Armenian movie stars died in 1968

Here are 1 famous actors from Armenia died in 1968:

Ruben Simonov

Ruben Simonov (April 1, 1899 Moscow-December 5, 1968 Moscow) also known as Rouben Simonov, Simon, Ruben N., Ruben N. Simonov or Рубен Николаевич Симонов was an Armenian actor and theatre director. He had one child, Eugene R. Simon.

Born into an Armenian family, Ruben Simonov was a prominent figure in the Soviet cultural scene. He served as the artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theatre for over 20 years, during which he pursued a distinctive style of direction characterized by a bold and dynamic approach to staging classical plays. Simonov was also a successful actor, best known for his roles in films such as "The Return of Maxim" (1937) and "Pirogov" (1947), which won him the Stalin Prize. In addition to his work in theatre and cinema, Ruben Simonov was a respected theatre critic and essayist. He authored several books on theatre theory and practice, and his writing on the history of Soviet theatre remains a valuable resource to this day. Simonov received numerous awards and honours for his contributions to the arts, including the Order of Lenin and the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Despite his achievements, Simonov's career was not without controversy. In the 1930s he was criticized for his perceived formalism, and his close association with the Vakhtangov Theatre was seen by some as evidence of his transgression against socialist realist principles. Despite this, Simonov remained a prominent and influential figure in Soviet theatre until his death in 1968.

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