Australian movie stars died at 63

Here are 3 famous actresses from Australia died at 63:

Penne Hackforth-Jones

Penne Hackforth-Jones (August 5, 1949 Greenwich-May 17, 2013 Melbourne) also known as Penelope Beatrix Hackforth-Jones was an Australian actor and biographer.

She died caused by lung cancer.

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Michele Fawdon

Michele Fawdon (December 15, 1947 Essex-May 23, 2011 Melbourne) also known as Michelle Fawdon was an Australian actor.

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Su Cruickshank

Su Cruickshank (August 31, 1946 Newcastle-December 8, 2009 Newcastle) also known as Susan "Su" Cruikshank, Su Cruikshank, The Diva on the Hill or Susan Cruickshank was an Australian actor, singer and author.

She died in heart and kidney failure.

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