Armenian musicians died at 45

Here are 2 famous musicians from Armenia died at 45:

Leo V the Armenian

Leo V the Armenian (April 5, 0775-December 25, 0820) was an Armenian personality. He had one child, Constantine.

Leo V the Armenian was a Byzantine emperor who ruled from 813 to 820. He was born in Armenia in 775 CE, and his original name was Vahagn. Leo was a skilled general and was appointed as the strategos of the Anatolikon Theme by Emperor Nikephoros I in 803. Later, he became the general of the Armeniac Theme and, in 813, he usurped the throne from Emperor Michael I Rangabe.

During his reign, Leo pursued an iconoclastic policy, which was the rejection of icons in religious worship. He abolished the use of icons in churches and persecuted those who disagreed with him, including the monasteries of Mount Athos. Leo also reorganized the theme system, which was the administrative division of the empire.

Leo was a brilliant military tactician and successfully fought against the Bulgarian army to secure the northern borders of the empire. He also fought against the Arab Abbasid Caliphate, but with limited success. In 820, Leo was assassinated by conspirators, who were likely supporters of the previous emperor, Michael I Rangabe.

Leo was survived by his son, Constantine, who became emperor after his death. Leo V the Armenian's legacy is mixed, as he was a successful general and strong ruler, but his iconoclastic policies brought about division and persecution in the Byzantine Empire.

He died in assassination.

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Gabriel El-Registan

Gabriel El-Registan (December 15, 1899 Samarkand-June 30, 1945 Moscow) was an Armenian personality.

He was a renowned Soviet intelligence officer who played a major role in several operations of the Soviet Union during World War II. El-Registan joined the Cheka, the precursor to the KGB, in 1921 and quickly moved up the ranks. During the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s, he commanded a unit of Soviet advisers working with Republican forces. El-Registan is also known for his contributions to the Soviet efforts during the Battle of Stalingrad, where he helped gather crucial intelligence that aided in the Soviet victory. Despite his achievements, El-Registan fell out of favor with Soviet leadership in the post-war years and was executed in 1945.

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