Argentine actors who were born in 1942

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1942:

Carlos Monzón

Carlos Monzón (August 7, 1942 San Javier-January 8, 1995 Santa Rosa de Calchines) also known as Carlos Monzon or Escopeta was an Argentine professional boxer and actor. His children are called Carlos Alberto Monzón, Silvia Beatriz Monzón, Abel Ricardo Monzón and Maximiliano Roque Monzón.

Monzón was a formidable middleweight boxer, reigning as the undisputed world champion from 1970 to 1977. He had an impressive record of 87 wins, 3 losses, and 9 draws. He retired from boxing in 1977 with a career-ending record of 14 consecutive title defenses.

After retiring from boxing, Monzón pursued a career in acting and appeared in several films and television shows. He also had a troubled personal life and was involved in several high-profile incidents, including the shooting and killing of his wife in 1988, for which he served time in prison before his death in a car accident in 1995. Despite his controversies outside of the ring, Monzón remains one of Argentina's most celebrated and beloved athletes.

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Palito Ortega

Palito Ortega (March 8, 1942 Lules-) also known as Ramón Bautista Ortega, Ramón Bautista Ortega Saavedra, Ramón "Palito" Ortega, Nery Nelson or Tony Varano is an Argentine politician, singer, actor and film score composer. He has six children, Rosario Ortega, Sebastián Ortega, Luis Ortega, Martín Ortega, Julieta Ortega and Emanuel Ortega.

Palito Ortega began his career as a singer in the 1960s and was part of the musical movement known as the "New Argentine Song". He recorded numerous hits including "La Felicidad", "Que Vengan los Bomberos", and "Despeinada". Ortega also appeared in several films during his career, such as "Mi Primera Novia" and "Yo Te Amo".

Aside from his career in entertainment, Ortega has also had a successful career in politics. He served as the governor of his home province, Tucumán, from 1991 to 1995, and was later elected as a senator for the same province in 2003. Ortega has also been involved in philanthropy, particularly supporting vulnerable children and youth in Argentina.

Despite his many roles and accomplishments, Ortega's family remains a top priority for him. He has been married to Evangelina Salazar since 1966 and is a devoted father to his six children. His sons, Sebastián and Emanuel, have followed in his footsteps and become successful musicians and singers in their own right.

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Cacho Castaña

Cacho Castaña (June 11, 1942 Buenos Aires-) also known as Cacho Castana, Humberto Vicente Castagna or Cacho Castania is an Argentine singer and actor.

Castaña began his career in the 1960s as a composer, writing hits for artists such as Sandro and Leo Dan. He later transitioned to singing and became known for his romantic ballads, earning the nickname "The Crying Idol". Castaña has released over 30 albums and has acted in several films and TV shows. He is also known for his controversial lyrics and has faced backlash over the years for his use of sexist and homophobic language in his songs. In 2019, he received criticism for making a controversial statement about rape during an interview, and later apologized for his remarks. Despite the controversies, Castaña remains a beloved figure in Argentine popular culture.

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Marcos Mundstock

Marcos Mundstock (May 25, 1942 Santa Fe-) also known as Marcos Mundstock Finkelstein or Les Luthiers is an Argentine musician, comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter.

He is best known as a co-founder and member of the Latin American musical humor group Les Luthiers. Mundstock studied architecture and music before joining the group in 1967. He has contributed to most of the group's creations, producing musical arrangements, writing lyrics, acting, and performing his signature style of humor. In addition to his work with Les Luthiers, Mundstock has also worked as a television host, film director, and voice actor. He has been recognized for his contributions to the arts through numerous awards and honors, including the Konex Award, Argentina's highest cultural distinction, and the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, which he received in 2017. Despite retiring from touring in 2017 due to hearing issues, Mundstock remains an active member of Les Luthiers, contributing to the group's creative process and continuing to make occasional appearances.

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Jérôme Savary

Jérôme Savary (June 27, 1942 Buenos Aires-March 4, 2013 Levallois-Perret) also known as Jerome Savary was an Argentine screenwriter, film director and actor. He had four children, Robinson Savary, Manon Savary, Nina Savary and Beatriz-Carmen Savary.

Savary is best known for his work in the field of theater, where he was considered one of the most influential directors and producers of his time in France. He founded his own theater company, the Grand Magic Circus, in 1971, which produced a number of shows that were celebrated for their innovation and creativity.

Over the course of his career, Savary produced and directed more than 60 different productions, including both classical plays and modern works. He was particularly well-known for his adaptations of musicals, including "West Side Story," "Cabaret," and "Guys and Dolls." His productions were marked by their visual flair and energy, as well as a sharp sense of humor.

Beyond his work in theater, Savary also directed several films, including "Wake Up, My Love" (1977) and "L'étincelle" (1984). He was recognized for his contributions to French culture with a number of awards over the years, including the National Order of Merit and the Legion of Honor.

Savary's legacy continues to shape the world of theater in France and beyond, and his innovative approach to stagecraft and storytelling continues to inspire new generations of artists.

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Carlos Gavito

Carlos Gavito (April 27, 1942-July 1, 2005) a.k.a. Carlos Eduardo Gavito was an Argentine choreographer and actor.

Gavito is widely regarded as one of the greatest tango dancers of all time. He performed with several renowned tango companies, including La Scala and Tango x 2. Gavito also appeared in several movies, including "The Tango Lesson" and "Assassination Tango." In addition to his dancing and acting career, Gavito was also a choreographer, creating several innovative tango routines. He passed away in 2005 from a heart attack, leaving behind a legacy as a master of the art of tango.

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