Australian movie stars died in 1962

Here are 3 famous actors from Australia died in 1962:

Snub Pollard

Snub Pollard (November 9, 1889 Melbourne-January 19, 1962 Burbank) also known as Harold H. Fraser, Harry "Snub" Pollard, Harold Fraser, Harry Pollard, The Keystone Kops, Peewee Pollard, Harry 'Snub' Pollard, Harry Fraser, Pollard, Harold Fraser Pollard or 'Snub' Pollard was an Australian actor and comedian.

He began his career in the entertainment industry as a vaudeville performer in Australia before moving to the United States in 1915 to work for Keystone Studios. He became a popular comedic actor during the silent film era, appearing in over 200 films throughout his career. In addition to acting, Pollard also worked as a writer, producer, and director for various studios. He was known for his energetic and physical comedic style, often portraying hapless characters who found themselves in absurd situations. After the transition to sound films in the 1930s, Pollard's career began to decline, although he continued to make occasional appearances on screen. After retiring from Hollywood, he returned to Australia where he worked as a publicist for Warner Bros. and later as an estate agent. He passed away in Burbank, California in 1962 at the age of 72.

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Frank Leighton

Frank Leighton (July 16, 1908 Sydney-October 17, 1962 England) also known as Frank Athelston Leighton was an Australian actor.

He appeared in numerous stage productions in Australia and the United Kingdom, including performances with the Old Vic and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. Leighton also acted in several films, such as "The Green Scarf" (1954) and "Law and Disorder" (1958). He was known for his deep, resonant voice and commanding stage presence. In addition to his acting career, Leighton was a translator and author, having translated several works by French author Colette and writing a biography of British actor Sir Gerald du Maurier. Sadly, Leighton passed away at the relatively young age of 54.

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Monte Luke

Monte Luke (November 27, 1885 Geelong-November 27, 1962 Sydney) was an Australian actor, film director and photographer.

He began his career in the entertainment industry as an actor in the early 1900s, but eventually transitioned to film directing and photography. Luke was especially known for his portrait photography, which included many famous Australians and international stars. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his contribution to the arts in Australia in 1961, just a year before his death. Today, he is remembered as one of the most influential photographers of his time in Australia.

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