Armenian musicians died at 22

Here are 1 famous musicians from Armenia died at 22:

Artashes Arakelian

Artashes Arakelian (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1993) was an Armenian economist.

He was born in Etchmiadzin, Armenia and completed his education in economics in Yerevan State University. After completing his education, Arakelian became an economics professor at various universities and institutions in Armenia.

Throughout his career, Artashes Arakelian was a prominent figure in Armenian economics and is known for his significant contributions to the study of Armenian economic development. He authored several books and published numerous articles on various economic topics, including planning decisions, economic reforms, and economic efficiency.

In addition to his academic work, Arakelian was also a practitioner of economics, having served in various government positions in Armenia. He was a member of the Armenian Parliament from 1990 to 1993, and as a parliamentarian, he was known for his strong convictions and efforts to improve the economy and standard of living in Armenia.

Artashes Arakelian's untimely death on April 5, 1993, was a great loss to the Armenian economics community, but his contributions and legacy continue to be celebrated and remembered. His lasting influence in the field of economics and his dedication to improving the economic conditions of his country have left an indelible mark on Armenian history.

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