Australian movie stars born in 1938

Here are 5 famous actresses from Australia were born in 1938:

Noeline Brown

Noeline Brown (October 3, 1938 Sydney-) also known as Noelene Brown is an Australian actor and comedian.

Jeanne Little

Jeanne Little (May 11, 1938 Sydney-) also known as Jeanne Mitchell is an Australian actor and entertainer.

Helen Caldicott

Helen Caldicott (August 7, 1938 Melbourne-) otherwise known as Dr. Helen Caldicott, Helen Broinowski or Helen Mary Caldicott is an Australian physician and actor.

Lee Hatherly

Lee Hatherly (July 28, 1938 Adelaide-February 21, 2012 Wellington) otherwise known as Leone Hatherly was an Australian actor.

Colleen Anne Fitzpatrick

Colleen Anne Fitzpatrick (January 5, 1938 Sydney-) otherwise known as Colleen Fitzpatrick is an Australian model and actor. She has one child, Katharine Cullen.

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