Australian movie stars died in 1996

Here are 4 famous actors from Australia died in 1996:

Syd Heylen

Syd Heylen (May 25, 1922 Renmark-December 4, 1996) a.k.a. Harold Charles Sydney Heylen was an Australian actor.

He is best known for his portrayal of the character of Cookie in the long-running Australian television series "A Country Practice". Heylen appeared in over 1000 episodes of the series from 1981 until his death in 1996. Prior to his success in "A Country Practice", Heylen worked as a comedian and vaudevillian performer. He also made appearances in several other Australian television shows and movies such as "Matlock Police", "Division 4", and "The Sullivans". In addition to his acting career, Heylen was a skilled jazz pianist and performed regularly in Sydney's jazz clubs. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1994 for his contributions to the arts.

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Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson (November 27, 2014 Adelaide-October 13, 1996 Melbourne) also known as Bradford Leigh "Brad" Robinson or Bradford Leigh Robinson was an Australian singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist and actor.

Robinson was best known as the lead guitarist and a founding member of the rock band, The V-Rays, which he formed in 1984 in Adelaide. The band later moved to Melbourne and gained a cult following in Australia and the United States. Robinson was also known for his solo work as a singer-songwriter and released several critically acclaimed albums throughout his career. In addition to his music career, Robinson also had a successful acting career, appearing in several films and television shows in the 1990s. He was known for his natural charisma and stage presence and is remembered as one of Australia's most talented and influential musicians. Robinson died in 1996 at the age of 42 due to complications from AIDS.

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John Hargreaves

John Hargreaves (November 28, 1945 Murwillumbah-January 8, 1996 Sydney) also known as John William Hargreaves or John Hargraves was an Australian actor.

He started his career in the late 1960s and appeared in several theater productions before making his film debut in 1972 in the movie "The Removalists". Hargreaves went on to have a successful career in Australian cinema and television, appearing in over 50 films and numerous TV series. Some of his notable films include "Don's Party", "The Odd Angry Shot", and "Razorback". In addition to acting, Hargreaves also worked as a producer and director. He received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the AFI Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the 1975 film "Don's Party". Sadly, Hargreaves passed away at the age of 50 due to complications from asthma.

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Ralph W. Peterson

Ralph W. Peterson (February 21, 1921 Adelaide-November 2, 1996 Sydney) otherwise known as Ralph Peterson was an Australian screenwriter, television producer and actor.

Peterson was born in Adelaide, South Australia and studied at the University of Adelaide before starting his career in the entertainment industry. He began his career as a screenwriter and worked on several Australian TV programs including "Homicide" and "Matlock Police". Peterson then went on to produce and direct numerous Australian TV shows and became known for his work on the popular soap opera "The Young Doctors."

Throughout his career, Peterson also acted in a number of films and TV programs. He appeared in the Australian film "Wake in Fright" and the TV series "Minder" and "Bellbird."

Peterson was a member of the Australian Writers Guild and the Australian Director's Guild and received numerous awards for his work in the industry, including the Best TV Drama Series award at the Australian Television Awards for "The Young Doctors" in 1977.

He passed away on November 2, 1996 in Sydney, New South Wales.

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