Argentine actors who were born in 1966

Here are 9 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1966:

Mariano Argento

Mariano Argento (December 5, 1966 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor.

He is best known for his work in Argentine cinema and television. Argento began his acting career in the mid-1980s, appearing in various theater productions before transitioning to television and film. He gained widespread recognition for his role in the critically acclaimed Argentine film "Pizza, Beer, and Smokes" (1998), which won several awards at international film festivals. In addition to his film work, Argento has appeared in numerous popular Argentine TV shows, including the drama series "Los Simuladores" (2002-2004) and the comedy show "Casados Con Hijos" (2005-2006). He has also worked as a voice actor, lending his voice to animated films and TV shows. Over the course of his career, Argento has become one of the most respected actors in Argentina, and he continues to be active in the film and television industries.

In 2009, Mariano Argento starred in "La Leon", a film that earned him a Martín Fierro Award for Best Supporting Actor. He has also appeared in international films, such as "Evita" (1996) and "Captain America: Civil War" (2016). Aside from acting, Argento has directed theater productions, including "El Ultimo Espectador" and "Terrenal". He has also taught acting workshops at various institutions, such as the Centro Cultural Rojas and Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini. In addition, he co-hosted the Argentine version of "Top Gear" in 2016. Off-screen, Argento is known for his political activism and has supported various causes, including gender equality and environmental protection.

Esteban Prol

Esteban Prol (December 15, 1966 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor.

He began his acting career in the 1980s with small roles on television shows and movies. In the early 2000s, he gained more recognition for his roles in popular Argentine telenovelas, such as "Padre Coraje" and "Los Simuladores." Prol has also acted in several international productions, including the Spanish film "Sin Fin" and the Brazilian TV series "Supermax." Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and nominations for his performances, including the Martín Fierro Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. In addition to acting, Prol is also a musician who plays several instruments, including the guitar, drums, and piano. He has released several albums and has performed in concerts both in Argentina and abroad.

Prol has also been involved with theater, having appeared in numerous productions in Argentina and around the world. He has worked with prestigious companies such as the National Drama Theater of Buenos Aires and the Moscow Art Theater. In 2018, he starred in the acclaimed play "Toc Toc" in Buenos Aires, which was later adapted into a movie in which he also reprised his role.

Aside from his acting and music career, Prol is also a recognized philanthropist. He actively supports various charitable organizations that focus on education, health, and poverty alleviation. In 2017, he was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF Argentina, and has since been promoting children's rights and the importance of education.

Prol continues to be one of the most versatile and respected actors in Argentina, and is highly regarded for his talent and dedication to his craft. He is widely admired by his fans and peers alike, and has left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry in Latin America and beyond.

Juan Soler

Juan Soler (January 19, 1966 San Miguel de Tucumán-) a.k.a. Juan Soler Valls-Quiroga is an Argentine model and actor. He has two children, Valentina Soler and Mia Soler.

Juan Soler started his modeling career at the age of 16 and soon became a successful model in Argentina, working for prestigious brands such as Giorgio Armani and Versace. He made his acting debut in 1994 on the Argentine telenovela "Montaña Rusa, Otra Vuelta" and subsequently landed more prominent roles in telenovelas such as "La Nena" and "El Deseo".

In 1996, Juan Soler moved to Mexico to pursue his acting career and quickly became a household name in the country, starring in popular telenovelas like "Preciosa", "Tres Mujeres", and "Pasión". He also ventured into film, starring in the Mexican drama "Contigo Aprendí" in 1998.

Juan Soler has received numerous accolades for his acting, including the TVyNovelas Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Bravo Award for Best Actor, both in 2005. He has also been a judge on the Mexican version of "Dancing with the Stars" and has worked as a television host for Univision and Telemundo in the United States.

Aside from his successful career in entertainment, Juan Soler is also known for his philanthropy. He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has worked with various charitable organizations to support children with cancer and other illnesses.

In addition to his work with UNICEF, Juan Soler is an active supporter of the Asociación Mexicana de Ayuda a Niños con Cáncer (Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer) and the Fundación Hogares, which helps children living in poverty in Mexico. He has also participated in various campaigns to raise awareness about violence against women and children.Prior to his success as a model and actor, Juan Soler studied architecture and worked in construction. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, and enjoys playing soccer and polo in his free time.

Hernán Chiozza

Hernán Chiozza (May 31, 1966 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor. He has two children, Agustina Chiozza and Lucila Chiozza.

Chiozza studied at Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático and began his acting career in theatre. He has performed in numerous theatre productions, including "Carmen" and "El Beso de la Mujer Araña." Chiozza has also appeared in various TV series, such as "Los Simuladores" and "Lalola," as well as films like "La Ficha del Dominó" and "El Desafío." In addition to acting, Chiozza is also a producer, known for his work on the TV series "Condicionados" and "13 Pueblos en Alerta." He is considered one of the most versatile actors in Argentina's entertainment industry.

Chiozza has received critical acclaim for his performances in both dramatic and comedic roles. He won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Condor de Plata Awards for his role in the film "Más Allá del Poder." Chiozza is also known for his voice work, having lent his voice to characters in animated films such as "Metegol" and "La Leyenda de la Llorona." He has also worked as a dubbing director for several films and TV series. Outside of acting, Chiozza is a supporter of animal rights and works with various organizations to raise awareness about animal cruelty. He is also a trained chef and has even opened his own restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Federico D'Elia

Federico D'Elia (October 4, 1966 La Plata-) also known as Fede or Federico D'Elía is an Argentine actor. He has three children, Teo D'Elia, Juan D'Elia and Miranda D'Elia.

Federico D'Elia began his acting career in the mid-1990s and quickly rose to fame in Argentina. He is best known for his work in telenovelas, including "Montecristo" and "El Elegido." D'Elia has also appeared in several films, including "Pretenders" and "The Pope's Toilet."

In addition to his acting career, D'Elia is also a writer and director. He has written and directed several theater productions, including "Ella en mi cabeza" and "El otro lado de la cama."

D'Elia is also an activist for various causes, including the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and the environment. He has spoken out about the importance of sustainability and has been involved in several campaigns to promote environmental protection.

Throughout his career, D'Elia has received numerous awards and nominations for his work in film and television. He continues to be an important figure in the Argentine entertainment industry and is widely regarded as one of the country's most talented actors.

Recently, Federico D'Elia has also become known for his controversial statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, he made headlines when he was arrested for violating quarantine protocols and then made comments on social media that were perceived as downplaying the severity of the virus. This led to a backlash from many in the public and the entertainment industry, and D'Elia later apologized for his statements. Despite this controversy, D'Elia remains an influential and respected figure in Argentine popular culture. In his personal life, he is known as a devoted father who enjoys spending time with his children and traveling.

Fabián Stratas

Fabián Stratas (July 23, 1966 Argentina-) also known as Fabian Stratas is an Argentine actor.

He is best known for his roles in various Argentine television series, including "Muñeca Brava", "Botineras", and "Todo por Amor". Stratas began his acting career in the early 1990s and quickly gained recognition for his talent, winning multiple awards for his performances. In addition to his work in television, Stratas has also appeared in several films, including "To Fool a Thief" and "The Widows of Thursdays". In recent years, he has also worked as a theater actor, performing in a number of successful productions. Outside of acting, Stratas is known for his charitable work and has been involved in various organizations focused on helping disadvantaged children and families.

One of Stratas' most notable performances on Argentine television was in the popular telenovela "Muñeca Brava", where he played the lead male role of "Martín Guerrero". The show gained international success and was widely acclaimed, propelling Stratas to stardom. In "Botineras", Stratas portrayed the character of "Andrés Barrientos", which also received critical acclaim from audiences and critics. As a film actor, he has worked with renowned directors such as Juan José Campanella and Marcelo Piñeyro.

In addition to his career in entertainment, Stratas is also passionate about sports, particularly soccer. He is a fervent supporter of the Boca Juniors football club and has been actively involved in promoting sports among young children. Stratas has been honored for his humanitarian work, receiving recognition from organizations such as UNICEF and Fundación Padre Cacho.

Despite his success, Stratas remains humble and grounded, often using his platform to create awareness for social issues affecting the country, including poverty and education. His talent, humility and kindness have earned him a place as one of Argentina's most beloved actors.

Fabián Mazzei

Fabián Mazzei (January 18, 1966 Flores, Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor.

He graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático and began his career on stage, acting in numerous plays including "Art", "Amigos" and "La Cena de los Tontos". In 1992, he made his debut on television with a minor role in the successful Argentine telenovela "Floricienta". Mazzei gained popularity in the early 2000s through his performance in the telenovela "Soy Gitano".

In addition to his work in television, Mazzei also has a successful career in film, having appeared in several Argentine movies including "2+2", "Final Minute" and "The City of the Future". He has received several awards throughout his career, including the Martín Fierro Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama in 2003.

Mazzei has also worked as a voice actor, lending his voice to characters in popular animated films such as "Rio" and "Ice Age: Continental Drift".

Aside from acting, Mazzei is also a professor of drama and has taught at several prestigious institutions including the National University of La Plata and the Metropolitan University for Education and Labour.

In addition to his work as an actor and drama professor, Fabián Mazzei is also a talented musician. He has released several albums, including "Entre Nosotros" and "La Verdad de la Milanesa", which blend pop and rock with traditional Argentine rhythms. Mazzei has also collaborated with fellow artists such as Fito Páez and Pedro Aznar.

Mazzei is known for his philanthropic work as well. He has worked with organizations such as UNICEF and the NGO Educar 2050, which focuses on improving education in Argentina.

In his personal life, Mazzei is married to actress Araceli González, and the couple has two children together. The family divides their time between Buenos Aires and Miami.

Gabriel Schultz

Gabriel Schultz (July 21, 1966 La Paternal, Buenos Aires-) also known as Gaby or Gabriel Eduardo Schultz is an Argentine actor and journalist. He has two children, Brenda Schultz and Alan Schultz.

Schultz began his acting career in 1988 and has since appeared in numerous television shows, films, and theater productions. He is best known for his roles in the popular Argentine telenovelas "Verano del '98" and "Son de Fierro".

Aside from acting, Schultz is also a seasoned journalist and has worked for several prominent media outlets in Argentina. He is known for his fearless reporting and has covered a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and entertainment.

In recent years, Schultz has also become an advocate for environmental causes and has spoken out about the pressing issue of climate change. He frequently participates in environmental campaigns and initiatives, using his celebrity status to raise awareness and inspire action.

Overall, Gabriel Schultz is a well-respected figure in the Argentine entertainment and media industries, and continues to be a prominent voice in the country's cultural landscape.

Schultz's passion for the arts started at a young age. Growing up in Buenos Aires, he frequently attended plays, musicals, and movies, and dreamed of someday becoming an actor himself. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a drama school and honed his craft before making his television debut.

Outside of his acting and journalism careers, Schultz is also a philanthropist and supports various charitable organizations. He has worked with foundations focused on improving education, providing healthcare to underserved communities, and supporting victims of domestic violence.

Despite his success, Schultz remains humble and grounded. He often speaks out about the importance of staying true to oneself and living with integrity, both on and off-screen. His dedication to his craft, his community, and the planet continue to inspire many people in Argentina and beyond.

Favio Posca

Favio Posca (December 22, 1966 Mar del Plata-) also known as Fabio Posca is an Argentine actor. He has two children, Manuela Posca and Rocco Posca.

Favio Posca gained popularity in the 1990s due to his work as a comedian and actor in Argentina. He started his career by performing at small venues and later landed roles in television series and films. He gained a reputation for his irreverent style, often incorporating his personal experiences and political commentary into his acts. In addition to his work as a performer, Posca has also worked as a screenwriter and director. Over the years, he has won several awards for his work. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in the Argentine entertainment industry.

Posca was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and grew up with a passion for the performing arts. He began his career in the late 1980s and quickly gained a following for his unique brand of humor. He went on to star in several successful TV shows, including "Los Simuladores" and "Trillizos, ¡dijo la partera!", among others.

In addition to his work on screen, he has also starred in several theatrical productions and has been recognized for his work as a playwright. Posca has also released several albums, showcasing his talents as a singer and musician.

Throughout his career, Posca has been praised for his ability to push boundaries with his performances, often tackling taboo topics and controversial issues in his comedy. He has been honored with numerous awards, including the ACE Award for Best Actor in a Comedy.

Despite his success, Posca remains down-to-earth and committed to his craft. He continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his unique style and fearless approach to comedy.

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