Armenian musicians died at 54

Here are 2 famous musicians from Armenia died at 54:

Krikor Zohrab

Krikor Zohrab (June 26, 1861 Constantinople-July 20, 1915 Şanlıurfa) was an Armenian writer and politician. His child is called Dolores Zohrab Liebmann.

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Hovhannes Tumanyan

Hovhannes Tumanyan (February 19, 1869 Dsegh-March 23, 1923 Moscow) a.k.a. O. Tumanyan was an Armenian poet and writer. He had ten children, Musegh Tumanyan, Ashkhen Tumanyan, Nvard Tumanyan, Artavazd Tumanyan, Hamlik Tumanyan, Anush Tumanyan, Arpik Tumanyan, Areg Tumanyan, Seda Tumanyan and Tamar Tumanyan.

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