Argentine music stars who deceased at age 29

Here are 1 famous musicians from Argentina died at 29:

Justo Suárez

Justo Suárez (January 5, 1909 Buenos Aires-August 10, 1938 Cosquín) was an Argentine personality.

He was a tango lyricist and composer, best known for his collaboration with tango musician Francisco Canaro. Suárez wrote lyrics for some of Canaro's most popular songs, including "La cumparsita" and "María" which have remained tango standards. Suárez was also a poet and journalist, and contributed to several Argentine publications of the time. Sadly, Suárez passed away at the age of 29 due to complications from surgery. Despite his brief career, he left a lasting impact on the world of tango and his contributions to the genre continue to be celebrated today.

Suárez was born in the Barracas district of Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of modest means. He showed an interest in literature and music at a young age and began writing poetry in his teens. His talent was recognized by fellow writers and musicians, and he soon became involved in the thriving cultural scene of Buenos Aires in the 1920s.

In the early 1930s, Suárez began collaborating with Francisco Canaro, one of the most popular tango musicians of the time. Together they produced some of the most iconic tango songs of the era. Suárez's talent for writing poignant and expressive lyrics was matched by Canaro's ability to set them to music in a way that captured the essence of tango.

Despite his success, Suárez remained humble and committed to his craft. He continued to write poetry and prose, and was also involved in journalism, contributing articles to several publications including the magazine "El Hogar". His writing was marked by a sensitivity and depth of feeling that reflected his passion for art and literature.

Suárez's untimely death at the age of 29 was a great loss to the world of tango and Argentine culture in general. However, his legacy lives on through his music and poetry, which continue to inspire and move people today.

In addition to his collaborations with Francisco Canaro, Justo Suárez also worked with other important tango musicians of the time, including Aníbal Troilo and Juan d'Arienzo. Some of his other famous compositions include "Nunca tuvo novio", "Alma de Bohemio", and "El choclo".

Suárez was also known for his involvement in political activism, particularly in the Communist Party of Argentina. He wrote several articles advocating for workers' rights and was vocal about his support for socialism.

Despite his political views, Suárez was widely respected and loved by people from all walks of life. He was known for his kindness, generosity, and his unwavering commitment to his art. He remains a beloved figure in the world of tango and Argentine culture.

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