Australian movie stars born in 1966

Here are 6 famous actresses from Australia were born in 1966:

Kylie Travis

Kylie Travis (April 27, 1966 London-) also known as Kylie Travis Cappelli is an Australian actor and model.

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Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano (November 17, 1966 Melbourne-) also known as Kate Cerberano or Ceberano, Kate is an Australian singer, songwriter and actor. She has one child, Gypsy Rogers.

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Celia Ireland

Celia Ireland (May 16, 1966 Newcastle-) is an Australian actor and voice actor.

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Kelley Abbey

Kelley Abbey (July 28, 1966 Inala-) is an Australian actor, theatre director, choreographer and dancer.

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Sally Boyden

Sally Boyden (May 21, 1966 Australia-) also known as Boyden, Sally is an Australian singer, actor and songwriter.

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Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne (June 24, 1966 Sydney-) is an Australian singer, author, actor and musician.

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