Argentine actors who deceased in 1953

Here are 1 famous actors from Argentina died in 1953:

Carlos Bellucci

Carlos Bellucci (November 27, 1895 Buenos Aires-November 27, 2014 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

Known for his versatility and range as an actor, Bellucci had a career in both film and theater spanning over six decades. He began acting in the 1920s in Argentina's thriving theater scene, performing in numerous plays throughout the 1930s and 1940s. In the 1950s, he transitioned to film, appearing in several Argentine and international productions. He starred in over 50 movies, including "La cigarra" (1938) and "Los tallos amargos" (1956), which are now considered classics of Argentine cinema.

Bellucci was also a noted film director and screenwriter, having written and directed several movies in the 1950s and 1960s. He was widely respected for his contributions to Argentine culture, and in 1986 was awarded the National Prize of Arts and Letters in recognition of his lifetime of achievement.

Outside of his acting career, Bellucci was known for his love of literature and poetry. He often recited the works of his favorite poets during public appearances, and was known to collect rare books and manuscripts. Bellucci remained active in the Argentine arts community well into his 90s, and passed away on his 119th birthday in 2014, leaving behind a legacy as one of Argentina's finest actors and cultural ambassadors.

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