Australian movie stars born in 1976

Here are 11 famous actresses from Australia were born in 1976:

Melissa George

Melissa George (August 6, 1976 Perth-) also known as Melissa Suzanne George, Gorgeous George, Mel or Roo is an Australian actor. Her child is called Raphaƫl Blanc.

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Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher (February 3, 1976 Muscat-) also known as Isla Lang Fisher, Ayala Fisher, Isla Lang Fisher Cohen or Ayala Lang Fisher is an Australian actor, writer and voice actor. She has two children, Olive Baron Cohen and Elula Lottie Miriam Cohen.

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Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon (May 10, 1976 Brisbane-) is an Australian actor.

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Felicity Mason

Felicity Mason (November 14, 1976 Sydney-) a.k.a. Flicka, Flea or Mommy horse is an Australian actor, screenwriter and visual artist.

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Erika Heynatz

Erika Heynatz (March 25, 1976 Port Moresby-) is an Australian presenter, model, actor, singer and tv personality.

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Rebecca Smart

Rebecca Smart (January 30, 1976 Tamworth-) otherwise known as Rebecca Elizabeth Smart is an Australian actor.

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Sam Healy

Sam Healy (June 15, 1976 Rockhampton-) also known as Samantha Healy or Samantha is an Australian actor.

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Bianca Chiminello

Bianca Chiminello (September 5, 1976 Melbourne-) also known as Bianca Jade Chiminello or Bianca Jade is an Australian actor, film producer and model.

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Lisa Gleave

Lisa Gleave (November 11, 1976 Surfers Paradise-) is an Australian fashion model, model and actor.

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Amanda Douge

Amanda Douge (December 1, 1976 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

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Marieke Hardy

Marieke Hardy (May 26, 1976 Melbourne-) also known as Marieke Josephine Hardy or Josephine Hardy is an Australian screenwriter, television producer, writer and actor.

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