Argentine music stars who deceased at age 51

Here are 8 famous musicians from Argentina died at 51:

José Hernández

José Hernández (November 10, 1834 San Martín, Buenos Aires-October 21, 1886 Belgrano, Buenos Aires) a.k.a. José Rafael Hernández y Pueyrredón or Jose Hernandez was an Argentine writer, journalist, poet and politician.

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Héctor Yazalde

Héctor Yazalde (May 29, 1946 Avellaneda-June 18, 1997 Buenos Aires) also known as Hector Yazalde was an Argentine personality.

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Emilio Sagi Liñán

Emilio Sagi Liñán (March 15, 1900 Bolívar Partido-May 25, 1951 Barcelona) also known as Emilio Sagi Linan was an Argentine personality.

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José Antonio Cabrera

José Antonio Cabrera (November 28, 1768 Argentina-April 14, 1820) a.k.a. Jose Antonio Cabrera was an Argentine lawyer.

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Carlos Salguero

Carlos Salguero (June 10, 1955 Guaymallén Department-December 26, 2006 United States of America) was an Argentine personality.

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Barry Norton

Barry Norton (June 16, 1905 Buenos Aires-August 24, 1956 Hollywood) also known as Alfredo Carlos Birabén was an Argentine actor and ballroom dancer. He had one child, Sharon Biraben Rider.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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María Rosa Lida de Malkiel

María Rosa Lida de Malkiel (November 7, 1910 Buenos Aires-September 25, 1962 Oakland) a.k.a. María-Rosa Lida Malkiel or Maria Rosa Lida was an Argentine personality.

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Nelo Cosimi

Nelo Cosimi (April 5, 1894 Macerata-October 5, 1945 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine screenwriter, film director and actor.

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