Australian movie stars died at 27

Here are 1 famous actors from Australia died at 27:

Wandjuk Marika

Wandjuk Marika (April 5, 2015-June 1, 1987) also known as Wandjuk Djuwakan Marika or Wangjuk Marka was an Australian actor, composer and painter.

He was a prominent Yolngu leader and one of the founding members of the Yirrkala Bark Petition, which led to the recognition of Indigenous land rights in Australia. Marika was known for his role as the Aboriginal elder in the film "Walkabout" and for his contributions to the development of the Yirrkala community's bark painting movement. He was also a respected ceremonial leader and custodian of traditional Yolngu culture. Marika's artistic legacy is celebrated in the National Museum of Australia, and his advocacy for Indigenous rights continues to inspire activists and artists today.

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