Australian movie stars died in 1978

Here are 3 famous actresses from Australia died in 1978:

Daphne Pollard

Daphne Pollard (October 19, 1892 Fitzroy-February 22, 1978 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Daphne Trott was an Australian actor.

Daphne Pollard began her career in vaudeville as part of a sister act with her siblings. She eventually moved on to film, appearing in several silent comedies in Australia before heading to Hollywood in 1918. In Hollywood, she became a popular character actress and appeared in over 100 films throughout her career. She is perhaps best known for her appearances in various Laurel and Hardy films, including "Be Big!" and "The Devil's Brother." In addition to her film work, Pollard also appeared on Broadway and in numerous television shows. She retired from acting in the 1950s and lived in relative obscurity until her death in 1978.

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Joan Winfield

Joan Winfield (September 24, 1918 Melbourne-June 16, 1978 Van Nuys) also known as Joan MacGillicuddy was an Australian actor. Her children are called Michael Lucas, Victoria Lucas and Elizabeth Lucas.

Joan Winfield was a talented actor who appeared in several notable films throughout her career. After growing up in Melbourne, she pursued her passion for acting and eventually made her way to Hollywood. She started her career in the late 1940s, appearing in small roles in various films, including the classic film noir "The Big Sleep" (1946). She went on to work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, and Loretta Young.

Aside from her work on the big screen, Winfield also appeared on stage and in television shows. She had a versatile acting style and was able to portray a wide range of characters. Her performances were often praised for their authenticity and emotional depth.

Despite her success, Winfield also faced personal challenges throughout her life. She struggled with alcoholism and had a difficult marriage that ended in divorce. However, she remained committed to her craft and continued to work in the industry until her untimely death in 1978.

In addition to her three children, Winfield also has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is remembered as a talented and dedicated actor who made a lasting impact on the film industry.

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Gloria Dawn

Gloria Dawn (February 26, 1929 Port Melbourne-April 2, 1978 Sydney) was an Australian singer and actor.

She is best known for her role as "Mrs. Banks" in the original Australian production of the musical "Mary Poppins." Dawn began her career as a singer in the late 1940s, performing at local clubs and radio shows. She then transitioned to acting and became a regular performer in Australian television dramas and variety shows throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Dawn also appeared in several Australian films, including "The Shiralee" and "Goodbye Paradise." In addition to her acting and singing career, Dawn also worked as a vocal coach and mentor to many up-and-coming performers in Australia. She passed away at the age of 49 due to complications from cancer.

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