Argentine actors who deceased in 1963

Here are 1 famous actors from Argentina died in 1963:

Alberto Bello

Alberto Bello (June 22, 1897 Buenos Aires-December 11, 1963 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

Having started his career in the early 1920s, Bello performed in over 70 movies during the golden age of Argentine cinema. He was best known for his roles in films such as "Los Isleros" (1951) and "El Ăšltimo Payador" (1950). Bello was also a prolific stage actor, having performed in numerous theater productions throughout his career. Outside of acting, he was also an accomplished writer, penning articles and essays on a variety of topics. In recognition of his contributions to Argentine culture, Bello was awarded the Konex Award for Best Actor in 1959.

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