures. Portnoy has since worked with a variety of musical acts, including Avenged Sevenfold, Transatlantic, Adrenaline Mob, and Flying Colors.

Aside from his drumming career, Portnoy has also produced albums for a number of bands, including Neal Morse, OSI, and Haken. In addition, he has been involved in various side projects throughout his career, including the supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment and his own band, The Neal Morse Band.

Portnoy has received numerous accolades for his musicianship, including multiple awards from Modern Drummer magazine and a spot on the magazine's list of the 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential drummers in progressive rock and metal, and continues to be an active force in the music industry.

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John Myung

John Myung (January 24, 1967 Chicago-) also known as Myung, John or John Ro Myung is an American musician and bassist.

Genres related to him: Jazz fusion, Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Heavy metal and Hard rock.

John Myung is best known for being the co-founder and bassist of the progressive metal band, Dream Theater. He is recognized for his intricate and technical playing style, often incorporating unique techniques such as tapping, slapping, and using a six-string bass guitar.

In addition to his work with Dream Theater, Myung has also collaborated with other musicians and bands throughout his career, including Platypus and The Jelly Jam. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest bassists of all time, having been named "Best Bassist" numerous times by publications such as Guitar World and MusicRadar.

Outside of music, Myung is known for his private and reserved personality, rarely granting interviews or appearing in the media. He is a vegetarian and a follower of the teachings of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy.

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Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton (October 7, 1967 Severn-) a.k.a. Tony Braxton, Toni Braxon, Braxton, Toni or Toni Michelle Braxton is an American singer, singer-songwriter, actor, artist, record producer, pianist, tv personality, musician and music artist. She has two children, Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis and Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis.

Her albums include Toni Braxton, Breathe Again, You're Making Me High, Secrets, Un-Break My Heart, I Don't Want To, The Heat, He Wasn't Man Enough, Spanish Guitar and Snowflakes. Genres she performed include New jack swing, Pop music, Soul music, Adult contemporary music, Jazz, Hip hop soul, Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music and Dance-pop.

Toni Braxton first rose to fame in the early 1990s with her self-titled debut album, which included the hit singles "Another Sad Love Song" and "Breathe Again." She went on to release several successful albums throughout the decade, including Secrets, which included the hit ballad "Un-Break My Heart."

In addition to her music career, Braxton has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including the reality series Braxton Family Values with her sisters. She has also been involved in charitable work, including raising awareness for autism and heart disease, two causes that are close to her heart as her son, Diezel, was diagnosed with autism and she herself has been living with heart disease for several years.

Braxton has won numerous awards throughout her career, including seven Grammy Awards. She is known for her soulful voice and range, which has helped establish her as one of the most successful and influential R&B artists of all time.

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Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews (November 17, 1967 San Diego-) also known as Mike Andrews is an American musician and film score composer.

His albums: Cypher, Mad World, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Hand on String, Evangelion - The Best Collection, The Lost Empire (disc 2), Casablanca: Music & Dialogue From The Movie, The Phantom of the Opera (disc 2), Just a Thought / Orange Meet Lemon and Donnie Darko. Genres he performed include Film score, Folk music, Indie pop and Experimental music.

Andrews started playing music at a young age and went on to study classical music composition and electronic music at the University of California, San Diego. He joined the band the Origin in the 1990s before pursuing a solo career.

In addition to his work as a musician, Andrews has also composed music for film and television. He is perhaps best known for his score for the cult hit film Donnie Darko, which earned him critical acclaim.

Andrews has collaborated with a variety of artists throughout his career, including Inara George, Gary Jules, and Metric. He continues to tour and release music to this day, and is considered one of the most innovative and versatile composers in the industry.

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Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw (May 1, 1967 Delhi-) a.k.a. Samuel Timothy McGraw, Samuel Timothy Smith or Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has three children, Gracie Katherine McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw and Audrey Caroline McGraw.

Discography: Tim McGraw, Not a Moment Too Soon, All I Want, Everywhere, Please Remember Me, Greatest Hits, Live Like You Were Dying, If You're Reading This, Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and Tim McGraw and The Dance Hall Doctors. Genres related to him: Country and Southern rock.

Tim McGraw is one of the most successful and popular country music singers of all time. Born in Delhi, Louisiana, he grew up in a musical family and began playing guitar as a teenager. He attended college on a baseball scholarship, but eventually dropped out to pursue music full-time.

McGraw's breakthrough came in 1994 with his hit single "Indian Outlaw" from his self-titled debut album. This was followed by a string of successful albums including Not a Moment Too Soon, All I Want, and Everywhere. He has since released many more albums, including the critically acclaimed Live Like You Were Dying and If You're Reading This.

In addition to his music career, McGraw has also acted in several movies and TV shows, including Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, and Nashville. He has won multiple awards throughout his career, including numerous Grammy Awards and Country Music Association Awards.

Offstage, McGraw is known for his philanthropy, particularly his work on behalf of veterans and military families. He is married to fellow country star Faith Hill, and the couple has three daughters together.

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Jason Finn

Jason Finn (October 27, 1967 Seattle-) a.k.a. Finn, Jason is an American drummer, singer and musician.

Genres: Alternative rock and Grunge.

He is best known as the drummer for the alternative rock band, "The Presidents of the United States of America", which he joined in 1993. Finn's drumming style is characterized by its energy, precision, and technical proficiency, drawing influence from punk rock, funk, and jazz. In addition to his work with "The Presidents of the United States of America", Finn has also played with several other bands, including "Love Battery", "The Fastbacks", and "The Vendettas". He has also performed as a solo artist, and collaborated with other musicians on various projects. Finn is renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend his drumming and songwriting skills, earning him a reputation as one of the most versatile and talented musicians of his generation.

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Dan Tyminski

Dan Tyminski (June 20, 1967 Rutland City-) a.k.a. Tyminski, Dan, Union Station or Daniel John Tyminski is an American musician, guitarist, singer, actor and composer. He has three children, Kathryn Edith Tyminski, Chris Tyminski and John Lyman Tyminski.

His albums include Carry Me Across the Mountain and Wheels. Genres he performed include Bluegrass.

Dan Tyminski is widely recognized for his iconic performance in the song "Man of Constant Sorrow" for the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? The song won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2002. He is also a long-standing member of Alison Krauss's band, Union Station which has been around since the late 1980s. In addition to his work with Union Station, Tyminski has released several solo albums, including "Southern Gothic," which was released in 2017. He is also known for his role as a voice actor for the character of Avi Kaplan in the animated film "Charming" (2018). Apart from being an accomplished musician, Tyminski has also been featured on several movie soundtracks and has collaborated with numerous artists, including Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, and Zac Brown Band.

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Lisa Hammer

Lisa Hammer (April 4, 1967 Salem-) a.k.a. Lisa Houle, Lisa A. Stockton Houle, The Terror Twins, Lady Elizabeth Terror or Lisa A. Stockton Wilson is an American singer, actor, film director, film producer, film editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and film score composer.

Her discography includes: Dakini.

She is best known for her work in the independent horror film industry. In addition to her music and film career, she has also performed in numerous stage productions, including the rock opera "Oedipus Rex" and the one-woman show "The Sisters Rosensweig". Hammer has won several awards for her work in film, including the Best Actress award at the 2017 New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival for her role in "The Sisters Plotz". She is also the co-creator and star of the award-winning web series "The Score". In addition to her creative work, Hammer is also an activist who has been involved in various causes, including animal welfare and environmental conservation.

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Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore (May 26, 1967 Long Island-) also known as Chroma Key or Moore, Kevin is an American keyboard player, singer, musician, songwriter and composer.

His albums: Ghost Book: Soundtrack to the Film Okul, Colorblind, This Is a Recording, Memory Hole 1, Graveyard Mountain Home, You Go Now, Music Meant to Be Heard, Dead Air for Radios, Shine and Shine. Genres related to him: Ambient music, Psychedelic music, Industrial metal, Progressive metal, Electronica, Electronic dance music and Psychedelia.

Kevin Moore is best known for his work as a founding member of the American progressive metal band, Dream Theater, where he served as the keyboardist and contributed to the songwriting process. He appeared on their first three albums before departing from the band in 1994 due to creative differences.

After leaving Dream Theater, Moore began focusing on his solo career under the moniker Chroma Key, where he explored various genres such as ambient, electronica and psychedelic music. He also collaborated with other musicians, including former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy.

In addition to his music career, Kevin Moore has also worked as a software developer and has contributed to various open-source software projects. He is known for his interest in technology and was an early adopter of digital music production techniques.

Moore has been praised for his innovative approach to music and his ability to seamlessly blend multiple genres, creating a unique sound that appeals to a diverse audience.

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John Petrucci

John Petrucci (July 12, 1967 Kings Park-) also known as Petrucci, John or John Peter Petrucci is an American record producer, guitarist, songwriter and musician.

His albums include Suspended Animation and An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess. Genres related to him: Instrumental rock, Progressive metal, Progressive rock, Jazz fusion, Neoclassical metal, Jazz and Hard rock.

Petrucci is best known as the lead guitarist and founding member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. He formed the band in 1985 along with bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Portnoy, and they have since released 14 studio albums and become one of the most successful and influential bands in the genre.

Petrucci's innovative and virtuosic guitar playing has earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards. He was named the "Best Guitarist" in the Reader's Polls of Guitar World magazine several times, and was also included in their "Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list. He has also been featured in numerous guitar magazines, instructional videos, and guitar-related products.

In addition to his work with Dream Theater, Petrucci has collaborated with other musicians, and has released several solo albums as well as albums with his side project, Liquid Tension Experiment. He has also worked as a producer, and has produced albums for several bands.

Petrucci is known for his extensive use of alternate picking and sweep picking, as well as his wide range of guitar techniques and influences. He cites guitarists such as Steve Morse, Steve Howe, and Al Di Meola as his main influences, and has also studied music theory and composition.

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John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice (May 22, 1967 Gainesville-) also known as Jon Vanderslice, John Van Derslice or Vanderslice, John is an American keyboard player, singer-songwriter and musician.

His most recognized albums: Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, Time Travel Is Lonely, Life and Death of an American Fourtracker, Cellar Door, John Vanderslice Live at the Casbah 6/05/04, Pixel Revolt, Five Years, Live at The Independent (2005-11-05), Suddenly It All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live to 2-Track and Insound Tour Support Series, Volume 18. Genres: Indie rock and Alternative rock.

Vanderslice was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, and began his music career in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1990s. He gained popularity in the indie rock scene with his unique sound, blending elements of folk, electronic, and experimental music. Vanderslice has produced records for a number of popular indie bands, including The Mountain Goats, Spoon, and Death Cab for Cutie. He has also collaborated with musicians like David Bazan and St. Vincent. Apart from his music, Vanderslice is also known for his activism on issues such as environmental conservation and political activism. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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Kari Wührer

Kari Wührer (April 28, 1967 Brookfield-) also known as Kari Wuhrer, Kari Salin, Kari Samantha Wührer, Crash, Dawaywe, Kari Salin-Wührer, Kari Wührer Salin or Kari Samantha Wuhrer is an American actor, singer, musician, vj, film producer and model. Her children are called Enzo Scura, Echo Luna Scura and Evangeline Lotus Scura.

Her albums: Shiny.

Kari Wührer started her career as a teenager, appearing in numerous TV commercials and eventually landed a role on the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful". She gained wider recognition for her role as Maggie Beckett in the sci-fi series "Sliders" from 1997 to 2000. Her film credits include roles in "Anaconda", "Eight Legged Freaks" and "Hellraiser: Deader". Besides acting, Wührer has also pursued a career in music, releasing her debut album "Shiny" in 1999. She has also worked as a VJ on MTV and produced films such as "Killer Buzz" and "The Drone Virus". In addition to her entertainment career, Wührer is also a certified yoga instructor.

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Gillian Welch

Gillian Welch (October 2, 1967 Manhattan-) a.k.a. Gillian Welsh, Gillan Welch, Welch, Gillian or Gillian Howard Welch is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Revival, Hell Among the Yearlings, Time (The Revelator), Soul Journey, Black Star, The Revelator Collection, The Harrow & The Harvest, Acoustic Stage, Live and Obscure and The Revelator Collection EP. Genres: Alternative country, American Primitivism, Old-time music, Folk music, Bluegrass, Neotraditional country, Americana, Rock music and Country.

Gillian Welch was born in Manhattan but grew up in Los Angeles. She learned to play the guitar and banjo at a young age and was heavily influenced by the music of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Emmylou Harris.

She first gained attention in the mid-1990s with her debut album, Revival, which was produced by T-Bone Burnett. Her music has been described as a blend of traditional Appalachian folk and alternative country, and she often collaborates with her long-time musical partner, David Rawlings.

In addition to her music, Welch has also acted in several film and television projects. She appeared in the Coen Brothers' film O Brother, Where Art Thou? and has contributed music to several other films, including Cold Mountain and The Hunger Games.

Welch has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has won two, one for her contributions to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and another for her album The Harrow & The Harvest. She continues to record and tour, and her music has been praised for its raw, emotional power and its commitment to traditional American roots music.

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John Popper

John Popper (March 29, 1967 Chardon-) otherwise known as Popper, John or Blues Traveler is an American singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Zygote. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Jam band and Blues rock.

Popper grew up in a musical family and began playing the harmonica at a young age. He formed Blues Traveler in 1987 with several high school friends and quickly gained a following in the New York City music scene. The band's breakthrough album, Four, was released in 1994 and featured the hit songs "Run-Around" and "Hook."

In addition to his work with Blues Traveler, Popper has also released several solo albums and collaborated with other musicians, including the Dave Matthews Band and B.B. King. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest harmonica players in the world and has been praised for his unique style and technical skill.

Outside of music, Popper is also an avid gun collector and has spoken publicly about his support for the Second Amendment. He has appeared on various television shows and has even made an appearance in the movie Kingpin.

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Mark Kozelek

Mark Kozelek (January 24, 1967 Massillon-) a.k.a. Kozelek, Mark is an American singer, composer, actor, singer-songwriter, record producer and film score composer.

Related albums: Duk Koo Kim, If You Want Blood, Little Drummer Boy Live, White Christmas and Little Drummer Boy Live, White Christmas Live, Rock 'n' Roll Singer, What's Next to the Moon, Nights LP, 7 Songs Belfast and The Finally LP. Genres related to him: Slowcore, Indie rock, Folk rock and Sadcore.

Mark Kozelek first rose to fame as the frontman of the indie rock band Red House Painters, which he formed in the 1980s. He later went on to form the group Sun Kil Moon. In addition to his work as a musician, Kozelek has also acted in films such as Shopgirl and Almost Famous. He has been praised for his intimate, confessional songwriting style and his ability to tackle heavy subject matter with sensitivity and honesty. In recent years, Kozelek has generated controversy with his onstage banter and personal interactions with fans and critics. Despite this, his music continues to be highly regarded by fans of indie rock and folk music.

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Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy (August 25, 1967 Belleville-) otherwise known as Tweedy, Jeff or Jeffrey Scot Tweedy is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, musician and bandleader. He has two children, Sam Miller and Spencer Tweedy.

His discography includes: Sunken Treasure: Jeff Tweedy Live in the Pacific Northwest, Roadcase 028 / December 8, 2013 / Seattle, WA, Roadcase 024 / December 15, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA, Roadcase 027 / December 19, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA, Roadcase 026 / December 18, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA, Roadcase 025 / December 16, 2013 / Los Angeles, CA, , Roadcase 032 / February 15, 2014 / Chicago, IL, Roadcase 031 / February 14, 2014 / Chicago, IL and . Genres he performed: Alternative rock and Alternative country.

Jeff Tweedy is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the alternative rock band Wilco, which he formed in 1994. Prior to Wilco, Tweedy was a founding member of the band Uncle Tupelo. With Wilco, Tweedy has released ten studio albums, including the critically acclaimed releases "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and "A Ghost Is Born." In addition to his work with Wilco, Tweedy has also released several solo albums, including "Warm" and "Together at Last." Throughout his career, he has collaborated with a range of artists, including Billy Bragg, Mavis Staples, and Feist. Tweedy is also known for his activism and involvement in various social and political causes.

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Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter (May 23, 1967 Rhode Island-) otherwise known as El Balzac or Hunter, Charlie is an American guitarist, composer and bandleader.

Related albums: Charlie Hunter, MP3's, Volume 1, MP3's, Volume 2, Solo Eight String Guitar, Yoshi's - Oakland, CA - December 2000, Baboon Strength, Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid, Friends Seen and Unseen, Bing, Bing, Bing! and Duo. Genres he performed: Jazz, Post-bop, Acid jazz, Jazz fusion and Jazz-funk.

Charlie Hunter is widely known for his distinct style and virtuosic skill on the guitar. Born in Rhode Island in 1967, Hunter began playing guitar at a young age and by his teens, was already performing professionally. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he honed his skills and began experimenting with different genres and instruments.

Over the course of his career, Hunter has released over 20 albums and collaborated with a wide variety of musicians, including Norah Jones, Mos Def, and John Mayer. He is particularly known for his use of an eight-string guitar, which allows him to simultaneously play bass and lead parts. Hunter's genre-defying style blends elements of jazz, funk, blues, and rock, and he is widely regarded as one of the most innovative guitarists of his generation.

In addition to his work as a performer, Hunter is also a skilled composer, and many of his albums feature original compositions alongside covers of classic jazz tunes. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including being named a "Guitar Hero" by Rolling Stone magazine. Today, he continues to tour and record new music, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the guitar.

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Nina Gordon

Nina Gordon (November 14, 1967 Chicago-) a.k.a. Nina Rachel Gordon Shapiro, Nina Rachel Shapiro Gordon or Veruca Salt is an American singer, musician, guitarist and singer-songwriter. Her child is called Ivy Nightingale Russo.

Her albums: Tonight and the Rest of My Life, Bleeding Heart Graffiti, Bring the Rock and Even the Sunbeams. Her related genres: Rock music, Alternative rock, Grunge and Power pop.

Nina Gordon started playing guitar when she was a teenager and formed her first band, Automated Alice, while attending college at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In the mid-1990s, she co-founded the alternative rock band Veruca Salt, which gained popularity with their hit single “Seether”. Gordon left the band in 1998 to pursue a solo career and released her debut album “Tonight and the Rest of My Life” in 2000. In addition to her music career, Gordon has also written for television and film, and her songs have been featured in various soundtracks. She has collaborated with musicians such as Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots. Gordon continues to perform and release music as a solo artist.

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Evan Dando

Evan Dando (March 4, 1967 Essex-) also known as evan_dando, Dando, Evan or Evan Griffith Dando is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums: Griffith Sunset EP, It Looks Like You, It's All True, Live At The Brattle Theatre, Baby I'm Bored and Stop My Head. Genres: Alternative rock, Rock music, Punk rock and Country rock.

Evan Dando is best known as the frontman of the alternative rock band, The Lemonheads. He formed the band in 1986 and achieved mainstream success with their album, "It's a Shame About Ray" in 1992, which included hit songs such as "Mrs. Robinson" and "My Drug Buddy." Dando's music has been praised for its catchy, melodic hooks and thoughtful lyrics. He has collaborated with many other musicians throughout his career, including Tom Morgan, Ben Lee, and Cindy Lauper. In addition to his music career, Dando has made appearances in several films, including "Heavy" and "The House Bunny." Despite struggles with drug addiction throughout his career, Dando has remained an influential figure in the indie rock scene.

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Dale Crover

Dale Crover (October 23, 1967 Aberdeen-) a.k.a. Crover, Dale is an American drummer, composer, musician, record producer, audio engineer and guitarist. His children are called Cassius Crover and Scarlett Crover.

His albums include Drumb and Hew Time. Genres: Heavy metal, Punk rock, Rock music, Grunge, Stoner rock, Hardcore punk, Sludge metal and Doom metal.

Crover is best known as the drummer of the grunge band Melvins, with whom he has been playing since 1984. He has also worked as a drummer and guitarist with several other bands, including Nirvana, Redd Kross, Fantômas, Shrinebuilder, and Altamont. Crover has a unique drumming style characterized by syncopated grooves, intricate fills, and unconventional time signatures. He has been cited as a major influence by many prominent drummers in the rock and metal scene. In addition to his work with Melvins, Crover has released several solo albums, including The Fickle Finger of Fate (2017) and Rat-A-Tat-Tat! (2021), which showcase his talents as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is also an accomplished producer and has worked on albums by bands like Unsane, Pissed Jeans, and Helms Alee. Crover continues to tour and record with Melvins and other projects, while also pursuing his solo career.

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Matt Chamberlain

Matt Chamberlain (April 17, 1967 San Pedro-) a.k.a. Chamberlain, Matt or Matthew Chamberlain is an American musician, drummer, record producer and audio engineer.

His albums: Matt Chamberlain and Frames. His related genres: Rock music, Jazz, Funk, Electronic music, Piano rock, Baroque pop, Indie pop, Folk rock, Alternative rock, Electronica, Ambient music, Punk rock and Experimental music.

Matt Chamberlain began his career as a session musician and has since become one of the most sought-after drummers in the industry, collaborating with iconic artists such as David Bowie, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Kanye West. He is known for his dynamic and innovative drumming style and has been a key contributor to many acclaimed albums.

Aside from his work as a drummer, Chamberlain is also an accomplished record producer and audio engineer. He has produced albums for artists such as Morrissey, Regina Spektor, and The Wallflowers, and has worked on soundtracks for films such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Girl on the Train, and The Hunger Games.

Chamberlain has also released solo music under his own name, including his self-titled album and his latest release, Frames. His music is a fusion of various genres, including rock, jazz, funk, electronic, and ambient music, showcasing his diverse musical background and influences.

Overall, Matt Chamberlain has made a significant impact on the music industry and continues to inspire and collaborate with fellow musicians worldwide.

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E-40 (November 15, 1967 Vallejo-) otherwise known as Charlie Hustle, E 40, E40, Ebonics, E-Pheezy, The Ambassador of the Bay, 40 Belafonte, Fortywater, 40 Fonzarelli, Charlie Sniph, E forty, E-Feezy, 40 Water, Mr. Flamboyant, Forty water, Bay City Brown, The Ballatician, Forty Fonzarelli, E-Fizzle, Table, Mess Crunklin, Bay City Black or Fonzarelli is an American musician, actor, investor, entrepreneur and rapper. He has one child, Droop-E.

His discography includes: Tell Me When to Go, My Ghetto Report Card, Breakin' News, Federal, In a Major Way, Tha Hall of Game, The Element of Surprise, The Mail Man, Things'll Never Change and Grit & Grind. Genres: West Coast hip hop, Hyphy, Mobb Music, Hip hop music and Crunk.

E-40, whose real name is Earl T. Stevens, was born and raised in Vallejo, California. He started his music career in the late 80s and gained popularity in the 90s with his album "In a Major Way" which featured the hit song "Sprinkle Me". He is known for coining slang words and phrases that have become a part of mainstream culture, such as "fo'shizzle" and "broccoli".

Apart from his music career, E-40 is also an actor and has appeared in several films such as "Beef II" and "Dead Heist". He is an avid basketball fan and owns a team in the BIG3 basketball league. In addition, he has invested in various ventures, including a tequila brand and a line of malt liquor.

E-40 is also known for mentoring and supporting young artists from the Bay Area, which has helped to shape the sound and style of West Coast hip hop. He continues to release music and collaborate with other artists, and has been recognized as one of the most influential rappers from the Bay Area.

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John Stirratt

John Stirratt (November 26, 1967 New Orleans-) also known as Stirratt, John, John Stirrat or Stirrat, John is an American songwriter, musician, record producer and bassist.

His albums: The Gimme Caps. Genres: Indie rock, Indie pop, Alternative country, Alternative rock and Folk rock.

Stirratt was born in New Orleans but grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana. He started playing music in high school and attended the University of Mississippi where he met his future bandmate Jeff Tweedy. They formed the band Uncle Tupelo in the 1980s, which helped to pioneer the alt-country genre. After the band disbanded in the early 1990s, Stirratt and Tweedy formed the band Wilco. Stirratt has been the bassist for Wilco since the beginning and has also contributed as a songwriter and vocalist on many of their albums.

In addition to his work with Wilco, Stirratt has also played with various other bands and artists, including The Autumn Defense (which he formed with Wilco multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone), Norah Jones, and Mavis Staples. He has also worked as a record producer, working on albums by bands such as The Waco Brothers and The Pernice Brothers.

Stirratt's musical style is eclectic, drawing from a wide range of genres including indie rock, indie pop, alternative country, alternative rock, and folk rock. He is known for his melodic bass playing and his ability to write memorable hooks and catchy melodies. His contributions to Wilco's songwriting and sound have been instrumental in establishing the band's unique sound and broad appeal.

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Gene Hoglan

Gene Hoglan (August 31, 1967 Dallas-) a.k.a. Hoglan, Gene, Eugene Victor Hoglan II, Eugene "Gene" Victor Hoglan II, The Atomic Clock or The Human Drum Machine is an American musician, drummer, actor and songwriter.

Genres: Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Death metal, Extreme metal, Industrial metal, Deathcore, Black metal, Progressive metal, Melodic death metal, Groove metal and Technical death metal.

Hoglan first gained fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s through his work with influential thrash metal bands such as Dark Angel, Testament, and Death. He is widely regarded by both fans and peers as one of the most technically proficient and versatile drummers in the heavy metal scene. Over the years, he has contributed to numerous critically acclaimed albums by bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Project, and Dethklok. In addition to his musical pursuits, Hoglan has also acted in a number of films and TV shows, including the sci-fi series Star Trek: Discovery. He is known for his boundless energy, infectious sense of humor, and unwavering commitment to his craft. Despite suffering from several health issues over the years, Hoglan has remained an active and prolific musician, continuing to tour and record with a variety of projects.

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Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex (August 5, 1967 The Bronx-) also known as Aston Taylor, DJ Funkmaster Flex, Funkmaster DJ Flex, Aston George Taylor Jr., Funk Flex, Memphis Bleek, and Geda K or Flex is an American disc jockey, musician, record producer, singer, rapper, radio personality, actor and presenter.

His discography includes: Respect Carter, 60 Minutes of Funk, Volume IV: The Mixtape, The Mix Tape, Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk: The Final Chapter, Funkmaster Flex Car Show Tour, Do You / Rush, The Mix Tape, Vol. 1, The Mix Tape, Vol. II, The Mix Tape, Vol. III, The Mix Tape, Vol. IV and The Tunnel. Genres he performed: Hip hop music and Contemporary R&B.

Funkmaster Flex is a well-known figure in the hip-hop scene, especially in New York City. He started his career as a DJ at local clubs in the Bronx, where he grew up. In the 1990s, he became a prominent figure in the hip-hop mixtape circuit, releasing a series of popular mixtapes titled "60 Minutes of Funk".

Flex was also one of the first DJs to have a hip-hop radio show on a mainstream station, hosting "The Funkmaster Flex Show" on HOT 97 in New York City for over two decades. Through his radio show, he helped launch the careers of many up-and-coming artists in the hip-hop world.

In addition to his work as a DJ and radio personality, Flex has also dabbled in acting and even had a brief stint as a rapper. He has produced tracks for a variety of top hip-hop artists, including Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Nas.

Outside of music, Flex has also made a name for himself in the automotive world, hosting car shows and events across the United States. He often showcases his personal collection of luxury cars on social media, and has been a spokesperson for various car brands over the years.

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Eric Stefani

Eric Stefani (June 17, 1967 Fullerton-) also known as E. Stefani, Stefani, Eric, Eric Matthew Stefani or Eric M. Stefani is an American musician, animator, keyboard player and songwriter.

Genres: Ska punk.

He is best known for being a founding member and keyboardist of the popular ska punk band, No Doubt. Eric was an integral part of the band's early success and contributed to the writing and production of some of their biggest hits, including "Just a Girl" and "Spiderwebs." He left the band in 1995 to pursue a career in animation, working as a writer and producer on the hit TV series, "The Simpsons." In addition to his music and animation work, Eric has also been involved in a number of other creative projects, including designing album covers and creating artwork for bands such as No Doubt and Sublime. While he has largely retired from the music industry, Eric remains a beloved figure among fans of No Doubt and ska punk music.

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Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino (October 10, 1967 Riverside-) also known as Michael Biacchino or Michele Giacchino is an American film score composer, composer, musician, orchestrator and actor.

His albums include Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground, Medal of Honor: Frontline, Alias, Alias: Season 2, Lost, Lost: Season 2, Mission: Impossible III, Call of Duty and Secret Weapons Over Normandy. Genres related to him: Film score.

Michael Giacchino has won many awards for his composing work in films, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and three Grammy Awards. He is well-known for his frequent collaborations with director J.J. Abrams, having scored many of his films, such as Star Trek, Super 8, and the Star Wars spinoff Rogue One. In addition to his film work, Giacchino has also composed music for video games such as the popular game series, "Call of Duty". He has also lent his musical talents to popular television shows, such as "Lost" and "Alias". Outside of his composing work, Giacchino has made appearances in a few films and television shows, including a cameo in Abrams' 2009 "Star Trek" reboot.

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John Darnielle

John Darnielle (March 16, 1967 Bloomington-) also known as Darnielle, John is an American singer-songwriter, musician, singer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Folk rock, Folk music, Indie rock and Lo-fi music.

He is best known as the founder and frontman of the indie folk band The Mountain Goats, which he formed in 1991. Over the course of his career, Darnielle has released over 20 studio albums and has collaborated with a variety of artists such as Kaki King and John Vanderslice. In addition to his music career, he is also an accomplished author and has written several novels, including "Wolf in White Van" and "Universal Harvester". Darnielle is known for his introspective lyrics and distinctive vocal style, which have earned him a dedicated following among indie music fans.

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Kristen Pfaff

Kristen Pfaff (May 26, 1967 Buffalo-June 16, 1994 Seattle) also known as Pfaff, Kristen or Kristen Marie Pfaff was an American musician, bassist and songwriter.

Genres: Alternative rock, Grunge, Punk rock and Noise rock.

Pfaff was an accomplished musician who gained fame as the bassist for the alternative rock band Hole, from 1993 to 1994. Prior to that, she was a member of the band Janitor Joe. She was known for her distinctive playing style and for her easygoing personality. Pfaff's talent and contributions to the music industry continue to be recognized and celebrated by fans and fellow musicians. Unfortunately, her life was cut short when she passed away at the age of 27 from a drug overdose in Seattle. Despite her brief time in the spotlight, Pfaff remains an influential figure in the grunge and alternative rock music scene.

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