Australian movie stars died in 1972

Here are 2 famous actresses from Australia died in 1972:

Esma Cannon

Esma Cannon (December 27, 1905 Randwick-October 18, 1972 London Borough of Camden) a.k.a. Esma Ellen Charlotte Cannon or Esme Cannon was an Australian actor.

She was best known for her roles in British television comedies and films during the 1940s to the 1960s. Cannon began her career in Australia before moving to England in the 1930s, where she quickly established herself as a talented actress.

She went on to appear in a number of popular British productions such as "The Belles of St Trinians," "Carry On Nurse," and "Dixon of Dock Green" among others. Throughout her career, Cannon was also known for her comedic talent and her ability to play a wide range of characters, from serious to comedic roles.

In addition to her work on screen, Cannon was also a talented stage performer, appearing in a number of West End productions. Despite facing many personal challenges throughout her life, including the loss of her husband and several health issues, Cannon continued to act until her death in 1972 at the age of 66.

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Rose Quong

Rose Quong (August 15, 1879 Australia-December 14, 1972 New York City) was an Australian actor.

She was born in Bendigo, Victoria, and began her career in Sydney, Australia at a young age, appearing in several plays and musicals. In 1906, she traveled to New York City to broaden her career opportunities and quickly gained recognition for her acting skills. She became known for her portrayals of Asian characters, which were both groundbreaking and controversial for their time. Quong's career spanned several decades, and she appeared in both Broadway productions and silent films. She also worked as an interpreter and cultural consultant, helping to bridge the gap between the Western world and Asia. Quong was a trailblazer for Asian actors and her legacy continues to inspire performers today.

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