Armenian movie stars died in 1993

Here are 1 famous actresses from Armenia died in 1993:

Anastasiya Ivanova

Anastasiya Ivanova (July 24, 1958 Adler-June 3, 1993) was an Armenian actor. She had one child, Pauline Nevzorova.

Anastasiya Ivanova began her acting career in the late 1970s and quickly gained popularity in Soviet cinema. She starred in a number of critically acclaimed films, including "Be Careful, Grandma!" (1981) and "The Lonely Woman Seeks a Husband" (1984).

Despite her success on the big screen, Ivanova struggled with personal issues, including drug addiction. She made headlines in 1992 when she was arrested for possession and sentenced to probation.

Unfortunately, Ivanova's battles with addiction ultimately led to her untimely death in 1993 at the age of 34. Her legacy as a talented actress and the mother of Pauline Nevzorova, who also pursued a career in acting, lives on.

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