Argentine actors who were born in 1976

Here are 8 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1976:

Héctor Anglada

Héctor Anglada (January 31, 1976 Villa Carlos Paz-March 2, 2002 Burzaco) was an Argentine actor.

He began his acting career in the mid-1990s and appeared in several popular TV shows and films in Argentina. One of his most prominent roles was in the hit series "Verano del '98" where he played the character Maxi. Anglada was also a theater actor and received critical acclaim for his performances in plays such as "El Violinista en el Tejado" and "La Casa de Bernarda Alba". In addition to his acting career, Anglada was also a talented songwriter and musician. He released two albums, "Un camino al sol" and "Pura sangre", showcasing his passion for music. Sadly, Anglada's life was tragically cut short at the young age of 26, when he was killed in a car accident while traveling back from a music festival in Mar del Plata. He was mourned by many of his fans and fellow actors in the Argentine entertainment industry.

Despite his short-lived career, Héctor Anglada left a lasting impact on the Argentine entertainment industry. He was known for his natural acting style and ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters. Anglada was a rising star in the industry, and many believed he had the potential to become one of Argentina's greatest actors. In honor of his legacy, the Héctor Anglada Award was established to recognize young, up-and-coming actors who exhibit exceptional talent and dedication to their craft. His music and acting talent continue to be celebrated by his fans and peers in Argentina.

Throughout his career, Anglada was admired for his ability to tackle a wide range of roles with authenticity and charisma. He had a captivating screen presence and was known for his magnetic smile and expressive eyes. His talent and passion for the arts were evident from a young age, and he pursued his dreams with tenacity and dedication. Despite his early passing, his impact on the Argentine entertainment industry continues to inspire aspiring actors and musicians alike. In addition to the Héctor Anglada Award, a street in his hometown of Villa Carlos Paz was named after him in recognition of his contributions to the arts. Anglada remains a beloved figure in Argentine pop culture, and his contributions to music and acting will always be remembered by his fans and those who knew him.

Alex Schoenauer

Alex Schoenauer (May 5, 1976 Argentina-) is an Argentine actor.

Starting his career in his native country, Alex Schoenauer quickly became one of the most sought-after actors in the Argentine entertainment industry. He appeared in numerous popular TV shows, films, and theater productions, showcasing his versatile acting skills and unique on-screen presence.

After establishing himself as a prominent figure in Argentine media, Schoenauer began to expand his career and moved to the United States to pursue international opportunities. He quickly found success in Hollywood, appearing in several notable TV shows and movies such as CSI:Miami and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Schoenauer is also known for his contributions to various social causes, including animal welfare and environmental protection. He is actively involved in several charitable organizations and regularly uses his platform to raise awareness and support for important causes.

In addition to his acting work and philanthropic efforts, Schoenauer is a passionate traveler and adventurer. He has traveled extensively around the world, experiencing new cultures and immersing himself in unique experiences.

Schoenauer's love for adventure inspires him to try out new hobbies, and he is an avid scuba diver, skydiver, and rock climber. He often incorporates his passion for adventure into his acting roles, performing his own stunts and bringing a high level of authenticity to his characters. Known for his dedication to his craft, Alex Schoenauer is committed to continually improving his skills and staying current with industry trends. He is a multi-talented artist and fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, allowing him to work in a variety of production settings around the world. With his talent, charisma, and philanthropic nature, Alex Schoenhauer continues to be a beloved and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, Alex Schoenauer has also ventured into the world of producing and directing, with several successful projects to his name. He has received critical acclaim for his behind-the-scenes work, which showcases his artistic vision and attention to detail. Alongside his work in the entertainment industry, Schoenauer is also a dedicated family man, and he cherishes spending time with his loved ones.Alex Schoenauer's success and popularity have earned him several awards and accolades throughout his career, including nominations for various international awards. He remains a role model to aspiring actors and artists worldwide, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world through their craft. With his unparalleled talent, passion for adventure, and unwavering commitment to social causes, Alex Schoenauer is a shining example of what it means to be a true artist and humanitarian in today's world.

Rodrigo de la Serna

Rodrigo de la Serna (April 18, 1976 Belgrano, Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Rodrigo De La Serna or Lionel Rodrigo de la Serna Chevalier is an Argentine actor. His child is called Miranda de la Serna.

De la Serna began his acting career in the 1990s and gained recognition with his performances in the films "La Furia" and "Nueces para el amor". He is also known for his role as Alberto Granado in the 2004 film "The Motorcycle Diaries", which earned him international acclaim. De la Serna has won several awards for his acting, including a Silver Condor Award and a Cannes Film Festival Award. He has also worked as a theater director and musician. In addition to his artistic pursuits, De la Serna is also involved in social and environmental activism. He has spoken out on issues such as climate change, deforestation, and the rights of indigenous peoples.

De la Serna grew up in a family of artists; his father was a director and his mother was an actress. As a child, he studied music and played the guitar. He later attended the National School of Dramatic Art of Buenos Aires to pursue his passion for acting.

In the early 2000s, De la Serna became a household name in Argentina with his portrayal of Cuervo Larroque in the television series "Vulnerables". He went on to star in several critically acclaimed films, such as "Kamchatka" and "Cien años de perdón".

In addition to his work on screen, De la Serna has directed several plays, including a stage adaptation of the classic Argentine novel "Martín Fierro". He is also a member of the band Yotivenco, which blends rock, folk, and tango music.

De la Serna's activism work includes serving as ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, where he has focused on promoting sustainability and social justice. He is also a supporter of the Argentina chapter of Greenpeace and is committed to raising awareness about environmental issues.

Overall, Rodrigo de la Serna is a multifaceted artist and activist who has made a significant impact on both the cultural and social landscapes of Argentina and beyond.

De la Serna's success in Argentina has translated into international recognition as well. He has appeared in films from Spain, Italy, and France, and has been praised for his performances in each respective country. His portrayal of Che Guevara in the Spanish film "Che: Part One" earned him a nomination for both a Goya Award and a European Film Award. In 2017, he played Diego Maradona's trainer in the biographical series "Maradona: Blessed Dream", which aired in Latin America and Europe.

Aside from acting, directing, and music, De la Serna is a writer as well. He co-authored the book "A Simple Story" with journalist Pablo Ramos, a narrative of his friendship and travels with Alberto Granado, the real-life character he played in "The Motorcycle Diaries".

De la Serna's activism work goes beyond his roles as ambassador and supporter. He is the founder of the non-profit organization, El Arca, which provides sustainable housing and education to low-income communities in Argentina, and works with the indigenous Mbya Guaraní community in preserving their culture and land in the province of Misiones.

Through his artistry and advocacy, Rodrigo de la Serna has become a role model for many, promoting creativity, social consciousness, and a deeper connection with one's roots.

Michel Brown

Michel Brown (June 10, 1976 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Misael Browarnik Beiguel, Micho, Michi or Michito is an Argentine actor.

Born in Buenos Aires, Michel Brown originally wanted to pursue a career in music. However, after being scouted by a talent agency, he landed his first acting role at the age of 20 in the Argentine telenovela "Marca Registrada". He later went on to star in several successful telenovelas, including "Pasión de Gavilanes", "Tierra de Reyes", and "La Querida del Centauro".

In addition to his television work, Brown has also acted in films such as "Montecristo" and "Te Llevo en mi Corazón". He has won numerous awards for his performances, including the "Premios Tu Mundo" and the "Premios People en Español".

Apart from acting, Brown is active in charitable work and supports various organizations that focus on children's health and education, as well as animal welfare.

Brown was raised in a multicultural family; his mother is of Ukrainian descent, and his father is of Polish and German ancestry. He is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian. Before beginning his acting career, he studied music, singing and dancing. Brown has released several songs and even created his own music production company, "Michel Brown Music". In 2009, he married his long-time girlfriend, Margarita Muñoz, whom he met on the set of "Te Voy a Enseñar a Querer". Together they have two children, a daughter named Emilia and a son named Salvador. Brown is known for his physical fitness and often shares his workout routines and healthy lifestyle tips on social media. He has a large following on Instagram where he posts photos and videos documenting his personal and professional life.

In addition to his successful acting career and musical pursuits, Michel Brown is also an accomplished athlete. He has completed numerous marathons and triathlons, including the 2012 Ironman competition in Cozumel, Mexico. Brown is also a passionate traveler and has visited over 60 countries, often using his trips as opportunities to participate in charity work and community service projects. He has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 2015 and has participated in a number of campaigns advocating for children's rights and welfare. Brown is also an advocate for environmental conservation and has spoken publicly about the importance of sustainable living and reducing plastic waste. Despite his busy schedule, Brown remains humble and grounded, and is known for his kind and approachable personality.

Marcelo Mininno

Marcelo Mininno (July 8, 1976 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor.

He began his career in theater, performing in several productions in Buenos Aires. In 2004, he made his television debut with a guest role in the Argentine telenovela "Los Roldán". He later appeared in several other popular telenovelas such as "Montecristo" and "Los Exitosos Pells", cementing his place in the Argentine acting scene.

In addition to his work in television and theater, Mininno has also ventured into film. He appeared in the 2008 film "Vigilia en Agosto", which premiered at the Mar del Plata Film Festival.

Throughout his career, Mininno has been recognized for his talent and dedication to acting. He has received several awards and nominations for his performances, including a nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 2008 Martin Fierro Awards.

In his personal life, Mininno is known for his dedication to environmental causes. He is a spokesperson for several organizations that promote sustainable living and works to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the planet.

Mininno grew up in a family of artists and was exposed to the world of acting and theater from a young age. He studied acting at the National School of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires, where he honed his craft and developed a passion for the stage.

In addition to his work as an actor, Mininno is also a playwright and has written several plays that have been produced in Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina. He is known for his unique style of storytelling and his ability to tackle complex themes and ideas through his writing.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Mininno remains humble and grounded. He is known for his work ethic and his commitment to his craft, and he is respected by his colleagues and peers for his professionalism and talent.

In recent years, Mininno has expanded his reach beyond the borders of Argentina and has worked on several international projects. He has gained a following around the world for his dynamic and compelling performances, and he is considered one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation.

Mininno's talent and passion for acting have earned him a devoted fan base and critical acclaim. He is admired for his ability to bring complex characters to life on stage and screen and for his dedication to his craft. In addition to his work as an actor and playwright, Mininno is also a talented musician and has composed music for many of his plays and productions.

Away from the spotlight, Mininno enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and he is an avid traveler who loves exploring new places and cultures. He is also a committed advocate for social justice issues and supports several charities that work to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities.

Despite his many accomplishments, Mininno remains focused on the future and is constantly pushing himself to explore new creative challenges and opportunities. He is committed to helping elevate the Argentine acting industry on the global stage and hopes to inspire the next generation of young performers with his work.

Amin Yoma

Amin Yoma (June 12, 1976 Buenos Aires-) otherwise known as Amin Alfredo Yoma is an Argentine film producer, film director, actor, screenwriter, cinematographer and film editor.

He began his career in the film industry in the early 2000s, and has since then worked on a number of notable films. Yoma has won several awards for his work in the film industry, including the Silver Condor Award for Best Director in 2010 for his film "Al final del túnel" and Best Picture at the Argentine Academy Awards in 2016 for the film "Kóblic". Apart from his work in the film industry, Amin Yoma is also known for his activism and philanthropy work. He is actively involved in various organizations working towards social and economic development in Argentina.

In addition to his notable film work and philanthropy, Amin Yoma is also recognized for his academic achievements. He holds a degree in film and audiovisual production from the National University of La Plata and has also studied at the London Film School. Yoma is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and serves as a jury member for various film festivals around the world. He is known for his focus on human rights and social justice issues in his films and activism work. Yoma is considered one of the most important figures in the Argentine film industry today.

Yoma's interest in film-making started at a very early age, as he grew up in a family of artists and performers. He made his directorial debut with the short film "Ciudad de Nadie" in 2002, which won several awards at film festivals around the world. He later directed the feature film "La Ronda", which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2008. Yoma's films often deal with social and political issues, and have been praised for their innovative storytelling techniques.

Apart from his film work, Yoma is also a member of the board of the Argentine Film Institute, where he actively works towards promoting the Argentine film industry. He has also served as a mentor to young film-makers and is known for his dedication to mentoring the next generation of film-makers in Argentina.

In addition to his film work and activism, Yoma is also a published author. He published his first book, "El Secreto de la Caja Negra", in 2014, which deals with the creative process of film-making.

Overall, Amin Yoma is a multifaceted artist and social activist who has made significant contributions to the film industry in Argentina and beyond. He continues to inspire and mentor a new generation of film-makers while using his work to address social justice and human rights issues.

Esteban Meloni

Esteban Meloni (November 29, 1976 Bahía Blanca-) is an Argentine actor.

He started his acting career in his hometown by participating in various theater productions. In 2003, he moved to Buenos Aires to pursue his acting career and landed his first major television role in the series "Los Simuladores" in 2004. Meloni has since then appeared in numerous television series and films, including "Valientes," "Los Exitosos Pells," and "Los Vecinos en Guerra."

Aside from his work in television and film, Meloni is also a talented musician and has released several albums. He is known for his philanthropic work as well, having actively supported numerous charitable causes throughout his career. Meloni is highly regarded for his acting skills and has been recognized with several awards, including the Martín Fierro Award for Best Actor for his performance in "Valientes."

In addition to his work in television and film, Esteban Meloni has also made a name for himself in theater. He has appeared in numerous productions, including "The Pillowman" and "Art." Meloni is also a well-respected voice-over artist and has lent his voice to several animated films and series. He is known for his versatility as an actor, having portrayed a wide range of characters throughout his career. Despite his success, Meloni remains down-to-earth and is known for being gracious to his fans. He frequently interacts with them on social media, and has gained a large following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Meloni continues to be a prominent figure in the Argentine entertainment industry and is considered one of the country's most talented actors.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Esteban Meloni is also a committed activist. He is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and is a vocal advocate for animal rights. Meloni has worked with several organizations to help protect endangered species and has been involved in various clean-up initiatives. He is also a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has been actively involved in several campaigns aimed at promoting equality and combating discrimination. Meloni's dedication to his causes has earned him the respect and admiration of his fans, who appreciate his commitment to making the world a better place.

Martín Altomaro

Martín Altomaro (May 26, 1976 Neuquén-) is an Argentine actor. He has one child, Uma Altomaro Perzabal.

Martín Altomaro began his acting career in the 1990s and has since become a well-known figure in the Argentine film and television industry. He has starred in numerous TV shows, including "Los Simuladores", "Epitafios", and "Los Exitosos Pells". He has also appeared in several popular films such as "Rudo y Cursi" and "El Crítico".

In addition to his acting work, Altomaro is also a director and producer. He founded the production company Altheta Films in 2013 and has produced several successful films, including "La Casa del Caracol" and "El día que resistía".

Altomaro is known for his dynamic and versatile performances, effortlessly switching between comedic and dramatic roles. He has been nominated for several prestigious acting awards and has won numerous accolades throughout his career.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Altomaro is known for his down-to-earth nature and his commitment to social activism. He has been outspoken about issues such as LGBTQ+ rights and environmental preservation and has used his platform to bring attention to these causes.

Altomaro was born and raised in Neuquén, Argentina. He discovered his passion for acting at a young age and began performing in school plays. After completing his education, he moved to Buenos Aires to pursue an acting career. He started out appearing in theater productions and soon transitioned to television and film.

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Altomaro has also worked behind the scenes. He has directed several short films and music videos and has produced numerous films and television shows. His production company, Altheta Films, has become a respected name in the Argentine film industry.

Altomaro's success in the entertainment industry has earned him a large following in Argentina and beyond. He has become a respected voice in the arts and entertainment community and is known for his dedication to his craft. Despite his busy schedule, Altomaro has remained committed to giving back to his community through various charitable endeavors.

Altomaro's commitment to social activism is reflected in his involvement with a number of organizations. He has worked closely with organizations dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ rights, including participating in marches and speaking out against discrimination. He has also been involved in efforts to protect the environment, serving as an ambassador for a campaign focused on reducing plastic waste. He is a strong advocate for education and has been involved in initiatives aimed at improving access to education for children from marginalized communities.

Altomaro's talent, versatility, and commitment to social causes have made him one of the most respected and admired figures in the Argentine entertainment industry. He continues to work on a variety of projects and is always looking for new ways to use his platform to make a positive difference in the world.

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