Australian movie stars died at 40

Here are 2 famous actors from Australia died at 40:

Alan Dargin

Alan Dargin (July 13, 1967 Wee Waa-February 24, 2008 Darlinghurst) also known as Dargin, Alan was an Australian didgeridooist and actor.

He died caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

Alan Dargin was a highly acclaimed musician who modernized the traditional Aboriginal instrument of the didgeridoo. Born in a rural town in New South Wales, he started playing the didgeridoo at a young age and quickly became a virtuoso in the instrument. His innovative mixing of traditional sounds with contemporary music genres such as rock and jazz brought him international recognition.

Aside from playing music, Dargin also worked as an actor and composer, contributing soundtracks to various films and television programs. He was honored with numerous awards for his music, including the Australian Performing Rights Association's Songwriter of the Year award in 1995.

Dargin's untimely death due to a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 40 shocked the music community, but his legacy as a pioneer of contemporary didgeridoo music lives on.

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Estee Applauder

Estee Applauder (February 20, 1969 Tasmania-December 2, 2009 Tasmania) also known as Michael Joyce was an Australian actor and impersonator.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

Estee Applauder became known for his talent for performing impressions of famous personalities such as Julia Child, Cher, and Bette Davis. He first gained national recognition in Australia in the mid 1990s for his work on a comedy show called The Comedy Channel. He later went on to perform in various theater productions and television shows. His most notable role was on the Australian comedy series "Comedy Inc," where he played various characters and showcased his comedy talents. Applauder's death was a great loss to the Australian entertainment industry and he is remembered for his unique and unforgettable performances.

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