Argentine actresses who deceased at age 67

Here are 2 famous actresses from Argentina died at 67:

Tilda Thamar

Tilda Thamar (December 7, 1921 Urdinarrain-April 12, 1989 Clermont-en-Argonne) also known as Matilde Sofía Margarita Abrecht or Matilde Sofia Margarita Abrecht was an Argentine actor, artist, visual artist, film director and screenwriter.

She died caused by traffic collision.

Thamar was born in Urdinarrain, Entre Ríos, Argentina, and began her career as an actress in the theatre. She gained critical acclaim in the 1940s for her performances in films such as "La Danza de la Fortuna" and "El Muerto falta a la cita". She also worked as a screenwriter and film director, and was known for her artistic talent as a painter and sculptor.

Thamar was a notable figure in the Argentine art world, and her works were exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Argentina and Europe. She was also known for her philanthropic efforts, and often donated her time and resources to support charitable causes.

In 1950, Thamar moved to Europe, where she continued to act in films and television shows. She appeared in several French films, including "Fanfan la Tulipe" and "Les Trois mousquetaires". In 1961, she directed her first film, "Amorina", a romantic drama set in Italy.

Despite her success in Europe, Thamar remained connected to her Argentine roots and frequently returned to her homeland. She was a passionate advocate for Argentine culture and helped promote the country's art, music, and literature on a global scale.

Thamar's life was tragically cut short when she was killed in a car accident at the age of 67. She is remembered as a talented and multifaceted artist who made significant contributions to both Argentine and European culture.

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Azucena Maizani

Azucena Maizani (November 15, 1902 Buenos Aires-January 15, 1970 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine singer and actor.

Maizani was known for her remarkable voice and her contribution to the genre of tango music. She started her career in the 1920s and soon became a popular singer both locally and internationally. Apart from singing, Maizani also ventured into acting and appeared in several films throughout her career.

Over the course of her career, Maizani recorded over 300 songs and became one of the most celebrated Argentine artists of her time. She was often referred to as "La Única" (The Only One) due to her unique voice and style. Despite facing several personal and professional setbacks throughout her life, Maizani continued to perform until her death in 1970.

Maizani's legacy continues to live on, and she is still considered one of the most important figures in the history of tango music.

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