Argentine actresses who deceased in 1980

Here are 1 famous actresses from Argentina died in 1980:

Olga Casares Pearson

Olga Casares Pearson (November 27, 1896 Italy-November 27, 1980 Argentina) also known as Olga Casares was an Argentine actor.

She was born in Italy to an Argentine father and an Italian mother but her family moved to Buenos Aires when she was still a child. She began her acting career in the theater during the 1920s and later made the transition to film when the industry began to boom in Argentina. Casares worked with some of the most prominent actors and directors of her time and starred in many successful films during the Golden Age of Argentine cinema. She was also a voice actress and provided the Spanish dubbing for popular foreign films. In addition to her acting career, Casares was a prominent figure in the cultural scene of Buenos Aires and hosted a weekly radio show where she discussed film and theater. She was known for her elegance and sophistication both on and off stage and screen.

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