American music stars died in Stomach cancer

Here are 24 famous musicians from United States of America died in Stomach cancer:

Brownie McGhee

Brownie McGhee (November 30, 1915 Knoxville-February 16, 1996 Oakland) also known as Walter "Brownie" McGhee, Walter Brown McGhee, Walter McGhee, Walter Brown ("Brownie") McGhee, Blind Boy Fuller No. 2. or Brownie McGee was an American singer, musician, actor and film score composer.

His most recognized albums: The Complete Brownie McGhee, The Folkways Years, 1945-1959, Back Home Blues, Down South Summit Meeting, Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 33: Coffee House Blues, , Facts Of Life, I Couldn't Believe My Eyes Plus..., Traditional Blues sung by Brownie McGhee Vol 1 and Blues Hoot Live Recording at 'The Ash Grove'. Genres related to him: Country blues, Piedmont blues, East Coast blues and Roots revival.

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John Wayne

John Wayne (May 26, 1907 Winterset-June 11, 1979 Los Angeles) also known as Marion Robert Morrison, Duke Morrison, Marion Mitchell Morrison, Marion Michael Morrison, Michael Morris, Marion Morrison, Duke, JW, Little Duke or The Duke was an American actor, film director, film producer and businessperson. He had seven children, Michael Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Ethan Wayne, Mary Antonia Wayne LaCava, Aissa Wayne, Melinda Wayne Munoz and Marisa Wayne.

Related albums: America, Why I Love Her.

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Oscar Hammerstein II

Oscar Hammerstein II (July 12, 1895 New York City-August 23, 1960 Doylestown) also known as Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein, Mr. Oscar Hammerstein, Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Ockie, Oscar Hammerstein, Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein II or Oscar Hammerstein Jrs was an American writer, record producer, songwriter, theatrical producer, theatre director, playwright, librettist, lyricist, screenwriter and music director. He had three children, William Hammerstein, Alice Hammerstein Mathias and James Hammerstein.

His albums: American Songbook Series: Oscar Hammerstein II, Oklahoma! (1980 London revival cast), Oklahoma! (1964 studio cast), Oklahoma!, State Fair (1962 film cast), The Sound of Music, Flower Drum Song (1961 film cast), The Sound of Music (1959 original Broadway cast), The King and I (1956 film cast) and South Pacific (1958 film cast).

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Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein (February 3, 1874 Allegheny-July 27, 1946 Neuilly-sur-Seine) a.k.a. Stein, Gertrude was an American poet, writer, librettist and author.

She is best known for her literary works which often challenged traditional narrative structure and conventions. Stein spent the early years of her life in the United States before moving to Paris, France where she became a central figure in the artistic and literary community. She hosted gatherings that included some of the most famous writers and artists of the time, such as Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Stein's style of writing, characterized by repetition and the use of vernacular language, was highly influential in the development of modernist literature. In addition to her literary work, Stein also contributed to the war effort during World War I by volunteering for the American Fund for French Wounded. Stein's impact on the arts and culture of the 20th century continues to be felt today, with her work being celebrated and studied by scholars and enthusiasts alike.

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Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers (March 20, 1928 Latrobe-February 27, 2003 Pittsburgh) also known as Mister Rogers, Fred McFeely Rogers, Frederick McFeely Rogers or Mr. Rogers was an American educator, songwriter, television producer, author, screenwriter, presenter, actor, minister, television show host and voice actor. His children are called James Byrd Rogers and John Frederick Rogers.

His albums: Coming and Going and You're Growing. Genres he performed: Children's music.

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Brett Somers

Brett Somers (July 11, 1924 Saint John-September 15, 2007 Westport) also known as Audrey Johnston, Dawn Johnston, Brett Somers-Klugman, Brett Somers Klugman, Brett Sommers or Audrey Dawn Johnston was an American singer, actor, comedian and tv personality. Her children are called David Klugman, Leslie Klein and Adam Klugman.

Brett Somers started her career as a singer in Canada where she was born and raised. She eventually moved to New York City to pursue acting and comedy. Somers was a regular on the game show "Match Game" in the 1970s and became known for her quick wit and sharp humor. She was also known for her role as Blanche Madison opposite her real-life husband, Jack Klugman, in the TV series "The Odd Couple." In addition to her work on television, Somers appeared on stage in several productions including "The Seven Year Itch" and "The Country Girl." She was also a talented writer and authored two books, "The Art of Mingling" and "My Life in Small Pictures." Somers passed away in 2007 at the age of 83.

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Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack (July 1, 1934 Lafayette-May 26, 2008 Pacific Palisades) also known as Sydney Irwin Pollack, Sidney Pollack or Sidney Pollock was an American film producer, film director, actor, television producer, television director and voice actor. His children are Rebecca Pollack, Rachel Pollack and Steven Pollack.

Pollack began his career in the industry as an actor, training under Sanford Meisner before transitioning to directing in the late 1960s. He went on to become one of the most prolific and successful filmmakers in Hollywood, directing numerous critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including "Tootsie," "The Way We Were," and "Out of Africa," for which he won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture.

Aside from his work in film, Pollack also made contributions to television, directing and producing shows such as "The Sopranos" and "Will & Grace." He was also a staunch advocate for the rights of artists, serving as head of the Directors Guild of America for six years and speaking out against the dangers of censorship in the entertainment industry.

Pollack passed away in 2008 at the age of 73 due to complications from cancer. His legacy as a filmmaker and advocate for the arts continues to inspire many in the industry today.

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Alice Faye

Alice Faye (May 5, 1915 New York City-May 9, 1998 Rancho Mirage) also known as Alice Jeanne Leppert or Alice Jeanne Lepert was an American singer and actor. She had two children, Phyllis Harris and Alice Harris.

Discography: You'll Never Know - A Tribute.

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Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame (November 28, 1923 Los Angeles-October 5, 1981 New York City) a.k.a. Gloria Hallward, Gloria H. Grahame or Gloria Grahame Hallward was an American actor. She had four children, Anthony Ray Jr., James Ray, Marianna Paulette Howard and Timothy Ray.

Gloria Grahame began her acting career in theater before transitioning to films in the 1940s. She quickly became known for her sensual and provocative performances in films such as "Crossfire" (1947), "In a Lonely Place" (1950), and "The Big Heat" (1953). Grahame won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "The Bad and the Beautiful" (1952).

In addition to her film work, Grahame also appeared on television and on stage, earning critical acclaim for her performances in plays like "The Glass Menagerie" and "A Streetcar Named Desire."

Grahame's personal life was tumultuous - she was married four times, including to fellow actor Nicholas Ray with whom she had a son. She was known to be difficult to work with at times, and her career began to decline in the late 1950s. Grahame continued to act in smaller roles throughout the 1960s and 1970s until her death from breast cancer in 1981 at the age of 57.

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Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch (February 2, 1925 Detroit-July 17, 2014 Birmingham) also known as MarĂ­a Elena Lucena was an American actor, singer and voice actor.

Her albums include Stritch and Elaine Stritch: At Liberty.

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Nipsey Russell

Nipsey Russell (September 15, 1918 Atlanta-October 2, 2005 New York City) a.k.a. Russell, Nipsey, Npsey Rusell, Julius "Nipsey" Russell, Julius Russell, Nipsy Russell, The Poet Laureate of Comedy, The Poet Laureate of Television, Harlem's Son of Fun or Nipsey was an American actor.

Related albums: A Brand New Day / Liberation Ballet - A Brand New Day.

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Jack Gilford

Jack Gilford (July 25, 1907 Lower East Side-June 4, 1990 New York City) a.k.a. Jacob Aaron Gellman, Gilford, Jack or Yankel Gellman was an American actor and comedian. He had three children, Joe Gilford, Lisa Gilford and Sam Max Gilford.

Gilford was known for his comedic timing and expressive face, which led him to become a successful character actor in both film and television. He acted in a number of Broadway plays, including "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" and "Cabaret." Gilford was also nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting role in the film "Save the Tiger" in 1973. In addition to his acting career, he was an activist and fought for various causes, including civil rights and nuclear disarmament. Gilford was married to Madeline Lee Gilford for over 50 years until her death in 2008.

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Spencer Dryden

Spencer Dryden (April 7, 1938 New York City-January 11, 2005 Petaluma) a.k.a. Dryden, Spencer, Jefferson Airplane, The New Riders of the Purple Sage or New Riders Of The Purple Sage was an American musician and drummer. He had three children, Jeffrey Dryden, Jesse Dryden and Jackson Dryden.

Genres: Jazz, Psychedelic rock, Acid rock and Country rock.

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Ken Maynard

Ken Maynard (July 21, 1895 Vevay-March 23, 1973 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Kenneth Olin Maynard or Kenneth Olin "Ken" Maynard was an American actor, film producer and stunt performer.

He was born in Vevay, Indiana and grew up in a family of performers. Maynard began his career in the entertainment industry as a trick rider and horse trainer for circuses and vaudeville shows before transitioning to silent films in the 1920s. He starred in over 90 films, many of which were Westerns, and was known for performing his own stunts on horseback. Maynard's popularity as a Western star waned with the advent of sound films, but he continued to act in smaller roles and work behind the scenes in Hollywood until his death in Woodland Hills, California in 1973.

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Cisco Houston

Cisco Houston (August 18, 1918 Wilmington-April 29, 1961 San Bernardino) a.k.a. Houston, Cisco was an American singer, sailor and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: The Folkways Years, 1944-1961, Cisco Houston Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie and 900 Miles and Other R.R. Songs. Genres related to him: Folk music.

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Johnny Adams

Johnny Adams (January 5, 1932 New Orleans-September 14, 1998 Baton Rouge) a.k.a. Adams, Johnny was an American singer.

His albums: Room With a View of the Blues, Christmas in New Orleans With Johnny Adams, I Won't Cry, The Immortal Soul of Johnny Adams, After Dark, From the Heart, Good Morning Heartache, Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me, Man of My Word and One Foot in the Blues. His related genres: Rhythm and blues, Jazz, Soul music and Gospel music.

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Barbara Britton

Barbara Britton (September 26, 1920 Long Beach-January 17, 1980 New York City) also known as Barbara Brantingham was an American actor. Her children are Christina Britton and Thedore Britton.

Britton began her career as a model before transitioning to acting in the 1940s. She starred in several films, including "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and "I Shot Jesse James." However, she is best known for her work on television, particularly as the lead in the western series "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp."

Britton made appearances in numerous other TV shows, such as "Perry Mason" and "The Twilight Zone." Later in her career, she focused more on theater and appeared in several Broadway productions.

Outside of her acting career, Britton was known for her charitable work and served as the national chairman for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. She was also an advocate for animal welfare and worked with the American Humane Society.

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Dick Curless

Dick Curless (March 17, 1932 Fort Fairfield-May 25, 1995) also known as Curless, Dick was an American singer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Hard, Hard Traveling Man, The Drag 'Em Off the Interstate Sock It to 'Em Hits Of, A Tombstone Every Mile / Heart Talk, Six Times a Day (The Trains Came Down) / Down by the Old River, Travelin' Through and Tombstone Every Mile. Genres he performed include Country.

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Smiley Lewis

Smiley Lewis (July 5, 1913 DeQuincy-October 7, 1966 New Orleans) also known as Lewis, Smiley was an American songwriter.

Related albums: New Orleans Bounce 30 of His Best, One Night (of Sin) / Ain't Gonna Do It, I Hear You Knocking / Bumpity Bump, The Best of Smiley Lewis: I Hear You Knocking and Shame, Shame, Shame. Genres he performed include Blues and Music of New Orleans.

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Tom Clay

Tom Clay (August 20, 1929 New York City-November 22, 1995 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Clay, Tom was an American , .

Discography: What the World Needs Now Is Love.

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Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 Portsmouth-May 16, 2010 Los Angeles) also known as Dio, Ronnie James, Ronald James Padovana, Ronald Padavona, Dio or Ronnie Dio was an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, screenwriter, actor and songwriter. His child is called Dan Padavona.

Discography: Mightier Than the Sword: The Ronnie James Dio Story. Genres he performed include Hard rock, Heavy metal, Power metal, Blues rock and Doom metal.

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Connee Boswell

Connee Boswell (December 3, 1907 Kansas City-October 11, 1976 New York City) a.k.a. Constance F. Boswell, Connie Boswell, Boswell, Connee or Constance Foore Boswell was an American singer and actor.

Her albums include Connee, Irving Berlin: A Golden Anniversary Tribute, Heart & Soul: 25 Hits 1932-42, Connee Boswell and the Original Memphis Five in Hi-Fi, Moonlight and Roses, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, Rarities, Sweethearts or Strangers / I'll Keep on Loving You, They Can't Take These Songs Away From Me and Basin Street Blues / Bob White. Her related genres: Jazz.

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Little Joe Blue

Little Joe Blue (September 23, 1934 Vicksburg-April 22, 1990) also known as Blue, Little Joe was an American singer.

His discography includes: Little Joe Blue's Greatest Hits, Southern Country Boy and Me and My Woman / My Heart Beats Like a Drum.

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Lightnin' Slim

Lightnin' Slim (March 13, 1913 St. Louis-July 27, 1974 Detroit) also known as Lightning Slim, Otis Hicks, Lightin' Slim or Lightnin' Slin was an American singer.

His albums: Blue Lightning, Rooster Blues, Rooster Blues / Lightnin' Slim's Bell Ringer, The Best of Lightnin' Slim, I'm Tired Waitin' Baby / Hello Mary Lee, I'm a Rolling Stone / Love Me Mama, Bell Ringer, I'm Evil: Rare and Unissued Excello Masters, Volume One and Nothing But the Devil. Genres: Louisiana blues and Swamp blues.

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