Australian movie stars born in 1979

Here are 15 famous actresses from Australia were born in 1979:

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne (July 24, 1979 Balmain-) also known as Mary Rose Byrne or Rosie is an Australian actor.

Byrne started acting at a young age and made her film debut in 1994's "Dallas Doll". She gained international recognition in 2007 for her role in the hit comedy "Bridesmaids".

Aside from her work in film, Byrne has also had success in television, starring in series such as "Damages" and "Mrs. America".

In addition to her acting work, Byrne is also an advocate for several charitable organizations, including UNICEF and CARE Australia.

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Leeanna Walsman

Leeanna Walsman (November 22, 1979 Sydney-) also known as Leeanna Walnuts or Leanna Walsman is an Australian actor.

She graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1999 and made her debut in the Australian film "Looking for Alibrandi" the same year. Walsman is best known for her roles in the Australian films "The Dish" (2000) and "Jessica" (2004), as well as for her portrayal of Zam Wesell in "Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones" (2002). She has also had recurring roles in TV series such as "Wentworth" and "Home and Away". In addition to acting, Walsman has also directed short films and theater productions.

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Amy Mathews

Amy Mathews (March 29, 1979 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

She is best known for her role as Rachel Armstrong in the popular Australian television series, "Neighbours". Mathews has appeared in numerous Australian television shows and films, including "Underbelly", "Spirited", and "The Great Gatsby". In addition to acting, she is a talented presenter and has hosted numerous lifestyle and home renovation shows. Mathews is also a trained carpenter and has worked on various renovation projects across Australia. She is an advocate for gender-equality in the construction industry and has spoken out about the underrepresentation of women in trades. In her spare time, Mathews enjoys hiking and exploring the Australian wilderness.

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Jacinta Stapleton

Jacinta Stapleton (June 6, 1979 Malvern-) is an Australian actor.

She is widely recognized for her role in the soap opera "Neighbours" in which she played the character Amy Greenwood. Jacinta Stapleton has also appeared in several other Australian TV shows and films such as "Stingers", "Underbelly", and "The Secret Life of Us". Alongside acting, Stapleton is a talented singer and has released an EP, "OOH AAH!", and an album, "Weightless". In addition to her creative work, she is also an advocate for mental health awareness and has been involved in various charities and organizations that aim to improve the quality of life of people living with mental illness.

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Melanie Vallejo

Melanie Vallejo (October 27, 1979 Adelaide-) is an Australian actor.

She’s best known for playing Madison Rocca, the Blue Mystic Ranger, on the TV series Power Rangers Mystic Force. Vallejo has also starred in shows like Winners & Losers, Satisfaction, and The Saddle Club. In addition to her acting career, she’s also a singer and has released music under the stage name of Mellie. Vallejo studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney before making her screen debut in 2004. She’s been nominated for several awards, including the Logie Award for Most Popular Actress.

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Petra Yared

Petra Yared (January 18, 1979 Melbourne-) also known as Petra Jared or Petra Georgina Yared is an Australian actor. Her children are called Theodore Cotton and Vivien Cotton.

Petra Yared grew up in a creative household, with her father, Philippe Yared, being a well-known Australian composer, and her mother, Denise Yared, also being involved in the entertainment industry as an art director. Yared made her acting debut in the 2001 short film "Apollo's Eye" and went on to appear in several Australian television shows, including "Neighbours" and "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries".

In addition to her acting career, Yared is also a talented musician and composer. She has released several albums under the name Petra Jarrar, including 2009's "This Time" and 2013's "Sea of Thoughts". Yared's music has been described as dreamy and ethereal, with a focus on vocals and piano.

Yared is also a mother of two, and in recent years has taken a step back from acting to focus on her family and her music. She continues to be an active member of the Australian entertainment industry, and is highly respected for her talent and dedication.

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Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk (December 14, 1979 London-) a.k.a. Sophie Charlene Akland Monk is an Australian singer, songwriter, actor and model.

She first rose to fame as a member of the girl group Bardot before embarking on a successful solo career. Monk has also acted in numerous films and television shows, including the critically acclaimed comedy series "Entourage." In addition to her entertainment career, she is also a radio host and has appeared as a judge on the Australian version of "The Bachelorette." Monk is known for her bubbly personality, catchy music, and unique fashion sense.

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Caroline Correa

Caroline Correa (May 19, 1979 Umuarama-) also known as Caroline de Souza Correa is an Australian actor.

She was born in Umuarama, Brazil and moved to Sydney, Australia at the age of seven. Caroline started her career as a model and later transitioned to acting. She has appeared in both Australian and international productions, including the Australian TV series "Home and Away" and the American film "The Hurricane Heist". Caroline has also been involved in philanthropic work and is an ambassador for the Australian charity RUOK?, which aims to prevent suicide.

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Anna Torv

Anna Torv (June 7, 1979 Melbourne-) also known as Anna Tõrv or Anna Charmichael Torv is an Australian actor and voice actor.

She is best known for her role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham in the television series Fringe. Torv was born in Melbourne, Australia and began her career as a theater actor before transitioning to television and film. She has appeared in several Australian and British television shows, including The Secret Life of Us and Mistresses. In addition to her acting work, Torv has done voiceover work for video games and animated series, such as Heavenly Sword and Strange Hill High. She has been praised for her versatility as an actor and her ability to bring complex characters to life on screen.

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Jaymee Ong

Jaymee Ong (September 21, 1979 Australia-) a.k.a. Jay is an Australian actor and model.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales in 2002. She started her career as a VJ on Channel V Australia in the early 2000s and later moved to Asia to pursue her career in television hosting. She has hosted a number of popular shows, including "The Amazing Race Asia," "Asia's Next Top Model," and "AXN's Sony Style." In addition to her work as a host, Jaymee has also acted in a number of films and TV series. She is known for her roles in the Singaporean TV series "Perfect Girl," and the films "Serious Laundry" and "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe." She is also a fitness enthusiast and has shared her workout routines on social media.

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Amiel Daemion

Amiel Daemion (August 13, 1979 New York-) also known as Amiel Muki Daemion, Ami Daemion or Amiel is an Australian singer, songwriter and actor.

Amiel Daemion was born in New York in 1979 and grew up in Australia. As a teenager, she started performing at local venues and eventually caught the attention of a music producer. In 2003, she released her debut album, "Audio Out", which included the hit singles "Lovesong" and "Be Your Girl". The album was a commercial success in Australia, and Amiel was nominated for four ARIA awards.

In addition to her music career, Amiel has also appeared in several Australian TV shows and films. She had a guest role in the popular drama series "Neighbours" and played the lead role in the independent film "F is for Friendship". In 2011, she appeared in the reality TV show "Celebrity Apprentice Australia" and was the runner-up.

Amiel continues to write and record music, and has collaborated with many renowned artists in the industry. She is known for her soulful voice and eclectic style, and has been praised for her songwriting skills.

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Danielle de Niese

Danielle de Niese (April 11, 1979 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

Actually, Danielle de Niese is not an actor but rather an Australian lyric soprano of Sri Lankan and Dutch descent. She is well-known for her performances in leading roles in opera productions around the world. Raised in Los Angeles, she began her career as a child actress before discovering her passion for music. De Niese has performed at major opera houses including the Metropolitan Opera, the Glyndebourne Festival Opera, and the Royal Opera House. In addition, she has also made frequent television and radio appearances, and has released several albums featuring classical and popular music. She is also known for her advocacy for music education and is a UNESCO Artist for Peace.

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Esther Anderson

Esther Anderson (June 13, 1979 Geelong-) is an Australian actor.

She is best known for her role as Charlie Bucktin's mother in the critically acclaimed film "Jasper Jones" and for her portrayal of policewoman Nikki Caetano in the long-running Australian soap opera "Home and Away" between 2000-2005. Anderson has also appeared in several other popular Australian TV shows such as "All Saints" and "The Strip". In addition to acting, she is also a model and has worked with major brands such as L'Oreal and Avon. Anderson has been vocal about her struggles with mental health issues and has become an advocate for mental health awareness. She is married to British model and actor Howard Moggs with whom she has two children.

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Kirsty Hinchcliffe

Kirsty Hinchcliffe (July 27, 1979 New South Wales-) is an Australian actor.

Kirsty Hinchcliffe started her acting career in 2001 with a role in the Australian TV series "Head Start". She gained popularity for her role as Abbey in the Australian soap opera, "Home and Away" in 2004. She has also appeared in other popular Australian TV shows including "All Saints", "East of Everything", and "Packed to the Rafters". In addition to television, Hinchcliffe has acted in several Australian films, including "West", "The Sculptor", and "The Dinner Meeting". She has also lent her voice to several video games, including "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic". Hinchcliffe has also been a presenter on the Australian travel series, "Postcards".

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Bianca Biasi

Bianca Biasi (May 13, 1979 Sydney-) also known as B or Bianca Biassi is an Australian film producer, film director, actor, writer and casting director.

Bianca Biasi is a multi-talented personality who has made significant contributions to the film industry in Australia. She was born on May 13, 1979, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Bianca started her career in the entertainment industry as an actor and later transitioned to film production, direction, writing, and casting. Her passion for storytelling and filmmaking led her to establish her own film production company, i.e., Biasi Productions, in 2009.

As an actor, Bianca worked in several TV series and movies, including "All Saints," "Home and Away," and "Young Lions." However, her true calling was behind the camera. She produced her first feature film "The Unlikely Maestro," a documentary about an autistic musician, in 2012, which received critical acclaim and was screened at several international film festivals.

Apart from film production, Biasi has also directed several short films, including "The Lover's Game" and "Madelyn Victoria's Big Break" and wrote the script for the latter. In addition to filmmaking, Bianca is also a casting director and has worked with several top production companies like Endemol Shine Australia, The Walt Disney Company, and Network Ten. She has also served as a jury member in various international film festivals like Sydney Indie Film Festival and Marina del Rey Film Festival.

Bianca Biasi is also actively involved in social causes and supports various charitable organizations. She serves as a mentor to aspiring filmmakers and encourages them to pursue their dreams. With her talent, passion, and perseverance, Bianca continues to inspire the Australian film industry and pave the way for future generations of filmmakers.

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