Armenian musicians died at 44

Here are 2 famous musicians from Armenia died at 44:

Arshile Gorky

Arshile Gorky (April 15, 1904 Van Vilayet-July 21, 1948 Sherman) also known as Vostanik Manuk Adoyan, Vosdanig Manoug Atoian, Ոստանիկ Մանուկ Ադոեան or Vosdanig Adoian was an Armenian painter. His children are Maro Gorky and Natasha Gorky.

Gorky was born in the Ottoman Empire and his family immigrated to the United States in 1920 to escape the Armenian Genocide. He studied art in Boston and eventually moved to New York City where he became a prominent member of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Gorky's work was influenced by his Armenian heritage, as well as European modernism, particularly the work of Surrealist artists. He created abstracted forms and shapes that were often biomorphic and organic in nature, exploring themes of identity, memory, and trauma. Despite struggling with personal tragedies such as a studio fire that destroyed much of his work and a battle with cancer, Gorky continued to create art until his death by hanging at the age of 44. His work has had a lasting impact on the modern art world and has been celebrated for its emotional depth, symbolism, and innovation.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Sebastatsi Murad

Sebastatsi Murad (April 5, 1874 Sivas Vilayet-August 4, 1918 Baku) was an Armenian personality.

He was a writer, poet, publicist, and political activist who championed the Armenian Cause. He was born in the Ottoman Empire and moved to Baku, Azerbaijan in the early 1900s to actively participate in the Armenian national liberation movement. Murad wrote extensively on Armenian history and culture, and his work inspired many young Armenians to join the struggle for independence.

In 1918, during the chaotic aftermath of the Russian Revolution, Murad was arrested and executed by the Bolsheviks in Baku. He is considered a martyr by the Armenian people and his legacy as an advocate for Armenian rights lives on to this day.

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