Argentine actors who deceased in 1958

Here are 2 famous actors from Argentina died in 1958:

Nicolás Fregues

Nicolás Fregues also known as Nicholas Fregues or N. Fregues was an Argentine actor.

He started his acting career in the 1940s and became a popular figure in Argentine cinema during the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. Fregues was known for his versatility as an actor and appeared in a variety of film genres including comedies, dramas, and musicals.

In addition to his film work, Fregues also worked in theater and television. He was involved in several theater productions throughout his career and also appeared on Argentine television shows.

Fregues passed away in 1983, but his legacy lives on in Argentine cinema. He is remembered as one of the most talented and beloved actors of his time, and his contributions to Argentine culture continue to be celebrated.

Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro (November 17, 2014 Buenos Aires-November 17, 2014 Mar del Plata) also known as Castrito was an Argentine actor.

Carlos Castro started his acting career in the theatre, working in various plays and performances. He later transitioned to film and television, where he gained popularity for his versatile acting skills. He starred in several TV series and movies, including "Los Simuladores," "El Puntero," and "Entre Caníbales." Castro was known for his ability to adapt to any role, whether it was drama or comedy, and his performances were always praised by critics and audiences alike. Unfortunately, his promising career was tragically cut short when he passed away at the young age of 29. Despite his brief time in the entertainment industry, Carlos Castro left a lasting impression on many and his legacy continues to live on through his work.

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