Argentine musicians who were born in 1974

Here are 7 famous musicians from Argentina were born in 1974:

Romina Yan

Romina Yan (September 5, 1974 Buenos Aires-September 28, 2010 San Isidro) also known as Romina Yankelevich was an Argentine actor, screenwriter, singer and dancer.

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Federico Aubele

Federico Aubele (August 26, 1974 Buenos Aires-) also known as Frederico Aubele, Federico Aubelle or Aubele, Federico is an Argentine singer.

Discography: Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, Panamericana, Amatoria, Amatoria Remixed, and 5. Genres: Lounge music, Latin American music and Tango music.

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Elena Roger

Elena Roger (October 27, 1974 Barracas, Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Elena Silvia Roger is an Argentine actor and singer.

Her albums include , and .

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Gustavo Kupinski

Gustavo Kupinski (January 18, 1974 Dolores, Buenos Aires-January 4, 2011 Dolores, Buenos Aires) was an Argentine , .

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Érica García

Érica García (April 6, 1974 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Erica garcia, Erica García, García, Erica or Érica Laura García is an Argentine actor, composer, singer and musician.

Her most well known albums: El cerebro, La bestia and Amorama. Genres she performed: Psychedelic rock and Alternative rock.

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Noel Schajris

Noel Schajris (July 19, 1974 Buenos Aires-) also known as Nahuel Schajris or Schajris, Noel is an Argentine singer-songwriter and pianist.

His albums include Uno No Es Uno, Cita en las Nubes, Grandes Canciones, No es cierto, and Cuando Amas A Alguien. Genres he performed include Rhythm and blues and Latin pop.

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María Esteve

María Esteve (December 30, 1974 Mar del Plata-) otherwise known as María Esteve Flores, María Gades or María Esteve is an Argentine actor.

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