Australian movie stars died in 2007

Here are 4 famous actors from Australia died in 2007:

Norman Kaye

Norman Kaye (January 17, 1927 Melbourne-May 28, 2007 Sydney) also known as Norman Kay or Norman James Kaye was an Australian actor, musician, film score composer, teacher and conductor.

Kaye was born in Melbourne, Australia, and began his career in the arts as a musician, playing the piano and the accordion at local pubs and clubs. He went on to become a music teacher, and eventually transitioned into acting, starring in both stage productions and films. Kaye was well known for his role as Arthur, the romantic lead in the popular Australian film "Shine" in 1996, for which he won critical acclaim. He also composed music for several films, including "The Club" and "The Big Steal." In addition to his acting career, Kaye was a respected conductor and teacher, working with various orchestras and music programs throughout Australia. He passed away in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, at the age of 80.

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Lucky Grills

Lucky Grills (May 26, 1928 Hobart-July 27, 2007 Queensland) otherwise known as Leo Dennis Grills was an Australian comedian and actor.

Born and raised in Tasmania, Lucky Grills began his career as a musician before transitioning to stand-up comedy. He became a household name in Australia through his role as Detective Sergeant Reginald "Reg" Graham in the popular television series, "Bluey." The show ran from 1976 to 1992 and was a huge success, cementing Grills' status as one of Australia's most beloved actors. In addition to his work on "Bluey," Grills appeared in several other Australian television shows and movies, including "The Sullivans," "The Flying Doctors," and "Prisoner." Off-screen, Grills was known for his philanthropic work, particularly his support for charities that helped children with disabilities. He was also a devoted family man, and is survived by his wife, three children, and several grandchildren.

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Richard Franklin

Richard Franklin (July 15, 1948 Melbourne-July 11, 2007 Melbourne) also known as Richard Bruce or Richard Lacey was an Australian film director, writer, film producer, screenwriter and actor.

He started his career as an actor in the 1970s and later transitioned into directing and producing films. Franklin is best known for directing the horror movie "Psycho II" (1983), which was a critically acclaimed commercial success.

He also directed other films such as "Roadgames" (1981) and "Link" (1986). Franklin was known for his unique style of making suspenseful films and his work has influenced many young filmmakers.

In addition to his film work, Franklin also wrote books on film theory, including "The Movie That Matters" and "Blood and Buzzing Flies: Notes on the Making of Psycho II."

Throughout his career, Franklin received several awards and nominations for his work in the film industry, including an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Direction for his film "Bliss" (1985). He passed away in 2007.

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Steve J. Spears

Steve J. Spears (January 22, 1951 Adelaide-October 16, 2007 Aldinga) a.k.a. Steve Spears or Steven J. Spears was an Australian writer, actor, playwright, singer and screenwriter.

He is known for co-writing and starring in the cult classic Australian film, "The Double Dealer" (1980), and for his play "The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin" (1987) which toured internationally. Spears was also a regular contributor to Australian theatre, film and television, and wrote for publications such as The Australian, The Bulletin and Meanjin. He was a notable figure in the Australian arts scene and was widely respected for his contributions to Australian culture. Spears passed away in 2007 from cancer at the age of 56.

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