Argentine actors who deceased in 1989

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina died in 1989:

Hugo del Carril

Hugo del Carril (November 30, 1912 Buenos Aires-August 13, 1989 Buenos Aires) also known as Alejo Pacheco Ramos, Piero Bruno Hugo Fontana, Allan Lemarie or Pierre Bruno Hugo Fontana was an Argentine film director, actor, singer, film producer and screenwriter. He had four children, Marcela Alejandra Fontana, Hugo Miguel Fontana, Amorina Fontana and Eva Fontana.

Hugo del Carril began his career in the entertainment industry as a singer and composer. He gained immense popularity in the 1940s and 1950s with his melodic and romantic tangos. He made his acting debut in 1942 with the film "The Stranger Returns" and went on to appear in more than 50 films in his career.

In the early 1950s, del Carril branched out into directing and producing films. He went on to direct critically acclaimed films such as "La Cigarra No Llora" and "El Amor Nunca Muere". He was also known for his work as an activist in the film industry and was a founding member of the Argentine Society of Film Directors.

Apart from his work in films, del Carril was also a prolific theater actor and director. He appeared in numerous stage productions and directed plays such as "Othello" and "The Crucible". He also published several books on the history of Argentine cinema and was a respected film critic.

Hugo del Carril passed away in Buenos Aires in 1989 at the age of 76, leaving behind a rich legacy in Argentine cinema and the arts.

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Juan Carlos Altavista

Juan Carlos Altavista (January 4, 1929 Buenos Aires-July 20, 1989 Buenos Aires) also known as Juan G Altavista, Minguito, Mingo or Minguito Tinguitella was an Argentine actor and comedian. His children are called Maribel Altavista, Ana Clara Altavista and Juan Gabriel Altavista.

Juan Carlos Altavista is best known for his portrayal of Minguito in the popular Argentinian TV show "Hay que educar a papá" which aired in the 1960s and 1970s. Altavista also had a successful career in film, starring in movies such as "El diablo metió la pata" and "Galleguitos".

Aside from his work in entertainment, Altavista was also involved in Argentinian politics. He was a member of the party "Partido Comunista Argentino" and was imprisoned for his political beliefs during the military dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s.

Altavista passed away in 1989 at the age of 60 due to a heart attack. He is still remembered as a beloved figure in Argentinian entertainment and his character Minguito remains an iconic figure in Argentinian pop culture.

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Bernard Blier

Bernard Blier (January 11, 1916 Buenos Aires-March 29, 1989 Saint-Cloud) was an Argentine actor. He had two children, Bertrand Blier and Bridget Blier.

Bernard Blier began his acting career in French cinema in the 1930s and appeared in over 170 films throughout his career. He was known for his ability to play comedic and dramatic roles with equal skill, which earned him accolades from both audiences and critics alike. Some of his most famous films include "The Murderer Lives at Number 21", "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe", and "Monsieur Hire". In addition to acting, Blier also served as the president of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1979. He passed away in 1989 at the age of 73.

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Robin Hughes

Robin Hughes (June 7, 1920 Buenos Aires-December 10, 1989 Los Angeles) was an Argentine actor.

He began his career in Argentine films in the 1940s, but eventually moved to the United States in the 1950s to pursue his acting career. Hughes appeared in over 100 films and television shows, often portraying exotic or foreign characters due to his European appearance and fluency in several languages. Some of his notable film credits include "The Three Musketeers" (1948), "The Egyptian" (1954), and "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962). Hughes also made guest appearances on popular TV series such as "Perry Mason," "Adventures in Paradise," and "The Beverly Hillbillies." In addition to his acting career, he was also a licensed pilot and served in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

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Francisco de Paula

Francisco de Paula (February 20, 1914 Laboulaye-February 27, 1989 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

He began his career in theater and later transitioned to film and television. De Paula acted in over 30 films, including "La Tía de Carlos" and "La Cigarra no es un bicho". He was also a popular television actor, appearing in several telenovelas and dramas throughout the 1970s and 80s. In addition to his work in entertainment, de Paula was also involved in politics and was a member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies from 1963 to 1966. He died in Buenos Aires at the age of 75.

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Miguel Ligero

Miguel Ligero (November 27, 2014 Rosario-February 1, 1989 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

He began his acting career in the 1930s and went on to become one of the most prominent actors in Argentine cinema. Ligero starred in over 50 films, often playing the lead role in romantic dramas and comedies. He was known for his captivating performances and his ability to bring a sense of sincerity and vulnerability to his characters. In addition to his work in film, Ligero also appeared in numerous stage productions throughout his career. He was posthumously awarded the prestigious Premio Konex in 1989 for his contributions to Argentine cinema.

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