American musicians born in 1982

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1982:

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne (September 27, 1982 Hollygrove-) a.k.a. Lil' Wayne, D. Carter, Dwayne Carter, Dwane Carter, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., Birdman Jr., BM Jr., Weezy F. Baby, Baby Jr., Lil' Weezy, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., Tunechi or Baby D is an American record producer, actor, rapper, musician, songwriter, businessperson, entrepreneur and composer. His children are called Neal Carter, Dwayne Carter III, Cameron Carter and Reginae Carter.

His albums: Tha Block Is Hot, Lights Out, 500 Degreez, Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, The Greatest Rapper Alive, The Drought Is Over, Part 4: Return to The Carter 3 Sessions, The Weezy Effect: Bottom of the Map, Volume 2, Da Drought 3 and Where's My Crown At?. Genres he performed: Southern hip hop, Ragga, Crunk, Gangsta rap, Hardcore hip hop, Pop-rap, Snap music, Rock music, Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues, Pop music and Hip hop music.

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LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes (August 28, 1982 Jackson-) also known as Margaret LeAnn Rimes, Rimes, LeAnn, Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian or The Next Patsy Cline is an American actor, author, singer and songwriter.

Her albums: All That, Blue, Unchained Melody: The Early Years, Inspirational Songs, How Do I Live, Sittin' on Top of the World, LeAnn Rimes, I Need You, God Bless America and Twisted Angel. Genres she performed: Country pop, Rhythm and blues, Country, Jazz, Pop music, Adult contemporary music, Pop rock, Dance music and Contemporary hit radio.

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson (April 24, 1982 Fort Worth-) also known as Kelly Brianne Clarkson, Clarkson, Kelly, Kellbelle, Kelly Brianne Blackstock or Kelly Brianne Clarkson Blackstock is an American singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, singer, songwriter and philanthropist. She has one child, River Rose Blackstock.

Her albums: American Idol, Thankful, Miss Independent, The Trouble With Love Is, Breakaway, Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Because Of You - Remixes, Walk Away and Low. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Pop rock, Blue-eyed soul, Rhythm and blues, Adult contemporary music, Blues rock, Soul music, Country, Soft rock, Contemporary R&B and Dance-pop.

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Nellie McKay

Nellie McKay (April 13, 1982 London-) also known as Nell Marie McKay or McKay, Nellie is an American comedian, singer, singer-songwriter, actor and composer.

Her most well known albums: Get Away From Me, Rumor Has It…, 12 Track Demo, Obligatory Villagers, Pretty Little Head, Normal as Blueberry Pie – A Tribute to Doris Day and Home Sweet Mobile Home. Genres she performed include Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Anti-folk, Reggae, Funk and Disco.

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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks (April 30, 1982 New Carrollton-) also known as Christopher Lloyd, The Boy Wonder, The Rap LeBron James, Blue Hefner, Punch Line King, Christopher Charles Lloyd, Gang Green, New Diamonds, G-Unit or The Punchline Boy is an American rapper.

His albums: Rotten Apple, On Fire Mixtape, Rookie of the Year, The Hunger for More, Gang Green, Untitled third studio album, Mo' Money in the Bank Pt. 2, The Big Withdraw, H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More) and Money in the Bank. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Ryan Starr

Ryan Starr (November 21, 1982 Sunland-) also known as Tiffany Ryan Montgomery or Stizzarre is an American model, actor, singer and songwriter.

Her albums include My Religion. Genres: Alternative rock, Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom (January 18, 1982 Nevada City-) also known as joanna_newsom, Newsom, Joanna or Joanna Caroline Newsom is an American singer, harpsichordist, pianist, singer-songwriter and songwriter.

Her albums: Walnut Whales, Yarn and Glue, The Milk-Eyed Mender, Ys, Have One on Me, Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band, Sprout and the Bean and What We Have Known. Genres she performed include Freak folk, Folk music, Experimental music, Indie folk, Volk and Avant-garde.

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Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera (July 18, 1982 Dallas-) otherwise known as Ryan Frank Cabrera or Cabrera, Ryan is an American singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His albums include Elm St., Take It All Away, You Stand Watching, On the Way Down (Radio Disney version), I Will Remember You, The Moon Under Water, You Stand Watching (bonus disc) and Tell It Like It Is. Genres he performed include Pop rock and Acoustic music.

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Quinn Allman

Quinn Allman (January 18, 1982 Orem-) also known as Allman, Quinn or Quinn Cody Allman is an American musician.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Emo, Punk rock, Post-hardcore and Pop punk.

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William Butler

William Butler (October 6, 1982 Northern California-) also known as Butler, William, William Pierce Butler, Will Butler, Abe Butler, Will Abe Butler, Arcade Fire or Cereal Guy is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

His albums include and Take My Side. His related genres: Alternative rock and Indie rock.

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Travis Stewart

Travis Stewart (March 4, 1982 Eden-) otherwise known as Machine Drum, Machinedrum, Tstewart, Tsewart, Syndrone or Neon Black is an American musician and record producer.

Related albums: Now You Know, Floss, Half the Battle, Urban Biology, Bidnezz, Mergerz & Acquisitionz, Cached, Mergerz & Acquisitionz Sampler, Triskaideka EP and Living Exponentially. Genres: Glitch, Intelligent dance music, Hip hop music, Pop music and Drum and bass.

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Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt (March 10, 1982 Indianapolis-) also known as Ketara Shavon Wyatt or Wyatt, Keke is an American singer, actor and songwriter. Her children are called Wyatt Ford and Kernar Von Ford.

Her albums include Soul Sista, Who Knew? and Unbelievable!. Genres she performed: Pop music, Soul music, Contemporary R&B and Gospel music.

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Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon (September 3, 1982 Concord-) a.k.a. Andrew Ross McMahon or McMahon, Andrew is an American singer.

His albums include Andrew McMahon EP, Andrew McMahon and The Pop Underground. His related genres: Alternative rock, Pop punk, Piano rock, Emo, Soft rock and Indie rock.

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MC Lars

MC Lars (October 6, 1982 Berkeley-) also known as MC Lars Horris, Andrew Nielsen, M.C. Lars, Andrew Robert MacFarlane Nielsen, Lars Horris or Andrew Robert Nielsen is an American rapper.

His albums include Radio Pet Fencing, Signing Emo, The Graduate, The Laptop EP, Hipster Girl, Insectivorous, Nothing to Fear, This Gigantic Robot Kills, 21 Concepts (But a Hit Ain't One) and The Green Christmas EP. Genres he performed include Nerdcore, Rapcore, Ska punk, Hip hop music, Punk rock and Comedy rock.

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Ne-Yo (October 18, 1982 Camden-) a.k.a. S. Smith, Shaffer Chimere Smith or Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr. is an American singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, actor, rapper, dancer, music artist, composer and musician. He has two children, Madilyn Grace Smith and Mason Evan Smith.

His albums include Stay, In My Own Words, Sexy Love, So Sick, Because of You, Because of You, Spoken Words, Year of the Gentleman, Closer and The Collection. Genres he performed include Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Soul music, Dance music, Hip hop music, Rhythm and blues, Hip hop soul, Dancehall and Europop.

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Toran Caudell

Toran Caudell (October 15, 1982 Los Angeles-) also known as Lane Toran Caudell Jr. or Lane Toran Caudell is an American actor, voice actor, musician and film score composer.

He is best known for his voice work in popular animated shows such as Hey Arnold! and Recess, where he played the roles of Arnold and King Bob, respectively. In addition to his voice acting work, Caudell has also appeared in live-action television shows and films, including ER, NYPD Blue, and The Brady Bunch Movie.

As a musician, Caudell has released several albums and singles under his own name, as well as under the moniker Toran James. He has also composed music for films such as The War at Home and Out of the Black.

In recent years, Caudell has shifted his focus to screenwriting and directing, with several short films and music videos to his name. Despite his many accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Caudell remains humble and dedicated to his craft, and has expressed a desire to continue working on projects that are meaningful and inspiring to others.

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Anthony Green

Anthony Green (April 15, 1982 Doylestown-) a.k.a. Green, Anthony, Skunk, Siren, Moshtradamus or Ringo is an American musician, singer-songwriter, magician and singer.

His albums include Avalon, Alternative Press Acoustic Session, Beautiful Things, AGBDEP, Avalon (remix) and Young Legs. Genres he performed include Experimental rock, Post-hardcore, Indie rock, Power pop, Pop rock, Progressive rock, Alternative rock, Math rock, Emo and Pop punk.

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Alex Arrowsmith

Alex Arrowsmith (July 10, 1982 Portland-) is an American singer, musician, record producer and audio engineer.

Genres: Alternative rock, Indie rock, College rock and Comedy.

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Kiley Dean

Kiley Dean (April 12, 1982 Alma-) is an American singer.

Her albums: Simple Girl, Changes, Introducing Blue Eyes and Mood Swings. Genres: Pop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Luke Stricklin

Luke Stricklin (December 21, 1982 Arkadelphia-) is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

His related genres: Country.

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Jessica Harp

Jessica Harp (February 3, 1982 Kansas City-) also known as Jessica Leigh Harp or Harp, Jessica is an American singer, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter.

Her discography includes: Preface and A Woman Needs. Genres she performed include Pop music, Country rock and Country.

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Matt Costa

Matt Costa (June 16, 1982 California-) a.k.a. Costa, Matt is an American singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Songs We Sing, The Elasmosaurus EP, Matt Costa, Unfamiliar Faces, Mobile Chateau, Witchcraft, Sacred Hills, Cigarette Eyes, Matt Costa and Sunshine. Genres he performed include Folk music, Indie rock and Folk rock.

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Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt (February 4, 1982 Warrensburg-) otherwise known as Kimberly Kaye Wyatt, Kim, Punkster, Punky Doll, Kim Hoover, Pussycat Dolls or The Pussycat Dolls is an American singer, dancer, choreographer, actor and tv personality.

Related albums: Not Just a Doll. Genres she performed include Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Electronica, Dance music, Electro and Contemporary R&B.

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Mike Glita

Mike Glita (July 7, 1982-) is an American bassist.

Genres: Post-hardcore, Pop music, Rock music and House music.

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Justin Mentell

Justin Mentell (December 16, 1982 Austin-February 1, 2010 Mineral Point) a.k.a. Jtell, J, Just or Justin Michael Mentell was an American actor.

Mentell is best known for his role as Garrett Wells in the TV show "Boston Legal" and for his appearance in the movie "G-Force." Before his acting career, he was an accomplished basketball player and even played briefly for the Dallas Mavericks. Tragically, Mentell died in a car accident at the young age of 27 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan (February 3, 1982 San Diego County-) a.k.a. Bridget Walsh Regan, Regan, Bridget or Bridget Catherine Regan is an American fiddler, violinist, actor and theatrical producer. Her child is called Frankie Jean.

Regan is best known for her acting roles in various popular TV series such as "Jane the Virgin," "Agent Carter," "White Collar," and "Legend of the Seeker." She also appeared in the film "The Accountant" alongside Ben Affleck. In addition to her acting career, Regan is also an accomplished musician who has played the violin since she was four years old. She studied music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts before transitioning into acting. Along with her husband, Eamon O'Sullivan, she founded the New York-based theater company "Fifty Fifty Theatre." They have produced numerous off-Broadway plays, including an adaptation of Anton Chekov's "The Cherry Orchard."

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Nicholas Thompson

Nicholas Thompson (December 25, 1982 Plantation-) is an American , .

Nicholas Thompson (born December 25, 1982 in Plantation, Florida) is an American journalist and editor-in-chief of the technology news website Wired. Graduating from Stanford University with degrees in political science and philosophy, Thompson began his career working for magazines such as Legal Affairs and The Washington Monthly. He then worked at The New Yorker as an editor and writer for nearly a decade, covering a variety of topics including technology, politics, and international affairs. In 2017, he became the editor-in-chief of Wired, where he has continued to cover technology and its impact on society while also overseeing the publication's content and strategy. Thompson is also an accomplished author, having co-written two books exploring the intersection of technology and society: "The Hawk and the Dove: Paul Nitze, George Kennan, and the History of the Cold War" and "The Only Game in Town: Sportswriting from The New Yorker."

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Chantal Claret

Chantal Claret (February 21, 1982 Berkeley-) also known as Claret, Chantal, Morningwood, Chantal Claret Goldstrom or Chantal Claret Euringer is an American music video director, actor and singer-songwriter.

Her most important albums: The One, The Only... and The Pleasure Seeker. Her related genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Power pop, Post-punk revival and Soul music.

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Ben Bledsoe

Ben Bledsoe (May 11, 1982 Snellville-) otherwise known as Benjamin Frederick Bledsoe or Benjamin Frederick "Ben" Bledsoe is an American singer, model, singer-songwriter, actor, film producer, television producer and voice actor.

His discography includes: An Insomniac's Guide to a Lonely Heart. Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock music.

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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson (July 30, 1982 Orlando-) is an American singer, singer-songwriter and drummer.

His related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Melody (February 24, 1982 Honolulu-) is an American singer, presenter and actor. Her children are called Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara and Jewelie Aoi Ishihara.

Her albums include Simple As That / Over The Rainbow, Crystal Love, Sincerely, Believe me, Next to You, realize / Take a Chance, SEE YOU, Be as one, READY TO GO! and 遥花~はるか~. Genres: J-pop and Pop music.

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Mila J

Mila J (November 18, 1982 Los Angeles-) also known as Mila J or Japollonia is an American singer and songwriter.

Discography: Split Personality, Smoke, Drink, Break-Up, M.I.L.A. and My Main. Genres: Rhythm and blues, Hip hop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge (May 15, 1982 Bridgeport-) also known as Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge, Alexandra Hetherington "Alex" Breckenridge, Alex or Alex Breckenridge is an American actor, photographer and voice actor.

Breckenridge is best known for her roles as Sophie on the popular TV series "This Is Us" and Moira O'Hara on "American Horror Story". She began her acting career in 1998 with a small role in the film "Even the Losers". In addition to her acting work, Breckenridge is an accomplished photographer, with her work being featured in publications such as Marie Claire, Alternative Press, and Maxim. She also lent her voice to several video games and animated television shows, including "Family Guy" and "The Walking Dead: The Game". Breckenridge has been married to guitarist Casey Hooper since 2015, and they have two children together.

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Rico Love

Rico Love (December 3, 1982 New Orleans-) is an American songwriter, musician, singer, record producer, music executive, rapper and actor.

His albums include The 5th Element, Discrete Luxury, and Somebody Else. His related genres: Pop-rap, Contemporary R&B, Dance music, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Hip hop music and Rap music.

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Lara Polangco

Lara Polangco (January 27, 1982 Georgia-) is an American songwriter and singer.

She grew up in a musical household and started writing and performing at a young age. Lara went on to study music in college and honed her craft as a performer in various venues across the country. Her music combines elements of pop, rock, and folk, and her lyrics often explore themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. In addition to her solo work, Lara is also known for collaborating with other artists and has written songs for several well-known musicians. She continues to tour and release new music to critical acclaim.

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Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson (December 5, 1982 Decatur-) also known as Keri Lynn Hilson or The Pussycat Dolls is an American singer-songwriter, artist, dancer, actor, musician and music artist.

Her albums: In a Perfect World..., No Boys Allowed, Knock You Down, Return the Favor, Get It Girl, I Like, Ms. Keri, Pretty Girl Rock, Hero and Lose Control (Let Me Down). Her related genres: Crunk, Hip hop soul, Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Jessica Sutta

Jessica Sutta (May 15, 1982 Miami-) a.k.a. Jessica Lilian Sutta, Sutta, Jessica, Jessica Lynn Sutta, Pussycat Dolls or Jessie is an American singer, actor, pin-up girl, dancer and songwriter.

Her discography includes: Show Me, Lights Out and Again (feat. Kemal Golden) [Remixes 1]. Genres she performed include Pop music, Dance-pop, Contemporary R&B, House music, Dance music and Rhythm and blues.

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Lil Zane

Lil Zane (July 11, 1982 Yonkers-) also known as Zane R. Copeland Jr., Zane, Zane Copeland, Jr. or Lil' Zane is an American actor and rapper.

Related albums: Callin' Me, Young World: The Future, The Big Zane Theory and Tha Return. Genres: Southern hip hop and Hip hop music.

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Ace Enders

Ace Enders (April 19, 1982 Hammonton-) also known as Ace Enders, Enders, Arthur, Arthur Carl Enders or Arthur Enders is an American songwriter, musician, record producer and singer.

His albums: Australia EP and The Secret Wars. Genres: Indie rock, Alternative rock and Folk music.

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Despot (May 7, 1982 Queens-) a.k.a. Alec Reinstein is an American rapper.

His albums: Crap Artists / Substance D. Genres related to him: Hip hop music.

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Travis Smith

Travis Smith (April 29, 1982 Bainbridge-) a.k.a. Smith, Travis is an American drummer and musician.

Genres he performed: Metalcore and Thrash metal.

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Shawn Harris

Shawn Harris (June 24, 1982 Berkeley-) is an American guitarist and singer.

Shawn Harris is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the indie rock band, The Matches, which he co-founded in 1997. He has also played in the band, Maniac, and released solo music under the name, St. Ranger. Harris has been featured in numerous music publications and has toured extensively across the United States and internationally. In addition to his music career, he has also dabbled in acting and has made appearances in a number of films and TV shows. Harris is known for his unique singing style, which blends punk, pop, and indie influences, and his energetic and charismatic stage presence.

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Brandi Williams

Brandi Williams (October 5, 1982 Detroit-) a.k.a. Brandi Danielle Williams or Blaque is an American songwriter, singer and actor.

Genres: Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Hip hop music.

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Parker Gispert

Parker Gispert (May 24, 1982-) is an American guitarist and musician.

He is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the alternative rock band, The Whigs. Gispert formed the band in 2002 while attending the University of Georgia, along with bassist Hank Sullivant and drummer Julian Dorio. The Whigs have released several albums, including their critically acclaimed debut, "Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip," and have toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. In addition to his work with The Whigs, Gispert has also released solo material, including his 2011 EP "Magnolia Sunrise." He has been praised for his songwriting ability and his energetic performances on stage.

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Naomi Striemer

Naomi Striemer (October 6, 1982 United States of America-) a.k.a. Striemer, Naomi is an American singer.

Her discography includes: Naomi Striemer.

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Joy Williams

Joy Williams (November 14, 1982 Mount Hermon-) also known as Joy, Joy Elizabeth Williams or The Civil Wars is an American singer-songwriter, record producer and musician. She has one child, Miles Alexander Yetton.

Her albums include Joy Williams, Every Moment: The Best of Joy Williams, By Surprise, Genesis, Songs from This/Songs from That, One of Those Days, More Than I Asked For, We Mapped the World and Barton Hollow. Genres related to her: Contemporary Christian music, Christian music, Pop music and Folk rock.

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Nivea (March 24, 1982 Savannah-) a.k.a. Nivea B. Nash, Nivea B. Hamilton or Nivea Hamilton is an American singer, singer-songwriter and rapper. She has four children, Navy Talia Nash, London Nash, Christian Nash and Neal Carter.

Her albums include Nivea, Complicated, Animalistic, Purple Heart, Okay and Undercover (Mixtape). Genres she performed: Rhythm and blues, Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Soul music, Hip hop music, Crunk&B and Dance music.

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Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford (May 16, 1982 Manila-) a.k.a. Billy Joe Crawford, billy_crawford, Crawford, Billy, Billy Joe or William Ledesma Crawford is an American singer, record producer, presenter, singer-songwriter, actor and dancer.

Discography: Urgently In Love, Trackin', It's Time, Billy Crawford, Ride, Big City, Big City Tour Live, Groove, Orgaga & Surkin Reworks and Sky is the Limit. His related genres: Pop music, Soul music, Contemporary R&B and Music of the Philippines.

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Alecia Elliott

Alecia Elliott (December 25, 1982 Muscle Shoals-) also known as Elliott, Alecia is an American singer.

Her albums include I'm Diggin' It. Genres she performed include Country.

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Jin Au-Yeung

Jin Au-Yeung (June 4, 1982 Miami-) also known as MC Jin, Jin Auyeung, Ou-Yang Ching, Ouyang Jing, Jin-Au Yeung, Jin, Jin the Emcee or Jin Tha MC is an American songwriter, actor and rapper. He has one child, Chance Au-Yeung.

His albums include Learn Chinese, The Emcees Properganda, Best of Jin, The Rest Is History, I Promise, The voice, 100 Grand Jin, The G.A.R.T.E.E.'s World Mixtape, abc and Brand New Me. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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