Argentine actors who deceased in 1956

Here are 3 famous actors from Argentina died in 1956:

Enrique Muiño

Enrique Muiño (July 5, 1881 Galicia-May 24, 1956 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

He began his career in Spain but gained his greatest success in Argentina, where he appeared in many films starting in the 1930s. Muiño is considered one of the pioneers of the Argentine film industry and is still remembered today as one of the country's greatest actors. He was known for his versatility and range, playing everything from heroic leads to villainous character roles. Muiño's career continued until his death in 1956, and he remains an important figure in Argentine film history.

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Ramón Garay

Ramón Garay (November 27, 1896 Spain-November 27, 2014 Argentina) also known as Ramón J. Garay was an Argentine actor.

Garay was born in Spain but moved to Argentina at a young age. He began his acting career in the theater and eventually transitioned to film. Garay appeared in over 50 films throughout his career, including "The Tango Star" and "The Masked Menace." He was known for his versatile acting abilities, as he could play both dramatic and comedic roles with ease. Garay also worked as a theater director and teacher, passing on his knowledge and experience to future generations of actors. He was honored with several awards throughout his lifetime, including the Konex Award for Best Actor and the Argentine Association of Actors Award for Lifetime Achievement. Garay passed away on his 118th birthday, making him one of the oldest people to have ever lived.

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Barry Norton

Barry Norton (June 16, 1905 Buenos Aires-August 24, 1956 Hollywood) also known as Alfredo Carlos Birabén was an Argentine actor and ballroom dancer. He had one child, Sharon Biraben Rider.

Norton grew up in a wealthy family in Buenos Aires and began his career as a dancer in his teens. He became a star of the tango scene in Argentina before moving to Hollywood in the early 1930s to pursue a career in film. Norton quickly gained popularity in Hollywood, starring in many movies such as "The Black Cat" and "The Phantom of the Opera". He was known for his good looks and suave personality, often playing leading man roles opposite actresses such as Loretta Young and Bette Davis.

Despite his success, Norton's Hollywood career was cut short due to his alcoholism. He struggled with addiction for much of his life and his drinking problem ultimately led to his untimely death at the age of 51. However, Norton's legacy in Hollywood continues to be celebrated today and he is remembered as one of the most iconic Argentine actors of his time.

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