Australian movie stars died in 1965

Here are 1 famous actresses from Australia died in 1965:

Letty Craydon

Letty Craydon (November 17, 1899 Sydney-November 2, 1965 Sydney) a.k.a. Letitia Maltida Graydon was an Australian actor.

Letty Craydon started her acting career at a young age and worked on both stage and screen. She made her first appearance on stage at the age of six and later became a part of the Williamson and Tait theatrical company. Craydon worked with several famous actors and actresses throughout her career, including Aileen Britton, George Wallace, and Gladys Moncrieff. Her most notable role was in the Australian film "The Squatter's Daughter" (1933), which was a commercial success.

In addition to her acting career, Craydon was also a talented singer and dancer. She toured with various vaudeville troupes and even appeared in a musical comedy in London's West End. Craydon was a versatile performer and was known for her ability to take on a wide range of roles. She retired from acting in the late 1940s and spent the rest of her life in Sydney, Australia.

Letty Craydon was recognized for her contributions to Australian theatre and film in 1954 when she was awarded the Coronation Medal. She passed away in 1965 at the age of 65.

Throughout her career, Letty Craydon appeared in numerous films, including "The Diggers" (1931), "The Show Goes On" (1937), and "The Rats of Tobruk" (1944). She was highly regarded for her dramatic roles and her performances always received critical acclaim. Craydon was also a popular radio personality and hosted her own program, "Mrs. Craydon's Calls," where she provided advice on household matters.

During World War II, Craydon entertained the Australian troops as part of the Australian Women's Army Service Entertainment Unit. She traveled throughout the Pacific and Southeast Asia to perform for the soldiers.

Craydon was a philanthropist and worked with several charities throughout her life. She was particularly involved with the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children in Sydney, Australia.

Letty Craydon was married three times in her life, with her final marriage to businessman Max Hugh Wholohan lasting until her death. She is remembered as a celebrated performer and contributor to Australian performing arts.

In addition to her many achievements in the performing arts industry, Letty Craydon was also involved in several civic organizations throughout her life. She was a director of the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust and a member of the Australian Film Institute. She was also a member of the Australian Women's National League and the War Widows' Guild of Australia.

Craydon's contribution to the entertainment industry was recognized with several awards and honors during her career. In addition to the Coronation Medal, she was also awarded the King's Medal for Services in the Cause of Freedom in 1949 and the Australian government's Medal of the Order of Australia in 1965.

Letty Craydon's legacy in Australian entertainment continues to inspire performers today. Her work on the stage, screen, and radio helped pave the way for future generations of actors and entertainers, and her philanthropic work continues to impact the lives of many Australians today.

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