Australian movie actresses deceased in Breast cancer

Here are 5 famous actresses from Australia died in Breast cancer:

Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett (May 21, 1923 Perth-August 25, 2002 Springwood) otherwise known as Dorothy Coade Hewett, Dorothy Coade Hewitt or Hewett, Dorothy was an Australian writer, novelist, author, poet, librettist, playwright, screenwriter and actor. She had two children, Kate Lilley and Tom Flood.

Hewett was a prolific writer, producing over 20 plays, seven collections of poetry, four novels, and a memoir. She was one of the leading voices of Australian feminism and social activism, and her work often dealt with themes of sexuality, politics, and personal liberation. Her most well-known works include the plays "The Chapel Perilous" and "This Old Man Comes Rolling Home," the novels "Bobbin Up" and "The Toucher," and the poetry collections "Rapunzel in Suburbia" and "Selected Poems." Hewett was also an influential teacher, mentoring many young writers and poets during her time as a lecturer at the University of Western Australia and the University of New England. She remained an important figure in Australian literature until her death in 2002.

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Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett (April 12, 1974 Gosford-November 11, 2006 Sydney) also known as Belinda Jane Emmett, Belinda Jane "Belle" Emmett or Belle was an Australian singer and actor.

She began her career in entertainment at the age of 17 in the television series "Hey Dad..!", where she played the character of "Tracy Russell". She later appeared in several Australian television shows, including "Water Rats", "All Saints", and "Home and Away".

In addition to her work in television, Emmett was also a talented singer. She released her debut album "Lessons Learned" in 2003, which received critical acclaim and commercial success.

Emmett married fellow actor and singer Rove McManus in 2005. Sadly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after their wedding and spent the following years undergoing treatment while continuing to work in the entertainment industry. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 32, leaving behind a legacy of talent and determination.

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Coral Browne

Coral Browne (July 23, 1913 Melbourne-May 29, 1991 Los Angeles) also known as Coral Edith Brown or Coralie Edith Brown was an Australian actor. She had two children, Victoria Price and Vincent Price Jr..

Browne began her acting career in the theater, performing in various productions in both Australia and England. She gained widespread recognition for her performances in the plays of Noël Coward, including "Present Laughter" and "Private Lives". Browne also appeared in numerous films, including "The Killing of Sister George" and "The Ruling Class". In addition to her successful acting career, Browne was known for her quick wit and sharp tongue, often entertaining friends and colleagues with her amusing anecdotes and quips. She was married to Vincent Price, an American actor, who she met while filming a movie together in 1974, until his death in 1993. Coral Browne was widely regarded as one of the most talented and versatile actors of her generation, and remains a beloved figure in both the Australian and British entertainment industries.

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Victoria Longley

Victoria Longley (September 24, 1960 Sydney-August 30, 2010 St Leonards) also known as Victoria Constance Mary Longley or Tori was an Australian actor.

She was born in Sydney, Australia and began her acting career on stage, performing in various theatrical productions. Longley then went on to appear in numerous Australian television shows such as "A Country Practice", "E Street", and "All Saints". She also starred in the feature film "Celia" in 1989.

Longley was highly regarded for her talent as an actor, receiving critical acclaim for her performances on both stage and screen. She was a three-time recipient of the Australian Film Institute Award and was nominated for a Logie Award for her work on "A Country Practice".

Tragically, Longley passed away in 2010 at the age of 49, after a long battle with cancer. She is remembered as a talented and passionate actor who made significant contributions to the Australian entertainment industry.

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Chrissy Amphlett

Chrissy Amphlett (October 25, 1959 Geelong-April 21, 2013 New York City) also known as Christina Amphlett or Christine Joy Amphlett was an Australian singer, actor and songwriter.

She was the lead singer of the rock band Divinyls which she co-founded in 1980 with Mark McEntee. Amphlett's distinctive vocals and stage presence helped to establish Divinyls as one of Australia's most popular bands. The band's hit singles included "Boys in Town", "I Touch Myself", and "Pleasure and Pain". Amphlett also had success as a solo artist, releasing the album "Love and Demons" in 1999. In addition to her music career, Amphlett was also an accomplished actor, appearing in several films and television shows. She was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006 and was known for her contributions to the Australian music scene as well as her bold and fearless style.

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