Australian movie stars born in 1994

Here are 6 famous actresses from Australia were born in 1994:

Charlotte Best

Charlotte Best (January 16, 1994 Sydney-) is an Australian actor.

She started her career in acting at a young age, appearing in several television commercials before landing her first television role in the Australian series "Home and Away" in 2007. Best gained wider recognition for her role as Annie Campbell in the Australian TV drama "Puberty Blues" in 2012. She has also starred in other Australian TV shows such as "Tidelands" and "Underbelly". In addition to her TV work, Best has appeared in several films, including "Is This the Real World" (2015) and "A Name Without a Place" (2019). Outside of acting, she is an advocate for mental health awareness and has been open about her own struggles with anxiety and depression.

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Isabelle Cornish

Isabelle Cornish (July 22, 1994 Australia-) is an Australian actor.

She was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and is the younger sister of fellow actor Abbie Cornish. Isabelle Cornish began her career as a model, appearing in various advertisements and fashion magazines. She made her acting debut in 2009 in the Australian television series "Home and Away" and gained recognition for her role in the American television series "Puberty Blues". Cornish has also appeared in several films such as "The Turning" and "Puberty Blues". In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she is an advocate for sustainability and often promotes eco-friendly practices on her social media platforms.

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Alice Englert

Alice Englert (August 15, 1994 Sydney-) a.k.a. Alice Allegra Englert or Alice Campion Englert is an Australian actor.

She is the daughter of Jane Campion, a renowned filmmaker and screenwriter, and Colin Englert, a film and television producer. Alice began acting at a young age and made her feature film debut in 2012 with the lead role in the supernatural romance movie "Beautiful Creatures."

Since then, Alice has starred in several TV shows and films and has been recognized for her dynamic performances. Some of her notable works include the dramas "Ginger & Rosa" and "Top of the Lake." She also starred in the biographical adventure film "The Luminaries" and the dystopian series "Raised by Wolves."

Aside from acting, Alice is also a writer and director. In 2018, she directed the short film "The Boyfriend Game," which was screened at several film festivals across the world. She is currently working on her first feature film as a director.

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Freya Tingley

Freya Tingley (March 26, 1994 Australia-) is an Australian actor.

She was born in Perth, Western Australia and began her acting career in 2009 with a recurring role in the Australian TV series "Mortified." Tingley gained international recognition for her role as Christina Wendall in the Netflix series "Hemlock Grove" from 2013 to 2014. She has also appeared in other TV shows such as "Once Upon a Time" and "The Wilding," as well as films like "No Way to Live" and "Long Weekend." In addition to acting, Tingley is also a trained ballerina and has performed with the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

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Xenia Goodwin

Xenia Goodwin (February 7, 1994 Sydney-) a.k.a. Xenia Elain Goodwin is an Australian actor and dancer.

She began her dancing career at a young age and trained in many different styles, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. Goodwin gained international recognition for her lead role in the Australian television series "Dance Academy" in 2010, and later reprised her role in the 2017 film adaptation "Dance Academy: The Movie". In addition to her acting and dancing skills, Goodwin is also a talented singer and songwriter. She released her first single "Fade" in 2020 and has been working on her debut album. Off-screen, she is actively involved in promoting mental health awareness and advocates for body positivity.

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Jasmine Curtis

Jasmine Curtis (April 6, 1994 Melbourne-) also known as Jasmine Casandra Ojales Curtis-Smith, Jasmine Curtis-Smith or Jasmine Curtis Smith is an Australian actor, master of ceremonies, model, dancer and writer.

Jasmine Curtis began her acting career in the Philippines where she grew up, appearing in several television shows and movies such as "Alamat ng Ano", "Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum", and "Ang Panday". She eventually moved back to Australia and continued to pursue her career in the entertainment industry.

Aside from acting, Jasmine is also known for her work as a model, having walked the runway for various fashion events and brands. She is also a talented writer, having published articles for various magazines and websites.

Jasmine is also actively involved in charity work, particularly as an advocate for mental health awareness. She has been vocal about her own struggles with anxiety and depression, and has worked with organizations to help raise awareness and support for those who are also experiencing mental health issues.

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