Australian movie stars in Los Angeles

Here are 8 famous actors from Australia who live or lived in Los Angeles:

George Lazenby

George Lazenby (September 5, 1939 Goulburn-) also known as George Robert Lazenby, G. Lazenby or George Lazenbi is an Australian actor and model. His children are called Zachary Lazenby, Melanie Andrea Lazenby, George Samuel Lazenby, Samuel Robert Lazenby and Kaitlin Elizabeth Lazenby. He has been living in London, Los Angeles and Queanbeyan.

Lazenby is best known for portraying James Bond in the 1969 film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Prior to that role, he had modeled and appeared in commercials. However, he turned down the offer to play Bond in subsequent films, citing his desire to break away from the iconic spy character. Instead, Lazenby went on to act in a variety of films and television shows, including "The Kentucky Fried Movie", "The Man from Hong Kong", and the Australian soap opera "The Young Doctors". In 2017, he starred in the indie film "The Target". Outside of acting, Lazenby is a fitness enthusiast and has trained in martial arts. He has also been involved in various charity work over the years, particularly supporting children's causes.

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Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer (February 12, 1979 Melbourne-) also known as Jesse Gordon Spencer is an Australian actor, musician and voice actor. He has been publicly known to be living in Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Spencer is best known for his role as Dr. Robert Chase on the hit medical drama series, "House M.D." He was a part of the main cast from 2004-2012. Prior to his success in America, he gained popularity in Australia for his role as Billy Kennedy in the soap opera "Neighbours" from 1994-2000.

Aside from acting, Spencer is also a talented musician. He plays the violin, guitar, and piano. In fact, he was a member of the Australian band, Band from TV, which was composed of various TV actors who performed at numerous charity events.

Spencer has also lent his voice to several video games and animated series such as "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time" and "Tarzan & Jane". In addition to his acting and music careers, he is also a certified firefighter and has served as a volunteer firefighter in both Chicago and Australia.

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Daniel Goddard

Daniel Goddard (August 28, 1971 Sydney-) also known as Daniel Richard Goddard or Daniel Richard Goddard II is an Australian model and actor. He has two children, Ford Goddard and Sebastian William Goddard. He has been widely known to be living in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Daniel Goddard began his career in the entertainment industry as a model and later transitioned into acting. He is best known for his role as Cane Ashby in the daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless, which he played from 2007 to 2020. His performance in the role earned him several award nominations, including two Daytime Emmy nominations.

Goddard's other notable acting credits include BeastMaster, Home and Away, and Monk. He has also appeared in several films, including Indigo Hearts and Dream Warrior.

Apart from his acting career, Goddard is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of the organic skincare company, Kether Cosmetics.

In his spare time, Goddard enjoys outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking. He has also been involved in various charitable organizations, including the Best Friends Animal Society and the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin (August 24, 1976 Canberra-) a.k.a. Alex O'Lachlan is an Australian actor and writer. He has two children, Saxon O'Loughlin and Lion O'Loughlin. He has been residing in Los Angeles, Sydney, New York City and California.

O'Loughlin is best known for his role as Steve McGarrett in the TV series Hawaii Five-0, which ran from 2010 to 2020. He has also appeared in several films, including The Back-up Plan, August Rush, and Whiteout. Before becoming an actor, O'Loughlin trained as a chef and worked in various jobs, including as a lifeguard and a builder's laborer. In 2012, he received treatment for prescription pain medication addiction and became an advocate for addiction recovery. In addition to his acting career, O'Loughlin has written and directed several short films.

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Karl Champley

Karl Champley is an Australian presenter and actor. He has been residing in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Champley began his career in the construction industry, working for his family's business before moving into television presenting. He has hosted several home renovation and DIY shows, including "DIY SOS" and "Wasted Spaces" in the UK, and "DIY to the Rescue" and "Decked Out" in the US. He has also appeared as a judge on the reality competition show "Ellen's Design Challenge" and as a guest host on "The Emmy Awards Red Carpet Live" on ABC. In addition to his television work, Champley has also acted in several films and TV series, including "The Concierge" and "Boom Town". He is also a published author, having written the book "Same Place, More Space".

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Christopher Egan

Christopher Egan (June 29, 1984 Sydney-) also known as Christopher Andrew Egan, Christopher Egan, Chris, Little-Chris or Chris Egan is an Australian actor. He has been generally known to be living in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Egan began his acting career in Sydney before moving to Los Angeles to further pursue his career in Hollywood. He is best known for his role as Nick Smith in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. In Hollywood, Egan has appeared in a number of films and television series including Resident Evil: Extinction, Eragon, and Dominion. Additionally, he has been praised for his performances in the stage productions of Romeo and Juliet, and The Judas Kiss. In his personal life, Egan is known to be very private and has managed to keep his personal affairs out of the public eye.

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Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe (January 24, 1995 Sydney-) also known as Callum McAuliffe or Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe is an Australian actor, voice actor, martial artist, comedian, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been publicly known to be residing in Sydney, Los Angeles and Clontarf.

McAuliffe began his acting career in Australia, appearing in commercials and television shows such as "Packed to the Rafters" and "Blue Water High." He gained international recognition for his role as young Jay Gatsby in the film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" in 2013.

McAuliffe has also appeared in several other films, including "I Am Number Four," "Robot Overlords," and "The Stanford Prison Experiment." In addition to his acting career, he is also a skilled martial artist, having trained in taekwondo and hapkido.

McAuliffe is also passionate about music, playing several instruments including guitar, piano, and drums. In his free time, he performs as a singer-songwriter and has released several singles and an EP.

Despite his success, McAuliffe remains humble and grounded, often donating his time and resources to various charities and social causes.

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Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth (January 13, 1990 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor. He has been generally known to be residing in Los Angeles.

Hemsworth first gained widespread recognition through his role as Josh Taylor in the soap opera "Neighbours." He later landed major roles in Hollywood films such as "The Last Song," "The Hunger Games" series, and "The Expendables 2." In addition to his successful acting career, Hemsworth is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been actively involved in various organizations that support environmental causes, and has even launched his own charity called the Liam Hemsworth Foundation. Hemsworth is also an avid surfer and enjoys spending his free time outdoors.

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