American music stars died in Cancer

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America died in Cancer:

Percy Heath

Percy Heath (April 30, 1923 Wilmington-April 28, 2005 Southampton) otherwise known as Heath, Percy was an American musician and bassist.

His albums: A Love Song, The Modern Jazz Sextet and Newport in New York '72 - The Jam Sessions, Volume 2. Genres: Hard bop, Cool jazz and Bebop.

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Daniel Schaefer

Daniel Schaefer (January 25, 1936 Guttenberg-April 16, 2006 Wheat Ridge) was an American bassist.

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Dorothy DeLay

Dorothy DeLay (March 31, 1917 Medicine Lodge-March 24, 2002 New York City) was an American violinist and teacher.

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B. A. Rolfe

B. A. Rolfe (October 24, 1879 Brasher Falls-Winthrop-April 23, 1956 Walpole) also known as The Boy Trumpet Wonder or Benjamin Albert Rolfe was an American bandleader, film producer, musician, radio personality and film director.

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Elmer Dresslar, Jr.

Elmer Dresslar, Jr. (March 25, 1925 St. Francis-October 16, 2005) also known as Elmer Dresslar or Dresslar, Elmer was an American singer.

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Mildred Natwick

Mildred Natwick (June 19, 1905 Baltimore-October 25, 1994 New York City) also known as Milly was an American actor.

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Oliver (February 22, 1945 Wilkesboro-February 12, 2000 Shreveport) also known as William Oliver Swafford was an American , .

His discography includes: Good Morning Starshine: The Best of Oliver, Good Morning Starshine, Again and Standing Stone.

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Ella Logan

Ella Logan (March 6, 1913 Glasgow-May 1, 1969 Burlingame) a.k.a. Georgina Allan, Ella Allan, Ina Allan or Logan, Ella was an American singer and actor.

Her albums: Are You Havin' Any Fun / Something I Dreamed Last Night and Ella Logan Sings Favorites from "Finian's Rainbow".

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Milan Williams

Milan Williams (March 28, 1948 Okolona-July 9, 2006 Houston) also known as Milan B Williams was an American keyboard player and musician. His children are called Jason Milan and Ricci Milan.

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Basil Poledouris

Basil Poledouris (August 21, 1945 Kansas City-November 8, 2006 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Basilis Konstantine Poledouris, Vassilis Konstantinos "Basil" Poledouris, Vassilis Konstantinos Poledouris or Basil was an American conductor, film score composer, composer, actor and film director. His children are Zoë Poledouris and Alexis Poledouris.

His discography includes: RoboCop, The Hunt for Red October, Quigley Down Under, Lassie, For Love of the Game, Fire on the Mountain / Flyers, Conan Il Barbaro, Conan the Destroyer, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and Farewell to the King. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Axel Stordahl

Axel Stordahl (August 8, 1913 Staten Island-August 30, 1963 Encino) also known as Alex Stordahl, Alec Stordahl or Odd Stordahl was an American music arranger, trumpeter, composer and film score composer. His children are called Susan Stordahl and Jeffrey Stordahl.

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Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd (September 16, 1925 Suffolk-December 2, 1999 Annapolis) also known as Charles L. Byrd was an American musician and guitarist. He had two children, Carol Rose Byrd and Charlotte Byrd.

Related albums: The Charlie Byrd Christmas Album, Blue Byrd, The Return Of The Great Guitars, Latin Byrd, Classical Byrd, My Inspiration, For Louis, Byrd by the Sea, Charlie Byrd: The Best of the Concord Years and Byrd Song. Genres he performed include Brazilian jazz, Swing music, Bossa nova and Latin jazz.

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John Facenda

John Facenda (August 8, 1913 Portsmouth-September 26, 1984 Havertown) also known as John Thomas Ralph Augustine James Facenda or The Voice of God was an American journalist, disc jockey, sports commentator, radio personality, presenter, announcer and newscaster.

Discography: The Power And The Glory.

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John Drew Barrymore

John Drew Barrymore (June 4, 1932 Los Angeles-November 29, 2004 Los Angeles) otherwise known as John Blyth Barrymore, Jr, John Sidney Blythe Barrymore Jr, John Barrymore Dr., John Barrymore Jr., John Blyth Barrymore or John Sidney Blythe Barrymore Jr. was an American actor. His children are John Blyth Barrymore, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Blyth Barrymore and Blyth Dolores Barrymore.

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Helen Bonchek Schneyer

Helen Bonchek Schneyer (January 10, 1921 United States of America-July 16, 2005) was an American singer.

Her discography includes: Ballads, Broadsides And Hymns.

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George M. Cohan

George M. Cohan (July 3, 1878 Providence-November 5, 1942 Manhattan) a.k.a. Cohan, George M., George Michael Cohan or Cohan was an American composer, singer, playwright, lyricist, theatrical producer and actor. His children are called Helen Cohan, Mary Cohan, Georgette Cohan and George M. Cohan Jr..

His albums: George M! (1968 Original Broadway Cast), Yankee Doodle Dandy and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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Nancy Kulp

Nancy Kulp (August 28, 1921 Harrisburg-February 3, 1991 Palm Desert) also known as Nancy Jane Kulp, Kulp, Nancy, Slim or Nancy Culp was an American politician, actor and voice actor.

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Eugene Record

Eugene Record (December 23, 1940 Chicago-July 22, 2005 Chicago) also known as Record, Eugene or Eugene Booker Record was an American record producer, songwriter, singer and composer.

His albums: I Don't Mind / Take Everything and Welcome to My Fantasy.

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Virginia Bruce

Virginia Bruce (September 29, 1910 Minneapolis-February 24, 1982 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Helen Virginia Briggs was an American singer and actor. Her children are Susan Ann Gilbert and Christopher Ruben.

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Mimi Fariña

Mimi Fariña (April 30, 1945 York-July 18, 2001 Mill Valley) a.k.a. Mimi Farina, Margarita Mimi Baez, Fariña, Mimi or Mimi Baez Fariña was an American singer, musician, songwriter and actor.

Her albums: Take Heart. Her related genres: Folk music, Bluegrass and Folk rock.

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Dorothy Loudon

Dorothy Loudon (September 17, 1925 Boston-November 15, 2003 New York City) a.k.a. Loudon, Dorothy or Dotty was an American singer and actor.

Her most well known albums: Saloon and Broadway Baby.

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Ray Peterson

Ray Peterson (April 23, 1939 Denton-January 25, 2005 Smyrna) a.k.a. Peterson, Ray was an American singer.

His albums: Tell Laura I Love Her, The Wonder of You / I'm Gone and Tell Laura I Love Her. Genres he performed include Traditional pop music.

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Edith Massey

Edith Massey (May 28, 1918 San Francisco-October 24, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Massey, Edith, Egg Lady, The or Edie the Egg Lady was an American singer, actor and dancer.

Her albums: Big Girls Don't Cry / Punks Get off the Grass.

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Vicki Sue Robinson

Vicki Sue Robinson (May 31, 1954 Harlem-April 27, 2000 Wilton) also known as Vicky Sue Robinson or Vickie Sue Robinson was an American singer, actor and session musician.

Discography: Turn the Beat Around, Never Gonna Let You Go and Daylight / Never Gonna Let You Go. Genres she performed: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Disco and Contemporary R&B.

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Eleanor Powell

Eleanor Powell (November 21, 1912 Springfield-February 11, 1982 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Eleanor Torrey Powell or The Queen of Tap Dancing was an American dancer and actor. She had one child, Peter Ford.

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Gene Nelson

Gene Nelson (March 24, 1920 Astoria-September 16, 1996 Los Angeles) also known as Leander Eugene Berg, Gene Berg, Eugene E. Nelson, Eugene A. Nelson or Eugene Berg was an American actor, dancer, television director, screenwriter, musician, composer, film director and teacher. He had three children, Chris Nelson, Douglas Nelson and Victoria Gordon.

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Nydia Westman

Nydia Westman (February 19, 1902 New York City-May 23, 1970 Burbank) a.k.a. Nydia Eileen Westman, Peg or Westman was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Kate Williamson.

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Susie Garrett

Susie Garrett (December 29, 1929 Detroit-May 24, 2002 Southfield) was an American actor and singer.

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Jimmie Dodd

Jimmie Dodd (March 28, 1910 Cincinnati-November 10, 1964 Honolulu) also known as James W. Dodd, Mouseketeer, James Dodd, Jimmy Dodd, Jimmie, James Wesley Dodd or ジミー・ドッド was an American actor, songwriter, composer, guitarist and singer.

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Louis W. Ballard

Louis W. Ballard (July 8, 1931 Oklahoma-February 9, 2007 Santa Fe) a.k.a. Ballard, Louis W. was an American artist and visual artist.

Discography: American Indian Music for the Classroom.

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Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks (November 30, 1912 Fort Scott-March 7, 2006 New York City) also known as Gordon Alexander Parks, Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks, Gordon Parks Sr. or Parks, Gordon was an American photographer, actor, film director, poet, novelist, journalist, writer, author and film score composer. His children are called Gordon Parks, Jr., Toni Parks-Parsons, Leslie Parks and David Parks.

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Sonny King

Sonny King (April 1, 1922 Brooklyn-February 3, 2006 Las Vegas) otherwise known as Luigi Antonio Schiavone was an American actor. He had five children, Craig Unger, Shannon Ward, Antoinette Schiavone, Louis Schiavone II and Christopher Schiavone.

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Johnny Grande

Johnny Grande (January 14, 1930 South Philadelphia-June 3, 2006 Clarksville) a.k.a. John A. Grande was an American pianist.

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Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy (February 2, 1963 Washington, D.C.-November 2, 1996 Bowie) a.k.a. Cassidy, Eva or Eva Marie Cassidy was an American singer, actor and musician.

Her albums: Live at Blues Alley, Songbird, Eva by Heart, Time After Time, No Boundaries, Imagine, American Tune, Wonderful World, Live At Pearl's and Somewhere. Genres: Pop music, Jazz, Blues, Folk music, Gospel music, Traditional music, Country and Soul music.

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O'Kelly Isley, Jr.

O'Kelly Isley, Jr. (December 25, 1937 Cincinnati-March 31, 1986 Alpine) a.k.a. O'Kelly Isley or Isley, O'Kelly, Jr. was an American singer-songwriter.

Genres related to him: Rhythm and blues, Funk, Rock music, Soul music and Doo-wop.

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Jan Clayton

Jan Clayton (August 26, 1917 Tularosa-August 28, 1983 West Hollywood) also known as Jane Clayton, Jan Clayton Jo or Jo, Jan Clayton was an American actor and singer. She had four children, Sandra Hayden, Joe Lerner, Karen Lerner and Robin Lerner.

Discography: Carousel (1945 original Broadway cast).

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Ruby Keeler

Ruby Keeler (August 25, 1910 Dartmouth-February 28, 1993 Rancho Mirage) a.k.a. Ethel Hilda Keeler was an American singer, actor and dancer. She had one child, Al Jolson Jr..

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Goldie Hill

Goldie Hill (January 11, 1933 Karnes City-February 24, 2005) otherwise known as Angolda Voncile Hill or Hill, Goldie was an American singer and songwriter.

Genres: Country.

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John Fiedler

John Fiedler (February 3, 1925 Platteville-June 25, 2005 Englewood) a.k.a. John Donald Fiedler or Johnny Fiedler was an American voice actor and actor.

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Elmer Bernstein

Elmer Bernstein (April 4, 1922 New York City-August 18, 2004 Ojai) also known as Elmer Berstein, Elmer Burnstein, Elmer Bernstien, Bernstein West or E. Bernstein was an American songwriter, conductor, film score composer, composer, dancer, painter, actor, pianist and teacher. He had four children, Emilie A. Bernstein, Elizabeth Bernstein, Gregory Bernstein and Peter Bernstein.

His albums include Heavy Metal: The Score, Stripes!, A Man and His Movies, The Magnificent Seven / The Hallelujah Trail, Elmer Bernstein by Elmer Bernstein, Last Man Standing: Music Inspired By The Film, Wild Wild West, Great Composers: Elmer Bernstein, Far From Heaven and The Magnificent Seven. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Dennis Weaver

Dennis Weaver (June 4, 1924 Joplin-February 24, 2006 Ridgway) also known as William Dennis Weaver, Billy Dennis Weaver, Dennis "Chester" Weaver or Chester Weaver was an American actor, pilot and television director. He had three children, Robby Weaver, Rusty Weaver and Rick Weaver.

His albums: One More Road.

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Rosina Lawrence

Rosina Lawrence (December 30, 1912 Westboro, Ottawa-June 23, 1997 New York City) also known as Miss Lawrence or Miss Jones was an American actor, dancer and singer.

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Mary Lou Williams

Mary Lou Williams (May 8, 1910 Atlanta-May 28, 1981 Durham) otherwise known as Williams, Mary Lou or Mary Elfrieda Scruggs was an American composer, bandleader, jazz pianist and pianist.

Her discography includes: Black Christ of the Andes, Zoning, The London Sessions, These Foolish Things Remind Me of You / Lonely Moments, Zodiac Suite, My Mama Pinned a Rose on Me, Jazz in Paris: I Made You Love Paris, The Chronological Classics: Mary Lou Williams 1944-1945, The Chronological Classics: Mary Lou Williams 1944 and The First Lady of the Piano: 1952-1971. Genres she performed include Swing music, Hard bop, Big Band, Free jazz, Gospel music, Third stream and Classical music.

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Percy Faith

Percy Faith (April 7, 1908 Toronto-February 9, 1976 Encino) otherwise known as P. Faith, The Percy Faith Strings or Faith, Percy was an American bandleader, composer and film score composer.

His albums: 16 Most Requested Songs, Camelot / My Fair Lady, Angel of the Morning / Black Magic Woman, Instrumental Favorites: A Time Life Collection, Viva! The Music of Mexico / The Music of Brazil!, The Ultimate Collection, More Themes For Young Lovers, Percy Faith Plays Music From South Pacific, Porgy and Bess / The Most Happy Fella and The Most Happy Fella.

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Robie Lester

Robie Lester (March 23, 1925 Detroit-June 14, 2005 Burbank) a.k.a. Lester, Robie, Roberta Lester, Roby Charmandy or Robby Lester was an American voice actor and actor. She had one child, Mindy Lester.

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Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy (July 23, 1934 New York City-June 4, 2004 Boston) otherwise known as Steven Norman Lackritz or Steven Lackritz was an American saxophonist and jazz composer.

His most recognized albums: The Beat Suite, N.Y. Capers & Quirks, Plays Thelonious Monk (Reflections), Sands, The Way, The Forest and the Zoo, Trickles, Soprano Sax, The Flame and The Window. Genres: Jazz, Dixieland and Avant-garde jazz.

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Don Adams

Don Adams (April 13, 1923 Manhattan-September 25, 2005 Los Angeles) also known as Donald James Yarmy or Adams, Don was an American comedian, actor, voice actor, television director, screenwriter, television producer, film editor and film director. He had seven children, Cecily Adams, Stacey Adams, Sean Adams, Caroline Adams, Christine Adams, Catherine Adams and Beige Adams.

His albums include Get Smart.

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Jane Barbe

Jane Barbe (July 29, 1928 Florida-July 18, 2003 Roswell) was an American singer.

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Lorenzo Music

Lorenzo Music (May 2, 1937 Brooklyn-August 4, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Gerald David Music, L. Muzic, Jerry Music or L. Music was an American musician, writer, television producer, actor, voice actor and screenwriter. His children are Fernando Music, Sam Music, Roz Music and Leilani Music.

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Vivian Vance

Vivian Vance (July 26, 1909 Cherryvale-August 17, 1979 Belvedere) otherwise known as Vivian Roberta Jones, vivian_vance or Viv was an American singer and actor.

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