Australian movie stars died in 1975

Here are 3 famous actresses from Australia died in 1975:

Annette Kellerman

Annette Kellerman (July 6, 1886 Marrickville-November 6, 1975 Southport) also known as Annette Marie Sarah Kellerman, Annette Kellermann or The Diving Venus was an Australian swimmer, actor, writer and vaudeville performer.

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Marie Lohr

Marie Lohr (July 28, 1890 Sydney-January 21, 1975 Brighton) otherwise known as Marie Löhr or Marie Kaye Wouldes Lohr was an Australian actor.

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Neva Carr Glyn

Neva Carr Glyn (May 10, 1908 Melbourne-August 10, 1975 Mona Vale) a.k.a. Neva Carr Glynn, Neva Carr-Glyn, Neva Josephine Mary Carr Glyn, Neva, Nessie, Neva Carr-Glynn, Neva Glynn Carr or Neva Mary Josephine Carr Glynn was an Australian actor and singer. She had one child, Nick Tate.

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