Argentine musicians who were born in 1959

Here are 7 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1959:

Oscar Palavecino

Oscar Palavecino (December 18, 1959 Argentina-) a.k.a. Chaqueño Palavecino is an Argentine singer.

His albums include Chaco escondido... yo soy de allá, El gusto es mío, La ley y la trampa and Juan de la calle.

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Pedro Aznar

Pedro Aznar (July 23, 1959 Buenos Aires-) also known as Aznar, Pedro is an Argentine percussionist, musician and songwriter.

His albums: En Vivo Teatro Ateneo, Aznar canta Brasil, Caja de música, Contemplación, Cuerpo y alma, David y Goliath, Huellas en la Luz: Música para películas, Mudras: Canciones de a dos, Parte de volar and Pedro Aznar. Genres related to him: Jazz, Argentine rock, Folk music, Progressive rock and Rock music.

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Adrián Barilari

Adrián Barilari (November 11, 1959 Argentina-) otherwise known as Adrian Barilari, Barilari, Adrián or Adrian Bárilari is an Argentine , .

rock singer and songwriter. He is best known for being the lead vocalist of the Argentine power metal band "Rata Blanca". Barilari began his music career in the early 1980s with several rock bands, but it wasn't until he joined "Rata Blanca" in 1997 that he achieved true fame. His powerful vocal range and stage presence have made him one of the most prominent and respected rock singers in Argentina. In addition to his work with "Rata Blanca", Barilari has also released several solo albums, showcasing his versatility as a musician. In recent years, he has continued to tour and record with "Rata Blanca" while also pursuing his solo career.

Barilari was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and discovered his passion for music at a young age. He began performing in local bands during his teenage years and honed his skills as a vocalist. Before joining "Rata Blanca", Barilari was the lead singer of other rock bands, such as "Banda del Loco" and "Logos".

Barilari's collaboration with "Rata Blanca" began in 1997 when he was invited to join the band as their new vocalist. With his powerful voice and dynamic stage presence, he quickly became a fan favorite and helped "Rata Blanca" gain even more popularity. Barilari has recorded seven albums with the band, including "El Reino Olvidado", "La Llave de la Puerta Secreta", and "Tormenta Eléctrica".

In addition to his work with "Rata Blanca", Barilari has also pursued a successful solo career. His solo albums include "Barilari", "Canciones Doradas", and "Abuso de Poder". His solo work showcases his versatility as a musician and allows him to explore different styles and genres of music.

Barilari has been recognized for his contributions to Argentine rock music and has received several awards during his career. He was inducted into the Latin American Hall of Fame in 2020 and continues to be a prominent figure in the Argentine music scene.

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Gustavo Cerati

Gustavo Cerati (August 11, 1959 Buenos Aires-September 4, 2014 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Cerati, Gustavo, Gustavo Adrián Cerati Clark or Cerati was an Argentine guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, singer and songwriter. He had two children, Lisa Cerati Amenábar and Benito Cerati Amenábar.

His albums: Amor Amarillo, Bocanada, Siempre Es Hoy, Canciones Elegidas 93-04, Ahí Vamos, Reversiones: Siempre es hoy, Plan V, +Bien, 11 Episodios Sinfónicos and Fuerza natural. Genres he performed: Pop music, New Wave, Rock music, Pop rock, Electronic rock, Electronic music, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Experimental rock, Art rock, Indie rock, Neo-psychedelia, Power pop and Deep house.

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Fabiana Cantilo

Fabiana Cantilo (March 3, 1959 Argentina-) is an Argentine singer.

Her albums: Lo Mejor de Fabiana Cantilo, Inconsciente Colectivo, ¿De qué se ríen?, Información Celeste, Lo Mejor, Algo Mejor, Sol en cinco, Detectives, and . Genres: Rock music.

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Zeta Bosio

Zeta Bosio (October 1, 1959 San Fernando, Buenos Aires-) also known as Héctor Pedro Juan Bosio Bertolotti is an Argentine bassist, musician, disc jockey and record producer.

Genres he performed: Rock music, Alternative rock, Electronic music, New Wave, Post-punk, Dance music, Experimental rock, Electronic rock, Art rock, Neo-psychedelia, Pop rock and Electronic dance music.

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Fernando Egozcue

Fernando Egozcue (June 23, 1959 Buenos Aires-) otherwise known as Fernando Pablo Egozcue Folgueras is an Argentine composer, guitarist and musician.

His discography includes: Lejos.

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