Argentine actresses who died due to Pneumonia

Here are 2 famous actresses from Argentina died in Pneumonia:

China Zorrilla

China Zorrilla (March 14, 1922 Montevideo-September 17, 2014 Montevideo) also known as Concepción Zorrilla de San Martín Muñoz, Concepcion Matilde Zorrilla de San Martin Munoz or Concepción Matilde Zorrilla de San Martín Muñoz was an Argentine actor, comedian, writer, theatre director, entrepreneur, teacher, journalist, presenter and theatrical producer.

China Zorrilla was born to a prominent Uruguayan family and grew up in a well-educated environment. She started her career in the arts as a journalist in the 1940s, writing for various publications. However, her true passion was acting, and she made her debut on stage in 1947 in Montevideo.

Zorrilla became a well-known figure in the Latin American entertainment industry, starring in numerous films and TV shows. She was widely renowned for her comedic timing and her ability to portray complex and dramatic characters. Some of her most notable roles include her performance in the film "The Official Story," which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1986, as well as her role in the telenovela "La Dueña."

Apart from acting, Zorrilla was also a successful theatre director and producer. She founded her own theatre company and staged several plays, including the award-winning "Filomena Marturano." Throughout her career, Zorrilla won numerous awards for her contributions to the arts, including the National Prize of Uruguay for Theatre in 2008.

Throughout her life, Zorrilla was known for her independent spirit and her strong personality, both on and off the stage. Despite suffering from health problems in her later years, she continued to work until shortly before her death in 2014. Today, she is remembered as one of the greatest actors of her generation and a trailblazer for women in the entertainment industry.

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María Rosa Gallo

María Rosa Gallo (December 20, 1925 Buenos Aires-December 7, 2004 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor. Her children are called Alejandra Da Passano and Claudio Da Passano.

María Rosa Gallo began her acting career in the 1950s and quickly became one of the most prominent actors in Argentina. She appeared in over 70 films, including "Los Ojos llenos de amor" and "El Santo de la Espada". Her work in theater was also widely acclaimed, appearing in productions of "Los soles truncos" and "La Celestina", among others.

Aside from her successful acting career, Gallo was also known for her philanthropic work. She founded the "Teatro del Obrero" theater in the city of Lanús, providing opportunities for actors and theater enthusiasts in the area. She also founded the "Asociación Civil María Rosa Gallo", a non-profit organization that works on social, educational, and cultural initiatives throughout Argentina.

Despite her passing in 2004, María Rosa Gallo's impact on Argentinian culture and society continues to be felt to this day.

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