Argentine actors who deceased at age 72

Here are 4 famous actors from Argentina died at 72:

Roberto Escalada

Roberto Escalada (July 4, 1914 Buenos Aires-December 5, 1986 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Aldo Roberto Leggero was an Argentine actor.

He died as a result of heart failure.

Roberto Escalada had an extensive career in film, television, and theater. He appeared in over 50 movies, including the critically acclaimed "The Rats" (1963) and "The Tenth Symphony" (1955). Escalada was also a regular actor in Argentine TV shows and played key roles in several popular TV dramas.

Additionally, he was a prominent stage actor, participating in numerous theatrical productions throughout his career. Escalada's talent and versatility earned him recognition and awards for his performances, including the Silver Condor Award for Best Supporting Actor in "Pasado" (1952) and "La Quintrala" (1955).

Outside of his acting career, Roberto Escalada was also known for his political activism. He was a member of the Communist Party of Argentina and was involved in several labor and social movements. Despite facing political persecution during the military coups of the 1960s and 1970s, Escalada continued to support socialist causes throughout his life.

Roberto Escalada's legacy as an actor and activist continue to inspire artists and social activists alike in Argentina to this day.

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Martín Adjemián

Martín Adjemián (December 12, 1932 Buenos Aires-December 3, 2005 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Martin Adjemian or Martín Adjemian was an Argentine actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

Adjemián began his acting career in the 1950s and appeared in numerous plays, films, and television shows throughout his lifetime. He was known for his versatile acting skills and was considered one of the most respected actors in Argentina. Some of his notable films include "Crónica de un niño solo" (1965), "La Patagonia rebelde" (1974), and "Tiempo de revancha" (1981), among others. Adjemián was also involved in the theater scene and was a founding member of the Argentine Actors Association. He was recognized for his contributions to the performing arts and was awarded the prestigious Konex Award for Best Actor in 1981. Despite battling cancer in his later years, Adjemián continued to act and remained active in the industry until his death.

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Alberto Closas

Alberto Closas (October 30, 1921 Barcelona-September 19, 1994 Madrid) also known as Alberto Closas Lluró, Albert Closas or Alberto Closas Lluro was an Argentine actor. He had one child, Alberto Closas.

He died in lung cancer.

Closas began his acting career in Argentina in the 1940s before moving to Spain in the 1950s. He quickly became a well-known figure in Spanish cinema, starring in over 40 films throughout his career. Some of his most popular films include "Death of a Cyclist" (1955) and "The Executioner" (1963).

Apart from his work in film, Closas was also a prolific stage actor, starring in numerous plays throughout his career. He was particularly associated with the prestigious Teatro Español in Madrid.

In addition to his acting work, Closas was also a writer and director. He directed several films, including "Las Grandes Familias" (1962) and "Mortal Sin" (1970), and wrote scripts for others.

Closas was known for his versatility as an actor, and his ability to play both comedic and dramatic roles. He was a beloved figure in the Spanish film industry, and his death was widely mourned.

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Jorge Salcedo

Jorge Salcedo (June 2, 1915 Buenos Aires-April 12, 1988 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Pedro Codicimo di Paola or Pedro Jorge di Paola Codicimo was an Argentine actor and voice actor.

He began his acting career in the 1930s and appeared in a number of films throughout the decades, including "Los Gringos" (1945), "El Vampiro Negro" (1953), and "La Sentencia" (1960). In addition to his work in film, Salcedo also had a successful career as a voice actor in radio and television, providing the voices for numerous animated characters including Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse in the Spanish language versions. He was known for his distinctive voice and versatility in portraying a wide range of characters. Salcedo was also a member of the Argentine Actors Association and was awarded the Konex Award in 1981 in recognition of his contributions to the arts.

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