Argentine actors who were born in 1974

Here are 5 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1974:

Alberto Rojas Apel

Alberto Rojas Apel (January 2, 1974 Buenos Aires-) otherwise known as Beto Rojas Appel is an Argentine screenwriter, actor, film director and casting director.

He began his career in the entertainment industry as a casting director, working on films such as "The Motorcycle Diaries" and "Noah". He later transitioned to screenwriting, and became known for his work on the TV series "Los Simuladores". In 2013, he directed his first feature film, "Cannibal", which was well-received by critics and won multiple awards at international film festivals. Rojas Apel is also a co-founder of the production company, Kramer & Sigman Films, which has produced a number of successful films and TV series in Argentina.

Diego Trerotola

Diego Trerotola (November 5, 1974 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor and film critic.

He began his acting career in theatre and later transitioned to film and television. Trerotola is known for his roles in Argentine films such as "Whisky Romeo Zulu" (2004), "Crónica de una fuga" (2006), and "Relatos Salvajes" (2014). He has also been a film critic for Argentine media outlets such as "Clarin" and "La Nación." Trerotola has won several awards throughout his career, including Best Actor at the 2004 Guadalajara International Film Festival for his role in "Whisky Romeo Zulu." In addition to his acting and film criticism work, he has also directed short films and documentaries.

Max Battimo

Max Battimo (August 31, 1974 Argentina-) also known as Maximiliano Cardenas Battimo or Italy Max is an Argentine actor and official.

He started his career in the entertainment industry as a model and later transitioned into acting, appearing in several Argentine TV series and films. He gained popularity for his roles in shows like "Los Simuladores", "Hombres de Honor" and "Botineras". In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Battimo is also known for his philanthropic efforts, having founded a non-profit organization called "Fundación Max Battimo" that provides support to children in need. He has also served as an official in the Argentine government, having been appointed to the position of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs by former President Mauricio Macri. Battimo is widely regarded as a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to both the entertainment industry and society as a whole.

Joaquin Furriel

Joaquin Furriel (August 26, 1974 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Joaquín Furriel is an Argentine actor. He has one child, Eloísa Furriel Krum.

Joaquin Furriel is one of the most popular actors in Argentina, known for his captivating performances on both big and small screens. He made his acting debut in the early 2000s and quickly established himself as a versatile actor with incredible range. Some of his most notable films include "The Secret in Their Eyes," "El Aura," and "Cien años de perdón."

He has also made a name for himself on television, appearing in several popular telenovelas and TV series such as "El Marginal" and "La Caída." Joaquin has won numerous awards for his work in the entertainment industry, including the prestigious Martin Fierro Award for Best Actor in 2016.

In addition to his successful acting career, Joaquin Furriel is also an accomplished theatre actor and has performed in many acclaimed productions. Off-screen, he is known for his philanthropic work and is actively involved in several charitable organizations in Argentina. Joaquin continues to inspire audiences with his talent and dedication to his craft.

Ariel Staltari

Ariel Staltari (August 1, 1974 Ciudadela, Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor and musician.

He began his acting career in the theater and later transitioned to television and film. Staltari is best known for his roles in Argentine TV series such as "Los Simuladores" and "Tumberos." In addition to his acting career, Staltari is also a talented musician and has released several albums as a singer-songwriter. He has been recognized for his music, receiving a Carlos Gardel Award in 2018 for Best Pop Album for his record "Canciones Desnudas." Staltari is considered one of the most versatile actors and musicians in Argentina and continues to work on both fields.

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