Argentine musicians who were born in 1963

Here are 5 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1963:

Hilda Lizarazu

Hilda Lizarazu (October 12, 1963-) is an Argentine singer.

Her albums: Gabinete de curiosidades, and .

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Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé (December 27, 1963 Buenos Aires-) also known as Gaspar or Gaspard Noé is an Argentine film director, screenwriter, film editor, actor, cinematographer and film producer.

Noé is known for his controversial and often disturbing films, such as "Irreversible", "Enter the Void", and "Love". He began his career as a cinematographer, working on films such as "I Stand Alone" and "Seul contre tous" by French director Gaspar Noé. In 2002, he directed "Irreversible", which became notorious for its graphic depiction of sexual violence. He continued to create boundary-pushing films with "Enter the Void", a psychedelic exploration of the afterlife, and "Love", which featured unsimulated sex scenes.

Noé's films have been praised for their bold visuals and innovative use of cinematic techniques, as well as their challenging subject matter. His work has been shown at major film festivals such as Cannes and Venice, and he has been a jury member at the Sundance Film Festival. Despite the controversy surrounding his films, Noé maintains a dedicated following of fans and continues to push the boundaries of cinema.

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Fito Páez

Fito Páez (March 13, 1963 Rosario-) also known as Fito Paez, Rodolfo Páez Ávalos, Rodolfo Fito Páez Ávalos, Rodolfo Páez or Fito is an Argentine singer-songwriter, film director, pianist, lyricist, musician, film score composer and actor. He has two children, Margarita Páez and Martín Páez.

His albums: Del 63, Giros, Mi vida con ellas, Abre, Antología, Circo Beat, Ciudad De Pobres Corazones, Euforia, Ey! and Lo Suave. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Charly Alberti

Charly Alberti (March 27, 1963 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine drummer, musician and percussionist.

His most well known albums: Plum. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Experimental rock, New Wave, Art rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Neo-psychedelia and Pop rock.

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Claudio O'Connor

Claudio O'Connor (April 28, 1963 Llavallol-) also known as O'Connor, Claudio is an Argentine singer.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Groove metal and Thrash metal.

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